Meebhoomi AP: Access Land Records Online Easily | Guide to Download ROR 1B and View Maps


Meebhoomi is an innovative initiative launched by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. It is launched with the objective of digitising land records, ensuring transparency, reducing corruption, and facilitating efficient land administration. It is a stop platform to access all land-related services and information by the landowners and the citizens. They contain all the land details like land records, property ownership details, survey numbers, land maps, and more. It was launched by the Revenue Department of Andhra Pradesh through an online portal. The name “Meebhoomi” translates to “Your Land” in Telugu, which reflects the initiative’s focus on empowering citizens with easy access to land records and property-related services. Through Meebhoomi, all traditional land record management systems transfer into the modern digital platform. It provides benefits to landowners, farmers, government officials, and other stakeholders.



Services Under Meebhoomi

Meebhoomi provides several services on a single platform. Here is the services list-

  • Land Record Access: Citizens get access to land records. They can easily view and download land records and documents like Adangal and 1B by providing some details.
  • Village Maps: This online portal provides detailed village maps with geographical and demographic insights of all Andhra Pradesh villages. farmers and citizens can check the visual representations of land parcels, boundaries, and survey numbers.
  • Land conversion Details: All land conversion details are available on the portal, which citizens can fetch with the reference number.
  • Field Measuring Book (FMB): Open access to Field Measuring Book is available on the portal which citizens can use to check land measurements and other details.
  • Electronic passbook: There is an online version of the land ownership passbook on the portal, which is accessible to all visitors of the portal. Citizens can check the ownership history and other related land details.
  • Complaint registration: There is an option for filing a complaint, where citizens can submit their complaints regarding land record discrepancies online, etc.
  • Court dispute information: Citizens can check the old and history of the land. They can check data on existing court disputes too.
  • Online land record correction: The portal allows users to access, modify and update the land-related information online, which is easy. Citizens can check and update information if there is some error or wrong information. 



How To Download The ROR 1B online form?

Meebhoomi AP 1B is a crucial document related to land ownership. It is also known as 1B, Adangal and Pahani. It serves as a revenue record that contains comprehensive information about land holdings, ownership details, cultivation details, and other relevant data. If you want to download the 1B online form, then here is the step-by-step guide-

  • Visit the official website of Meebhoomi AP, by clicking on the
  • On the homepage, navigate to the main menu and click on the 1B. 
  • Now, you have to select between downloading personal 1B and village 1 B.
  • On the next webpage, fill in all the details like Aadhar number, account number, and survey number.
  • Next, select your village, district, and zone.
  • Carefully check all the data and verify the captcha.
  • After verification, submit the form.
  • Your ROR 1B form will be generated on the screen. You can download it by clicking on the download button and use it later.


How To Check Maps on the Meebhoomi AP Portal?

If you want to check maps of your village, then follow these steps-

  • Visit the official website of Meebhoomi AP, by clicking on the
  • On the homepage, navigate to the “Your Adangal” section. 
  • Under the “Your Adangal” section, you will find the labelled “Your Village Adangal” or similar. Click on it.
  • On the next web page, provide details to access the maps. Provide the required information such as District, Mandal, Village, and Survey Number.
  • After entering all necessary details, select the survey number for which you want to view the map. You can also enter the Aadhaar number or owner’s name to search for the survey number.
  • Once you select the survey number, click on the “View Map” button to generate the map.
  • The map will be displayed on the screen associated with the selected survey number. 
  • You can zoom in, zoom out, pan, and toggle different layers on the map.
  • You can also check the additional details such as land boundaries, neighbouring land parcels, and land use classifications on the map.
  • If you want, you can also save or print the map for future use.
  • Ensure that the map accurately represents the land parcel associated with the selected survey number. Verify the boundaries, dimensions, and other relevant details to confirm its accuracy.


Benefits of Meebhoomi AP

After digitalisation, land record management by Meebhoomi AP provided several benefits to landowners, farmers, government officials, and other stakeholders. Here are some of the advantages of it-

  • Transparency and Accountability: Meebhoomi AP brings transparency and accountability in land administration for the citizens as well as government authorities. Begin transparency, and reduce the scope of fraud, and corruption in the land.
  • Efficient Access: Meebhoomi AP provides easy and efficient access to land records in which people can check ownership details, check land boundaries, and obtain relevant property-related information online.
  • Empowerment of Citizens: Meebhoomi AP empowers citizens to check their land records by themselves by logging in to the account. They can check land ownership, property transactions, and agricultural planning as well as land records, maps, and other land-related services.
  • Enhanced Agricultural Planning: This scheme and portal facilitates agricultural planning and development for the farmers to use their land efficiently. They can access land-related information such as land use patterns, crop details, and irrigation methods on the portal.


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