Modi 3.0 Cabinet: Key Changes, Dropped Ministers, and New Faces Revealed

Modi 3.0 Cabinet: Key Changes, Dropped Ministers, and New Faces Revealed

India recently witnessed the swearing-in of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his third term. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started his third term with a new Council of Ministers. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) took the oath of office on June 9, 2024, at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. Alongside him, 71 ministers took their oaths, marking the beginning of Modi 3.0. Some familiar faces from Modi’s previous term returned, including Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah, and Nirmala Sitharaman, while others were left out. Let’s delve into the changes and priorities of this new government.

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Modi 3.0 Cabinet: Inclusions and Exclusions 

Several notable names from Modi’s previous Cabinet didn’t make the cut this time, including Smriti Irani, Anurag Thakur, and Narayan Rane. However, senior leaders like Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah retained their positions, emphasizing continuity in leadership.


Key Ministers: Profiles and Priorities 

Amit Shah, known for his bold policies like the Article 370 dissolution, is set to continue his role. Rajnath Singh, the Defence Minister, secured his seat from Lucknow and emphasizes policies like ‘one nation-one election.’ Meanwhile, J.P. Nadda brings his experience in the health sector to the forefront.


List of Team Modi 3.0 

Name Constituency Role Background and Key Points
Amit Shah Gandhinagar Cabinet Minister Former Union Home Minister, led the dilution of Article 370, strong advocate for NRC, won by 7.4 lakh votes.
Rajnath Singh Lucknow Cabinet Minister Former Defence Minister, supports “one nation-one election” policy, defended Agniveer scheme, won by 1.35 lakh votes.
J.P. Nadda N/A Cabinet Minister BJP President, extended tenure to oversee elections, former Health Minister, extensive background in various ministerial roles.
Nitin Gadkari Nagpur Cabinet Minister Former Minister of Road Transport and Highways, focused on infrastructure and vehicle reforms, advocated for world-class roads, won by 1.37 lakh votes.
Nirmala Sitharaman Karnataka (Upper House) Cabinet Minister Former Finance and Defence Minister, decided against contesting general elections, extensive ministerial experience, holds a background in economics.
Piyush Goyal North Mumbai Cabinet Minister Managed several portfolios including Railways, Finance, Commerce, and Consumer Affairs, won by 3.6 lakh votes, son of former Union Minister Vedprakash Goyal.
Hardeep Singh Puri N/A Cabinet Minister Former Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Housing and Urban Affairs, ex-diplomat, re-elected to the Upper House.
Pralhad Joshi Dharwad Cabinet Minister Former Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Coal and Mines, successfully re-elected, assured no coal shortages, strong environmental advocate.
Arjun Meghwal Bikaner Cabinet Minister Former Minister of State for Law and Justice, Culture, won by over 55,000 votes, holds degrees in political science and business administration.
Bhupendra Yadav Alwar Cabinet Minister Former Minister for Labour & Employment, Environment, led campaigns in crucial states, holds a law degree.
Suresh Gopi Thrissur Cabinet Minister First BJP MP from Kerala, former Rajya Sabha member, won by 75,000 votes, known for political and social work.
H.D. Kumaraswamy Mandya Cabinet Minister Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, won by over 8.5 lakh votes, experienced in administrative roles despite short tenures as CM.
Sarbananda Sonowal Dibrugarh Cabinet Minister Former Chief Minister of Assam, won by 2.8 lakh votes, extensive political career, experienced in student leadership and state administration.
Ram Mohan Naidu Srikakulam Cabinet Minister Youngest-ever union minister at 36, TDP MP, vocal about Andhra Pradesh issues, holds an MBA, secured a hat-trick in elections.
Manohar Lal Khattar Karnal Cabinet Minister Former Chief Minister of Haryana, won by over 2.3 lakh votes, resigned earlier due to alliance issues, joins other ex-CMs in the cabinet.
Pemmasani Chandrashekhar Guntur Cabinet Minister NRI doctor turned industrialist, TDP representative, holds a medical degree and completed residency in the USA, focuses on balancing welfare with development.
Jayant Chaudhary N/A Minister of State Grandson of former PM Chaudhary Charan Singh, RLD leader, previously represented Mathura, known for his political lineage and influence.
Ramdas Athawale Maharashtra (Upper House) Minister of State RPI leader, former Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, known for reaching out to Dalit communities, humorous and blunt speaker.
Gajendra Shekhawat Jodhpur Cabinet Minister Former Minister of Jal Shakti, won by 1.15 lakh votes, critical of Rajasthan’s former CM Ashok Gehlot, advocates for fair seat sharing in elections.
Ramnath Thakur Bihar (Upper House) Cabinet Minister JD(U) leader, son of former CM Karpuri Thakur, high parliamentary attendance, advocates for social justice and fair pricing policies.
Rajiv Ranjan Singh Munger Cabinet Minister JD(U) leader, known as Lallan Singh, steadfast ally of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, vocal supporter of caste census and social justice issues.

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Policy Focus: Insights into Modi 3.0 Agenda 

Modi’s new government aims to focus on crucial issues like national security, economic growth, and infrastructure development. Leaders like Nitin Gadkari, with their emphasis on world-class roads and green fuel, highlight the government’s vision for the future.



Dropping Heavyweights: Understanding the Changes 

The removal of prominent figures like Smriti Irani and Narayan Rane raises questions about the government’s strategy and priorities. However, their absence opens doors for new faces and fresh perspectives in governance.


Ministerial Inclusions: Notable Faces in Modi’s Team 

Leaders like Piyush Goyal and Hardeep Singh Puri bring their expertise in various sectors, ensuring a diverse and experienced Cabinet. The inclusion of regional leaders like Manohar Lal Khattar and H.D. Kumaraswamy reflects Modi’s focus on regional representation.



Challenges Ahead: What Lies on Modi’s Agenda 

As Modi 3.0 begins its journey, it faces challenges like economic recovery, international relations, and healthcare. The government’s ability to tackle these challenges will determine its success in the coming years.


Prominent Leaders in Modi’s Third Term

  • Amit Shah: Amit Shah will continue to be a significant leader in the Cabinet. As the former Union Home Minister, he led important changes like the dilution of Article 370. He won his seat by a large margin and promises to discuss the National Register of Citizens (NRC) with everyone. He said,  “The NDA has provided a strong, stable government for the last 10 years, enabling us to make historic decisions.”


  • Rajnath Singh: Rajnath Singh, the former Defence Minister, won the Lucknow seat. He supports the “one nation-one election” policy and assures that the country’s defence strategies are strong and trustworthy. He said, “People should have faith in our Army and security personnel. In defense, some things cannot be disclosed publicly due to strategic importance.”


  • J.P. Nadda: The BJP President, J.P. Nadda, joins the Cabinet after overseeing the general elections. He has a strong background in health and welfare.


  • Nitin Gadkari: Known for his work on road expansions and vehicle reforms, Nitin Gadkari continues as a main minister. He focuses on creating world-class roads and job opportunities. He emphasised, “World-class roads are essential for realizing Prime Minister Modi’s vision of a $5 trillion economy.”


Key Policy Priorities for NDA 3.0

The new government aims to strengthen the economy and improve infrastructure. Nitin Gadkari emphasized the importance of world-class roads for a $5 trillion economy. The government also plans to balance welfare with development.



Changes and New Faces in the Council

  • H.D. Kumaraswamy: The former Karnataka Chief Minister is now part of the Cabinet, bringing his experience to the team.
  • Ram Mohan Naidu: At 36, Ram Mohan Naidu becomes the youngest-ever union minister. He focuses on addressing droughts and improving economic activities in Andhra Pradesh.



Public Reaction: Insights into the Oath-Taking Ceremony 

Amidst the changes, reactions from outgoing ministers like Anurag Thakur and Smriti Irani highlight the spirit of democracy and respect for leadership transitions. Their well-wishes for the new government reflect a sense of unity and optimism for the future.

This simplified version provides a clear overview of Modi’s new Cabinet, its priorities, and the challenges ahead, ensuring easy understanding for readers of all backgrounds. With a mix of experienced leaders and new faces, Prime Minister Modi’s third term aims to continue India’s growth and development. The Council of Ministers is ready to take on new challenges and bring positive changes to the country.


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