Top 10 Largest Desert in the World by Area 2024 | Explore its Location, Climate, Size, Types and Unique Characteristics

10 largest desert in the world by area

Today In This article we will Get to know about the top 10 largest desert areas in the world. The largest desert in the world is the Antarctica Desert having a 14,200,000 sq. km area located in Antarctica and As we know, the Earth’s ratio of land to water is 1:2 in which 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water and 29% is covered by land And this land area deserts having 33% of the Earth’s land area and 9.5% of the total surface area of earth.

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What is a desert?

Deserts are mainly defined as dry regions without water, receiving less than 12 inches of rain annually, and also they are formed when regional climate changes result in drought conditions for a long time.


Types of deserts in the world:

There are 4 types of deserts in the world

  1. Semi-arid deserts
  2. Cold deserts
  3. Coastal deserts
  4. Hot & dry deserts


10 Largest Deserts in the World By Area

The largest desert in the world is the Antarctica Desert which covers an area of about 14,200,000 (sq. km).


S. No. Name Type Location Area (in Area (in sq.mi)
1. Antarctica Desert Polar ice and Tundra Antarctica 14,200,000 5,482,651
2. Arctic Desert Polar ice and Tundra Eastern Europe

Northern America

Northern Asia

Northern Europe

13,900,000 5,366,820
3. Sahara Desert Subtropical Eastern Africa

Middle Africa

Northern Africa

Western Africa

9,200,000 3,552,140
4. Great Australian Subtropical Australia 2,700,000 1,042,476
5. Arabian Desert Subtropical Western Asia 2,330,000 899,618
6. Gobi Desert Cold winter Eastern Asia 1,295,000 500,002
7. Kalahari Desert Subtropical Southern Africa 900,000 347,492
8. Patagonian Desert Cold winter South America 673,000 259,847
9. Syrian Desert Subtropical Western Asia 500,000 193,051
10. Great Basin Cold winter North America 492,098 190,000


1. Antarctic Desert

Antarctic Desert: largest desert in the world

Area (km²): 14,000,000

Location: Antarctica

With a population of Less than 5000 Antarctica has The largest Desert in the world having 14,000,000 area in sq. km. This continent Is located at the south poth. Other than The tag of the largest desert this place is associated with many other tags on it like the coldest place on the earth, the driest place on the earth, and also the windiest Continent in the world. This Continent has the highest average elevation among all the other continents in the world. This place has only 20 mm of rain annually.


2. Arctic Desert

Arctic Desert-

Area (km²): 13,985,000

Location: Arctic Ocean islands north of Norway and Russia

This is the second largest Desert on the earth situated in the north polar region of earth. These deserts have an area of 3000 km of the Arctic Ocean. It shows very similar environmental and climate features to Antarctica although it has 50cm of rain per year.


3. Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert : third largest desert in the world

Area (km²): 9,200,000

Location: North Africa

This desert Is called the “Greatest Desert” or the largest hot Desert on the planet Earth. It is situated in the northern part of the African Continent. It covers the area of Eastern Africa, Middle Africa, Northern and Western Africa.


4. Australian Desert

Australian Desert

Area (km²): 2,700,000

Location: Australia

The Great Victoria Desert has an area of 2,700,000 sq. km and is The fourth largest desert in the world. This desert covers around 18% of the landmass of Australia. Also, Australia is considered the driest Continent In the world.


5. The Arabian Desert

The Arabian Desert

Area (km²): 2,330,000

Location: Middle East

This is the 5th largest desert on The planet Earth and is located in western Eurasia in the Arabian peninsula. In the center of this desert, Saudi Arabia is situated.


6. Gobi Desert

Area (km²): 1,295,000

Location: Eastern Asia

Having an area of 1,295,000 it is one of the largest deserts In the world It is located in east Asia also it Covers a very large part of Northern and Southern Mongolia.Although It is the 3rd largest Cold desert In the world. The Gobi desert has very rare animals like snow leopards and Bactrian Camels.


7. Kalahari Desert

Area (km²): 900,000

Location: Southern Africa

Having an area of 900,000 This Desert is the seventh largest desert in the world. It is located in Southern Africa and it covers most of the area of  Botswana as well as parts of Namibia, and South Africa.


8. Patagonian Desert

Area (km²): 620,000

Location: Argentina

This desert is the 8th largest desert in the world and the Largest desert in South America. This desert is home to many wildlife animals like foxes, lamas, and many more.


9. Syrian Desert

Area (km²): 520,000

Location: Middle East

It is a subtropical desert which is the 9th largest desert in the world and the southern part of this Desert merges with the Arabian Desert. This desert has a rocky and bare surface. 


10. Great Basin

Area (km²): 492,000

Location: United States of America

The Great Basin Desert is located in central-west Nevada USA, between the Sierra Nevada and the Wasatch Mountains while having an area of 492,000 sq. km of land it is the 10th-largest desert on the planet. This desert is also famous for the Great Basin National Park which is located in the central part of this desert.



Deserts cover up about 33% of the earth’s land area and Polar deserts cover around 14.2 million sq. km of the earth’s area also Sahara desert covers around 3.3 square miles. Deserts have coverage around one-third of the world’s total land area But have low biodiversity. There are some Varieties of Animals and plants which are only found and Grow in deserts.

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