Top 10 Legendary Singers In The World, Check Out Why They Make Hype

Top 10 Legendary Singers In The World

Music is the art where that integrates into the soul and binds with the emotions. And so, it connects with us more easily than other forms of art. Music has been a stress buster for many people for ages. Maybe you are one among them who use music to throw away the depression or overthinking or whatever that pulls us behind from being ourselves. If music is such an emotion, music artists out there are like magicians. They are celebrated and even worshipped. Here we go for the top 10 idols of music around the world.

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The legendary artist, Taylor Swift climbs the top among others in our top 10 rankings. Being one of the significant music artists, she inspires both musicians and entrepreneurs out there. Tailoring her business skills, she resourcefully used her strategies to sustain herself in such a diverse field for over eighteen years. Why does she make such hype, her electrified concerts tell you all. Who can forget ‘Anti-Hero’ and ‘Blank Space’, still ruling the playlist of many?

Popular songs:

  • ‘Shake it off’
  • ‘Cruel Summer’
  • ‘Anti-Hero’
  • ‘You Belong With Me’




Abel Makkonen Tesfaye aka ‘ The Weeknd’ follows Swift in our ranking. Known for his use of falsetto, he indeed makes the weekends on fire. Holding 82.2 million followers on Spotify, he is ranked as the eighth most followed artist. His ‘Binding lights’ would absolutely never get out of the picture. Many people find love and solace for their breakups and depression through his songs.

Popular songs:

  • ‘One of The Girls’
  • ‘Binding Lights’
  • ‘Popular’
  • ‘After Hours’
  • ‘Star Boy’


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Holding numerous awards, Drake grabs the third in the tabletop of ten. His audiences always be chattel to his emotionally appealing music. Being a record breaker, he never fails to be a philanthropist. In addition to the numerous hits, he has over 117 million followers on the social media platform. His full name is Aubrey Draka Graham and he belongs to Canada. He lives in California. 

Popular songs:

  • ‘Best ever I had’
  • ‘Nice for What’
  • ‘Child’s Play’
  • ‘One Dance’
  • ‘Hotline bling’


 The most inspiring artist of young men and women, Beyonce stands in fourth place. For those who are in the pursuit of confidence, Beyonce would be the saviour for them. Every message she conveys through her song has the power to uplift the spirit of people. This super popstar always stands for everyone who is in the phase of struggle. When she was little, participated in Star Search but lost. She broke many records in the music industry. 


Popular songs:

  • ‘Crazy in Love’
  • ‘Formation’
  • ‘Single Ladies’
  • ‘ Break my Soul’
  • ‘Irreplaceable’ 



The fifth place is clasped by the dedicated and ever-charming Ariana Granade. Started her career at the age of fifteen, and she immensely puts effort into fulfilling her audience at every pace. Her awareness about mental health, self-love and empowerment make a separate fan base where her powerful voice and high-pitched notes set an electrified atmosphere on the floor. 

Popular Songs:

  • ‘Be My Baby’
  • ‘Problem’
  • ‘Rain me on’
  • ‘Break Free’ 
  • ‘Love Me Harder’


From being a YouTube sensation to a global popstar, Justin Beiber never fails to clinch to the top list. He secures sixth place among the ten. As a relatable figure, he musters millions of audiences and makes them go crazy. When he was 12 years old, won a local singing competition named Stratford Idol. 

Popular Songs:

  • ‘Stay’ 
  • ‘Despacito’
  • ‘Love Yourself’
  • ‘Sorry’
  • ‘What do you mean’


Securing seventh place, Rihanna makes her unique in both her fashion and vocal. She spreads her authentic aura everywhere she flies. On the road to her purpose, she inspires the young generation at large. A Grammy-Winner Artist, Rihana is a very down-to-earth person. She is a multitalented person who won a beauty pageant when she was in high school. 


Popular Songs:

  • ‘Diamonds’
  • ‘Work’
  •  ‘Umbrella’
  • ‘Love The Way You Lie’
  • ‘We Found Love’


 Eminem, one of the remarkable American rappers holds the eighth place. He is well known for familiarising Hiphop in Middle America. Using his effective craftsmanship, he perfectly delivers his music with a tone of intelligence and wit. He has nearly 73.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Eminem won 15 Grammy Awards in categories including Best Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Album. 

Popular Songs:

  • ‘Mocking Bird’
  • ‘Without Me’
  • ‘Lose Yourself ‘
  • ‘Kill You’
  • ‘Not Afraid’


      Having consistent effort and dedication, he stands in ninth place on the list. Being a genuine music artist, his songs would give solace and peace to the soul indeed. He rocks every stage he mounts and his versatility has a separate fan base. Most notably, his ‘Perfect’ literally connects so many souls and still gives pickup lines for so many people out there.

Popular Songs:

  • ‘Perfect’
  • ‘Shape of You’
  • ‘Thinking Out Loud’
  •  ‘The A Team’
  • ‘Lego House’


Last but not least, here comes our tenth-best singer, Bad Bunny. Using his unique voice and style, he stands as an iconic figure in the music industry. He blends reggaeton and other genres and renders a new approach to his diverse audience. Giving numerous hits, and performances, his strategies gave him the stage he owns now.

Popular Songs:

  • ‘Monaco’
  • ‘Diles’
  • ‘Yonaguni’
  • ‘Trellas’
  • ‘Como Antes’



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