Mr and Mrs Mahi Review: A Promising Start Undermined by Unrealistic Aspirations

Mr and Mrs Mahi Review: A Promising Start Undermined by Unrealistic Aspirations


Mr and Mrs Mahi is starred by Rajkumar Rao and Janvi Kapoor and directed by Sharan Sharma. Sharon Sharma is the director who made Gunjan Saxena. Mr and Mrs Mahi is based on sports drama and is also a social critique. 



Director: Sharan Sharma 

Writers: Sharan Sharma Nikhil Mehrotra 

Cast: Rajkumar Rao jaanvi Kapoor Kumud Mishra Rajesh Sharma Zarina Wahab 

Screen time: 138 minutes 


Available in: theatres 


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Chemistry and Initial Promise

Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor start strong in “Mr and Mrs Mahi,” showcasing real chemistry. Unfortunately, the immature writing quickly undercuts their performance. Mahendra calls himself a “hopeless loser,” and Mahima, despite being a qualified doctor, agrees to marry him simply because he’s “honest.” The couple barely knows each other, which feels outdated in today’s world.


Genuine Moments and Mahendra’s Struggles

The film’s most authentic moment happens during a conversation between Mahendra and his mother, played by Zarina Wahab. She talks about the addictive nature of fame and how the current generation constantly chases an unreachable finish line, leaving them forever unhappy. This scene highlights Mahendra’s desperation to claim credit for his wife’s success, even going so far as to create embarrassing Instagram Reels.



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Rajkummar Rao’s Depth and Flawed Character

Rajkummar Rao adds depth to Mahendra, also known as Mr. Mahi. He portrays a deeply flawed character wrestling with insecurity as a cricketer, brother, and husband. His resentment towards his father fuels his failures as an entrepreneur. Mahendra’s craving for respect and recognition makes him deceitful yet unapologetic, a trait more relatable than the typical virtuous hero.


Janhvi Kapoor’s Performance

Janhvi Kapoor, playing Mrs. Mahi, handles the cricket scenes well but struggles with the emotional ones. Her character feels like a continuation of her roles in “Dhadak” and “Bawaal.” Though she looks beautiful and sometimes reminds viewers of her mother, Sridevi, her performance still carries the weight of the ‘nepotism’ label she claims to bear. It’s time for her to break free from this shadow.



Supporting Cast and Missed Opportunities

Among the supporting cast, Kumud Mishra stands out as a father perpetually dissatisfied with his son, though his character lacks depth. Zarina Wahab shines in her brief screen time. Janhvi’s on-screen parents, Purnendu Bhattacharya and Yamini Das, also make a strong impression. The film misses an opportunity to delve deeper into the parent-children dynamics, which could have added much-needed depth to the story.


Direction and Execution

Director Sharan Sharma, who impressed with “Gunjan Saxena,” doesn’t recreate the same magic here. The cricket scenes lack excitement, and the scattered emotions make it hard to connect with the characters. The dark undertone feels forced, trying too hard to evoke emotions. While the songs are pleasant, they don’t add much to the narrative.



Unrealistic Aspirations and Final Thoughts

“Mr and Mrs Mahi” unrealistically suggests that becoming a professional athlete is easy, ignoring the intense demands of such a career. It’s hard to believe that a doctor would abandon her profession to pursue cricket after a random push from her husband and a reprimand from her boss. Mahima’s limited cricket experience, confined to playing in her neighborhood, makes this transition even less believable. The film attempts to explore the theme of chasing childhood dreams but ends up presenting an aspirational yet unrealistic story.


Conclusion: Half-Hearted and Half-Baked

Despite the promising plot and some decent performances, Sharan Sharma’s drama feels incomplete and unsatisfying. The film’s slow first half focuses on the young couple choosing their parents’ dreams over their passion for cricket. Rajkummar’s Mahendra gets ample moments to express his frustration, while Janhvi’s Mahima amusingly hides her aspirations until a late twist. “Mr and Mrs Mahi” had potential but ultimately fails to deliver a compelling story, leaving the audience wanting more.



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