Top 10 Best Indian Rappers in 2024

Top 10 Best Indian Rappers in 2024

This has always been a debatable and contentious question on the internet because of the attention Desi hip-hop has gathered over the years. With the release of GULLYBOY the hip-hop genre in India has been boosted a lot bringing out many emerging artists. With time, people have started liking rap which paved the way for the genre making a core niche. Understanding the wideness and depth of desi hip-hop along with its popularity and a huge mass of fanbase, the top 10 rap singers are picked and mentioned below.


1. Badshah:



Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia a.k.a. Badshah or BadBoyShah is a popular Indian rapper and singer . He is often considered a success machine in Bollywood and is currently the biggest rap singer in the industry and is also unbeatable in the commercial industry. He has a unique skill that can produce a captivating hit track which instantly sticks in his mind forever. His debut single, “DJ Waley Babu”, hit the music charts. His rap songs are like a rage among youth. Baatcheet, inception, and Interstellar are his best tracks to date.


2. Divine:


Vivian Wilson da Silva Fernandes, popularly known as Divine is an Indian rapper from Mumbai. An award-winning and ‘divine’ singer who is regarded as the pioneer of Desi hip hop. He started gaining immense popularity after the release of his debut song Yeh Mera Bombay in 2013, and since then there has been no looking back for him. In the initial days of rapping Divine rapped only in English, but later shifted to the national language.



3. Raftaar:


Dilin Nair, highly recognized by his stage name Raftaar, is an Indian rapper from the southern part of India. Raftaar has done all kinds of songs whether commercial songs, dance songs, rap with social issues, and as well as songs formulated with adult vocables. Raftaar is one of the highly skilled rappers in India. He has been active in all fields like dancing, Rapping and singing. Raftaar is also known for his kind and uplifting nature among his fellow rappers.



4. Kr$na :


Krishna Kaul a.k.a. Krisna is contentiously a lyrical brute. Not only is he a technically gifted rapper and lyricist, but he is also one of the classical rappers. He is often known to be the Indian equivalent of Eminem because of his amazing style of writing lyrics and metaphors which makes him a true noteworthy artist.


5. Muhfaad:

Muhfaad is an indian rapper, popular among the youth and his singing is predicated on two things. Primarily for his unprecedented Hindi vocabulary and secondarily for his outstanding versatility. Amazing lyricist and a great rapper. Though he has signed with DMF, he usually releases independent songs. His recent tracks ego friendly, Kaali Zubaan, and Maa Kasam are cult favourites.



6. MC Stan :

MC Stan aka Altaf Tadavi is one of the most admired rappers in the Indian rap music industry and the Desi hip-hop culture. MC Stan’s style of rapping is unparalleled compared to the other rappers on the list. His style of hip-hop is widely known as New School Hip-Hop.


7. Yo Yo Honey Singh:

He is a pop hip-hop artist who stirs pop music with hip-hop and jingles his groves to the dancing audience. Yo Yo Honey Singh is one of the distinguished rap singers known for his intriguing and block-buster tracks, He is often seen combining Punjabi beats with Hindi lyrics, which earned him a major place in the Indian music industry.



8. Dino:

Dino James, For his name in the list, is enough to move a music lover. His songs are all about taking inspiration from his real life. His first popular track ‘Girlfriend’ which talked about entertaining lyrics of relationships went viral over the web earning him fame and name in the industry.


9. Brodha V:

He is the only Indian rapper who has been rapping in English for a considerable amount of time. Earlier, he was having trouble due to the language barrier. He can win easily over anyone in the English rap battle. After a collab with a fellow rapper to make a song ‘Naachne Ka Shaunq’ where he raps in English and as well as in Hindi gained him immense fame. Now Brodha V is trying to do rap in other local regional languages of India.



10. SeedheMaut:

These New Delhi boys are great and brutal but also one of the underrated Duo. Popularly known as Encore Abj and Calm, are two guys who are lyrically strong and with loads of hip-hop rap have been building a core audience across the country. Their advice to the upcoming artists is to be real and true to music.



Social Media and Technology advancements in music have made it swift and easy for
artists to share their music with fans across the globe. These artists have definitely
inspired upcoming talent and have shown a demand for rap and desi hip-hop in every
household in India. Overall Authenticity and Dedication have always been pivotal to
making a benchmark in any field.


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