Navratri Colors 2024: Symbolism, Significance, and Outfits for 9 Days of Celebration l Celebrate Navaratri with Vibrant Colors

Navratri Colors 2024: Symbolism, Significance, and Outfits for 9 Days of Celebration l Celebrate Navaratri with Vibrant Colors

Navratri Colors 2024

As many of us are aware of the Navratri festival and on this occasion, people like to wear different colors on different days. Every day of Navaratri is dedicated to a particular color for 9 days. It is believed that wearing a specific color on Navaratri is considered as bright and encouraging.

Mainly in Maharashtra and Gujarat, carrying the same color outfit as Navaratri day color is in trend among women and sometimes men also.

This festival is big among Hindus and is considered as a strong spiritual connection with goddesses. For Hinduism it is more than a festival the vibe is so pure, peaceful, and original. It represents their culture, religion, and beliefs.

On every day of Navaratri, women and girls like to wear specific color dress according to the Navaratri color. Also, carry accessories and bangles to match their outfits.

Indian women are always so excited about this festival and wear a particular dress on each day of Navaratri. The colors are worn on dandiya and garba and as well as on work day or to office also this is the exciting level for the occasion in women.

Here in this article, we will be going to talk about Navratri colours 2024 April. Providing details on every color that is worn on Navaratri for the straight 9 days.


Navratri Day 1- Red Color

On the first day of Navaratri, people like to wear red color as it looks so beautiful and elegant. Wear red outfits for your Navaratri celebrations as the red color reflects love and passion. And that’s the most important for any festival to make it special and feel loved.

It is the popular color of chunri that is dedicated to the goddess. This color fills the person with another level of energy and a delightful mood. Red is meant to be bright and liveliness.

Navratri Day 2- Royal Blue Color

Royal Blue color feels so elegant and royal as the name suggests. Wearing this color during Navaratri celebrations feels so good and warm. Royal Blue is a bright and bold shade of blue color and it reflects richness and calmness among people.


Navratri Day 3- Yellow Color

The yellow color shows positivity and it looks so bright while celebrating Navaratri. It lightens and brightens up the mood. Wearing this color will fill you with joy and confidence. This color is warm, full of life, and cheers up the mood for the whole day.

Navratri Day 4- Green Color

Green color shows and represents growth, development, peace of mind, fertility, etc. And very important this color resembles nature. Wear green color on the Navaratri celebration and let the goddess bless you with peace and calmness. This color also shows new beginnings and opportunities in life.


Navratri Day 5- Grey Color

The grey color shows balanced emotions or feelings and keeps an individual down to earth with kindness. This color is also beneficial for individuals who want to join the Navratri celebration but prefer a subtle, calming, and undertone color.


Navratri Day 6- Orange Color

Worshipping goddess and wearing orange for celebrations offers individual qualities like warmth and lightheartedness. The color will keep the person energetic and filled with positive vibes and energy.


Navratri Day 7- White Color

As we all know white color represents peace, innocence, purity, and originality. Wear white on Navratri and seek the blessing of the goddess. Also, you will experience a sense of security and calmness.

Navratri Day 8- Pink Color

The pink color is very bubblish and a great pick for Navaratri celebrations. This color represents affection, love, and compatibility. The color is so attractive and will give a special touch to your personality.


Navratri Day 9- Sky Blue Color

Sky blue color is connected and represents the sky as the name suggests clearly. It stands for immensity, greatness, and character of nature. Wear this color and experience a sense of wideness and clarity. It also increases visions and horizons.


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