Mother’s Day 2024: Date, History, Significance, Celebration Ideas, and Thoughtful Gifts

Mother's Day 2024: Date, History, Significance, Celebration Ideas, and Thoughtful Gifts

Mother’s Day 2024 is a special day dedicated to mothers and their motherhood. It is a day to express gratitude and respect to mothers and celebrate the profound impact of motherhood on individuals, families, and societies worldwide. Let’s explore the date, history, significance, celebration, and more surrounding Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day 2024 Date:

In India. Mother’s Day 2024 will be celebrated on 12 May 2024. Every year, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. However, Mother’s Day is celebrated on various dates worldwide. But, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc celebrated on the second Sunday just like India. You can mark this day and make your Mother’s Day special.



Mother’s Day 2024 Day History:

The origins of Mother’s Day are linked to the story of American Anna Jarvis. Mother’s Day began when an American woman, Anna Jarvis, encouraged people to show their gratitude to their mothers while they were still alive after her mother passed away. Anna Jarvis held a memorial service for her mother in 1908. Anna Jarvis’ mother was a woman who contributed to peace and social activities. She started to offer carnations, her mother’s favourite flower, at the memorial service and also distributed carnations to the attendees. Proud of her mother, Anna Jarvis’ actions inspired the United States. Four years later, in 1914, President Wilson designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day as a national holiday in the United States. In this way, Mother’s Day spread from America to all over the world. Mother’s Day has a well-established image as a day to express gratitude to mothers, but it was also originally a day for activities to pray for peace and a day to praise mothers’ contributions to society. But now in every country, it is a day dedicated to the mother to express gratitude and love.



Mother’s Day 2024 Significance:

The Significance of Mother’s Day lies in paying tribute to the unconditional love, nurturing care, and selfless sacrifices made by mothers, grandmothers, etc. It is a special day to express gratitude, appreciation, and affection towards the mother, grandmother and any women who play an important role in shaping families, nurturing children, and fostering love and compassion. Children used many heartfelt gestures to dedicate to their mother like giving flowers, gifts, cards and many more. Well, every country has their own tradition on Mother’s Day. In India, families get together and dedicate a day to their mothers. There is a tradition of giving flowers, cards or any gift to their mothers. Likewise, In the United Kingdom, children also present flowers and cards to their mothers. They express their love with some handmade card gifts or gestures. If we talk about Japan, there is a tradition of red carnation. They give red and white carnations to mothers to express their love and gratitude. In Ethiopian. families held large celebratory feasts for all the family members. In Mexico, people express their love to mothers through serenades and poetry readings. In Nepal, there is a special festival called Mata Tirtha Aunsi. However, the expression of love and gratitude is different in countries, but the essence of Mother’s Day remains universal.



Mother’s Day 2024 Celebration:

Mother’s Day is celebrated in various ways across different cultures and regions, but the common practice in all countries is to express love and gratitude by presenting gifts, cards, flowers, and heartfelt messages to mothers. Families come together to honour mothers, and grandmothers by organising a feast day. Children prepare handmade cards, flowers and gifts with their lovers and efforts. Moreover, families also organise special outings or meals and spend quality time together as a family. In India, it is also common for Schools and communities to organise the hosting of events, cultural programs, and competitions that celebrate the role of mothers in society. The aim of the event is for the workers to enjoy the day without worrying about household things.  It is a day to cherish and celebrate the enduring bond of love shared between mothers and their children. 



Mother’s Day Reflection and Remembrance:

Mother; ‘s day is also a special day for those who have lost their mothers or grandmothers. It is a day which evokes a mix of emotions, including grief, nostalgia, and gratitude. It serves as a day of reflection and remembrance when people endure legacy and cherish memories of departed mothers. People remember their mother and pray for their mother to god.



Mother’s Day 2024 Gifts:

On Mother’s day, there is a tradition of giving gifts to the mother. Mother’s Day gifts are tokens of appreciation and love, hence choose a gift wisely. The common Mother’s day gifts are flowers, such as roses or carnations, Personalized gifts, such as custom jewellery or engraved keepsakes, Spa treatments or self-care gifts, handwritten cards with heartfelt messages, a day outing, etc. If you want to make your mother feel special, consider her choices and likes and dislikes while planning for the Mother’s Day gifts.



Mother’s Day 2024 Flower:

On Mother’s Day, there is a tradition of giving flowers as a timeless and cherished gift. Roses, lilies, carnations, and tulips, etc are the best to give your mother. Roses, especially red ones are a sign of deep love and admiration. Whereas giving lilies is a sign of purity and motherhood. Red and white carnation is an old tradition of Mother’s Day flowers. Giving carnation is a sign of affection and gratitude. You can choose any gift from all or also can prepare bouquets.

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