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Merchant Navy

Most of you have heard about the exciting career in the Merchant Navy. It is open that it is a job where you are on land for 6 months and for the remaining 6 months you are on SEA. For all the husbands who are looking for a career in the Merchant Navy might be wondering what is the salary and job profile in the Merchant Navy jobs. Today in this article will discuss the salary that has been received by various job posts in the Merchant Navy. What follows from that will also discuss what is the job profile and what are the courses that you can do to get into the merchant navy. As a high amount of global trade relies on water transport as it is cheap The Merchant Navy plays an important role transporting goods and people throughout the world. Let’s have a look at the salary and job profile in Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy Salary & Job Profile

Like the regular Navy there are lots of different profiles and job openings in the Merchant Navy too. You’ll find jobs all the way from cadets to the officers which led to the different salary slabs and job profiles in this sector. This salary in the Merchant Navy can range from anywhere between 25000 per month to as high as  20 lakhs per month. The salary you will receive ultimately depend upon the job role that you are performing. 

Navy Officer Salary

If you talk about the typical average salary in the Indian Navy it starts somewhere around 4.8 to 6 lakh per annum which translates to roughly 40000 to 50000 per month. Once you gain enough experience as a merchant navy officer say 10 years of experience your monthly salary can reach 1.5 lakhs. 

Merchant Navy Salary in India

Below we have prepared the table for the Navy salary options based on the job profile and the educational qualifications that you have. Based on your experience level and educational qualification you will be assigned the job depending on that your salary will range. 


Merchant Navy Salary in India with Qualification
Merchant Navy Profile Qualification Merchant Navy Salary 2024 (approx.)
G P Rating Class 10 Rs. 25,000 to 60,000 per month
Trainee Cadet Class 12 along with a pre-sea Nautical Diploma Rs. 25,000 to 85,000 per month
Deck Cadet Class 12 along with a pre-sea Nautical Diploma Rs. 25,000 to 85,000 per month
3rd Officer/ Merchant navy 2nd officer salary in India 2nd Mate (FG) Certificate of Competency Rs. 1,50,000 to 3,00,000 per month
Chief Officer 1st Mate (FG) Certificate of Competency Rs. 4,00,000 to 6,00,000 per month
Merchant Navy Captain salary per month Master (FG) Certificate of Competency Rs. 8,65,000 to 20,00,000 per month


Merchant Navy Courses: Entrance Exam 2024

After exploring the salary range in the merchant navy, let’s now focus on the various pathways to join this esteemed profession. 

Now that you have seen what an exciting salary the career in the Merchant Navy offers you, you might be wondering and exploring the pathways through which you can enter the merchant navy. There are colleges that offer courses that are available to the Merchant Navy and there are entrance exams conducted on a yearly basis to select students for those courses. Blue we have discussed all the entrance exams that are required to enter the courses related to merchant navy. 

Merchant Navy Entrance Exams:

There are lots of Merchant Navy colleges throughout India and they conduct entrance exams for 10 + 2 students so that they can start taking steps towards a career in the Merchant Navy. Below we have listed 4 such entrance exams 

  • JEE Advanced
  • MERI Entrance Exams

Admission through Sponsorship Based Entry in Merchant Navy:

Lots of maritime institutes offer sponsorship based entry in the Merchant Navy courses you can find out the cause of the source you best and apply for the sponsorship program there.

Admission through Lateral Entry (L.E.) into the Second Year of Marine Engineering:

There is also an option of lateral entry in the Merchant Navy colleges or the Marine engineering courses. You can directly take admission in this second year of the Marine Engineering programs approved by the Directorate General Of Shipping. Below ow are the required qualification for lateral entry

  • Completion of the first year of engineering with electrical or mechanical specialization, with a minimum aggregate mark of 60%.
  • Possession of a Diploma in electrical, mechanical, marine, or ship-building engineering with a minimum mark of 60%.
  • These multiple avenues provide diverse opportunities for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in the Merchant Indian Navy.

Courses Available for Merchant Navy

Candidates aspiring to join the Indian Navy can checkout the options given below using which they can take their first step towards the Career in Merchant Navy.

Merchant Navy Entrance Exams:    There are various entrance exams for which candidates can prepare to get admission in one of the best Merchant Navy colleges across India and the world. Thes exams include IMU CET, JEE Advanced, MERI Entrance Exams, and TMI SAT.

Sponsorship Based Entry:  Lots of maritime institutes provide sponsorship based entries to lots of from the sync candidates on airli basis you can also check out these institutes and start your study in Maritime trade.

Lateral Entry (L.E.):  Candidates who can full film certain criterias can also get a direct admission in the second year of Marine Engineering programs that are approved by the Directorate  General Of Shipping.


Courses Available for Merchant Navy
B.Tech Marine Engineering B.Tech Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
B.Tech Harbour & Ocean Engineering G.P Rating
Marine Engineering under Alternate Training Scheme BBA Shipping
M.B.A. Shipping & Logistics Management Higher National Diploma (Nautical Science)
MBA Shipping Finance B.E Harbour and Ocean Engineering
Diploma in Marine Engineering (DME) Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS)
B.B.A. Logistics & Supply Chain Management Higher National Diploma (Marine Engineering)
B.Tech Ship Building B.E Marine Engineering
B.E. Mechanical Engineering ETO (Electro-Technical Officer)
B.Sc Nautical Science Electro-Technical Officer Course



So this was all about the salary and the job profile in the merchant navy. We hope you’ve got all the answers that you were looking for.


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