Top 10 Most Prestigious Awards in the World 2024 – Recognizing Excellence Across Various Fields

Top 10 Famous Awards In the World

People love prizes! All eyes are always stuck on the person who is getting the award in the room full of people who are cheering and clapping warmly. When we were children we used to get awards for securing top positions in academics, in writing, in dancing or in other activities. When we are given an award, we cannot explain the happiness of our heart which sometimes comes from the eyes as bright shiny drops. Achieving something great means a lot of struggle, hard work, practice for years and resilience. They say blood sweat and tears are paid. And after the moment comes to get results, we take a breath of pride in getting awards for our hard work and sacrifices.

 The top achievers of any field are given awards in different fields from sports to scientific discovery and politics to social welfare. The awards are to celebrate and give credit & encouragement to those who worked hard continuously for their motive and reached the top of their field. The World’s Greatest Awards give these exceptional individuals custom awards with a good amount of money. These custom awards are also uniquely built and elegant in their design. In this article, we’re providing the list of the top 10 famous awards in the world in fields including Sciences, Arts, Mathematics, Photography, Music Journalism etc. 



List of Top 10 Famous Awards In the World:-

Award Description Field Prize Components
Nobel Prize Named after Alfred Nobel, awarded in fields including Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Literature, Peace, and Economic Sciences. Comes with a diploma, gold medal, and monetary prize. Science, Literature, Peace, Economics Diploma, gold medal, monetary prize
Booker Prize Prestigious literary award for best fiction work in English from UK and Ireland, offering £50,000 and increased book sales. Literature £50,000
Academy Award (Oscar) Honors artistic and technical achievements in the film industry, known as Oscars, awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). Considered the most prestigious film award. Film Industry Recognition
Praemium Imperiale International prize for arts, honoring excellence in various art fields including painting, architecture, music, and theater. Awarded by the Japan Art Association, comes with a medal and monetary prize. Arts Medal, monetary prize
Pulitzer Prize Recognizes excellence in journalism, literature, and music composition, awarded by Columbia University. Named after Joseph Pulitzer, comes with cash prize, certificate, and gold medal for public service category. Journalism, Literature, Music Composition Cash prize, certificate, gold medal
Ramon Magsaysay Award Honors individuals and organizations for achievements in various fields including public service, peace, literature, and community leadership. Known as the Nobel Prize of Asia, includes a gold medal, certificate, and monetary prize. Public Service, Peace, Literature Gold medal, certificate, monetary prize
Grammy Awards Presented by the Recording Academy, recognizing outstanding achievements in the music industry. Originated from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, features a trophy resembling a gramophone. Music Industry Trophy
Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research International award recognizing outstanding contributions to entrepreneurship research, fostering innovation and knowledge advancement in the field. Awarded with cash prize and a sculpture. Entrepreneurship Research Cash prize, sculpture
Fields Medal Prestigious award in mathematics, awarded by the International Mathematical Union to mathematicians under 40 for significant achievements. Named after Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields. Mathematics Prestige


Hasselblad Award Presented by the Hasselblad Foundation, honoring the best photographer. Named after Victor Hasselblad, the inventor of the Hasselblad Camera System. Includes a gold medal, diploma, cash prize, and an exhibition at the Hasselblad Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. Photography Gold medal, diploma, cash prize, exhibition




1. The Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize

The Nobel prize is named after Swedish engineer, chemist and industrialist Alfred Nobel. The dynamite was created by Alfred Nobel. It was established in 1895 and prize awarding was started in 1901 by the Nobel Foundation. The Nobel Prize is given in the fields including Chemistry, Physics, Medicine or Physiology, Literature and Peace. Sixth Nobel prize for Economic Sciences is given by Sweden’s central bank Sveriges Riksbank. It was first awarded in 1969. In this prize winners get a Diploma, a green gold medal (24 karat gold-plating) and a monetary prize of 11,000,000 SEK or $1,035,000. 




2. The Booker Prize

The Booker Prize

The Booker Prize is also known as the Booker Prize for fiction and the Man Booker Prize. It is a reputed literary award and is given every year to the person who writes the best fiction work in the English language published in the United Kingdom and Ireland. A good amount of £50,000 is given to the winner with international fame. Whoever receives this award the sale of his/her works increases rapidly. The Booker Prize Foundation gives this award to the best book of the year selected by a five person panel including publishers or third and journalists. 



3. The Academy Award or Oscar

The Academy Award or Oscar

Academy Awards of the Merit are Awards are given for artistic and technical achievement in the film industry. The Academy Awards are famous with the name Oscars and are given to directors, actors, producers, and other film industry professionals. These awards are given yearly by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) in the United States. The Oscar is considered as the most honorable award in the film Industry. The winners are selected by the Oscar  Academy’s members via vote for excellence in cinematic arts. 



4. Praemium Imperiale

Praemium Imperiale

The Praemium Imperiale Award, an international prize in the arts, is a World Culture Prize bestowed in memory of Prince Takamatsu. Awarded across various artistic fields, including painting, architecture, sculpting, music, and theater, recipients receive a prestigious medal and 15 million Japanese yen. The inception of these awards aimed to stimulate contributions to the development, progression, and promotion of diverse art styles and artists.



5. Pulitzer Prize

Pulitzer Prize

The Pulitzer Prize was established in 1917 in the United States. Pulitzer Prize is awarded for excellent achievements in magazine, newspaper, online journalism, musical composition and literature. This award is given by Columbia University. The name of the award is after Joseph Pulitzer, who was a Hungarian-American politician and publisher of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and New York World newspapers. The prize is awarded yearly in 23 different categories. An amount of $15,000 is given as a cash prize with a certificate and the public service category winner gets a gold medal. 



6. Ramon Magsaysay Award

The Ramon Magsaysay Awards is established to commemorate the ideas of integrity and service in governance of former Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay. The award was founded in 1957 by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Philippine Government. It is also known as the Nobel prize of Asia. The award honors people and organizations who have achieved accomplishments in their fields including Public Service, government service, community leadership, peace and international understanding, emergent leadership, journalism, literature and creative communication arts. The award includes international reputation along with a gold medal, a certificate and $50,000 as prize. 



7. Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards are popularly referred to as The Grammys. The awards are given by the Recording Academy of the United States. It is awarded to recognise and honor awesome achievements in the music industry. The origin of these awards are linked with the Hollywood walk of fame. The trophy given as prize depicts a gilded gramophone, that’s why previously the awards were known as the Gramophone Awards. It was established in 1959. There is no monetary prize in the award but international reputation and prestige is huge. 



8. The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research

The global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is presented to honor excellent achievements in the entrepreneurship research field. This is an international award. It was established in 1996. The main objective to present the award is advancement of knowledge in entrepreneurship and innovation in the field. The winners are awarded with an amount of 100,000 Euros as cash prize along with a emplica of the Hand of God Sculpture Award made by Swedish Sculptor Carl Milles. 



9. Fields Medal

The Field Medal is awarded by the International Mathematical Union (IMU) for great accomplishment in the field of mathematics at the international Congress. It is also known as the Nobel prize of Mathematics. The prize is awarded to the mathematician under the age of 40. The name of the award was kept after the Canadian Mathematician John Charles Fields. The prize consists of a medal and a cash prize of CA$15,000. 



10. Hasselblad Award

The Hasselblad Award was first presented in 1980 by the Hasselblad Foundation. The name of Award is kept after the Victory Hasselblad who invented the Hasselblad Camera System. The award is presented to the best photographer. The award consists of a gold medal, diploma and a cash prize SEK 2,000,000 or €200,00 along with an exhibition at the Hasselblad Centre in the Goteborg Museum of art, Gothenburg, Sweden. 



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