Kerala Lok Sabha Election 2024 Candidates List: Complete Lists by Party( BJP, INC/UDF, and CP(M)/LDF)

As per the election commission of India the Lok Sabha election 2024 will start from April 19 and continue to June 1. Results for Lok Sabha election 2024 will be announced on June 4. Last elections this election will also be conducted in the seven phases and for Kerala it will be conducted in the second phase. Today in this article will discuss the candidate list of various parties for the Lok Sabha elections 2024 in Kerala.

Kerala Lok Sabha Election 2024 Candidates List


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Kerala Lok Sabha Election 2024 Schedule

As per the elections schedule released by the chief election commissioner Rajiv Kumar, elections for all the 20 constituencies will be  taking place in phase 2 on April 26 2024. The election will not be conducted on multiple dates and will be completed on the same day.



Complete Candidate List for Kerala Lok Sabha Election 2024 

Candidate Name Constituency Party
Smt. Shobha Surendran Alappuzha BJP
AM Ariff Alappuzha CPIM
K.C. Venugopal Alappuzha INC
K Radhakrishnan Alathur CPIM
T N Sarasu Alathur BJP
Ms. Ramya Haridas Alathur INC
V. Muraleedharan Attingal BJP
V Joy Attingal CPIM
Adoor Prakash Attingal INC
K A Unnikrishnan Chalakudy BDJS
Benny Behanan Chalakudy INC
Prof. C Raveendranath Chalakudy CPIM
Dr. K S Radhakrishnan Ernakulam BJP
Hibi Eden Ernakulam INC
KJ Shine Ernakulam CPIM
Dean Kuriakose Idukki INC
Sangeetha Viswanath Idukki BDJS
Joyce George Idukki CPIM
MV Jayarajan Kannur CPIM
K. Sudhakaran Kannur INC
C. Raghunath Kannur BJP
MV Balakrishnan Kasaragod CPIM
Rajmohan Unnithan Kasaragod INC
Smt. M.L. Ashwini Kasaragod BJP
M Mukesh Kollam CPIM
N K Premachandran Kollam RSP
G Krishnakumar Kollam BJP
Thushar Vellappalli Kottayam BDJS
Elamaram Kareem Kozhikode CPIM
M.K. Raghavan Kozhikode INC
M.T. Ramesh Kozhikode BJP
VA Vaseef Malappuram CPIM
ET Mohammad Bashir Malappuram IUML
Dr. Abdul Salam Malappuram BJP
Kodikunnil Suresh Mavelikara INC
Baiju Kalashala Mavelikara BDJS
CA Arun Kumar Mavelikara CPI
V.K. Sreekandan Palakkad INC
C. Krishnakumar Palakkad BJP
A Vijayaraghavan Palakkad CPIM
Anto Antony Pathanamthitta INC
Dr. TM Thomas Isaac Pathanamthitta CPIM
Anil K Antony Pathanamthitta BJP
Dr. MP Abdurasmad Samdani Ponnani IUML
Smt. Niveditha Subramanian Ponnani BJP
KS Hamsa Ponnani CPIM
Dr. Shashi Tharoor Thiruvananthapuram INC
Pannyan Raveendran Thiruvananthapuram CPI
Rajeev Chandrasekhar Thiruvananthapuram BJP
VS Sunil Kumar Thrissur CPI
Suresh Gopi Thrissur BJP
K. Muraleedharan Thrissur INC
Shafi Parambil Vadakara INC
Praful Krishna Vadakara BJP
KK Shailaja Vadakara CPIM
Rahul Gandhi Wayanad INC
Annie Raja Wayanad CPI
K Surendran Wayanad BJP





CP ( M )/ LDF  Candidate List of Kerala Lok Sabha Election 2024

Communist Party ( Marxist) Lok Sabha elections with the other parties under the alliance left democratic front. In the last Lok Sabha elections in 2019 they won the majority number of seats in Kerala and defeated the national parties such as BJP and INC. This year also the LDF will be looking to secure a strong number of seats in Lok Sabha to further their cause for Kerala. Ldf consists of lots of major local parties and one big  party that appeals to the  citizens of the State.

Candidate Name Constituency
AM Ariff Alappuzha
K Radhakrishnan Alathur
V Joy Attingal
Prof. C Raveendranath Chalakudy
KJ Shine Ernakulam
Dean Kuriakose Idukki
MV Jayarajan Kannur
MV Balakrishnan Kasaragod
M Mukesh Kollam
Elamaram Kareem Kozhikode
VA Vaseef Malappuram
Kodikunnil Suresh Mavelikara
V.K. Sreekandan Palakkad
Pannyan Raveendran Thiruvananthapuram
VS Sunil Kumar Thrissur
KK Shailaja Vadakara





BJP Candidate List of Kerala Lok Sabha election 2024

BJP is currently ruling the central government and has governments in many states around India. However in the 2019 Lok Sabha election they failed to win even a single seat in the Kerala Lok Sabha elections. They will surely look forward to changing this and have a good amount of seats in Kerala this year. Even being one of the most popular parties in India and powerful 1 2 they failed to get the group in the southern India and Kerala is one of the important States which will ensure there victory if they manage to secure a good number of seats there.

Candidate Name Constituency
T N Sarasu Alathur
V Muraleedharan Attingal
Dr. K S Radhakrishnan Ernakulam
Smt. M.L. Ashwini Kasaragod
G Krishnakumar Kollam
C Krishnakumar Palakkad
Anil K Antony Pathanamthitta
Smt. Niveditha Subramanian Ponnani
Dr. MP Abdurasmad Samdani Ponnani
Dr. Abdul Salam Malappuram
Smt. Niveditha Subramanian Ponnani
Praful Krishna Vadakara
Dr. TM Thomas Isaac Pathanamthitta
Anil K Antony Pathanamthitta
Praful Krishna Vadakara





INC / UDF Candidates list for Kerala Lok Sabha Election 2024

Indian National Congress along with various other local parties under the name of United democratic front contest elections in Lok Sabha. There will be contesting under the name India alliance. Last Lok Sabha elections in 2019 the United democratic Front was only able to secure one seat in Kerala. However with India alliance day expect things to change and a projected number of Lok Sabha seats this year coming from Kerala.

Candidate Name Constituency
K C Venugopal Alappuzha
Ramya Haridas Alathur
Adoor Prakash Attingal
Dean Kuriakose Idukki
KV Thomas Ernakulam
Rajmohan Unnithan Kasaragod
Kodikunnil Suresh Mavelikara
Anto Antony Pathanamthitta
Shafi Parambil Vadakara
Shashi Tharoor Thiruvananthapuram

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