IPS Salary 2024: Exam, Roles, Responsibilites, Full Form & How to Become an IPS officer


The Indian police service is one of the most preferred government jobs for the youth in India. IPS is the part of tri-services or the three all India services along with IAS and IFS. The IPS officers are commanded with the officer level positions in various state and UT police. Apart from that they also command CRPF, BSF, SSB, CISF, and ITBP. Out of the 24 services offered by the UPSC it is one of the most preferred and famous one. Today in this article we’ll discuss the Full form of IPS , it’s role and responsibilities and the Salary of IPS officer.


Indian Police Service (IPS)

The Indian police service plays an important role in keeping the peace among society and preventing crimes. Moreover they are also involved in investigating crimes and maintaining the law and order of the country. IPS officers are  burdened with immense responsibility to protect people and ensure their safety. IPS officers hold important police ranks in a district; they command the police stations in the vicinity and try to maintain law and order in their area. Apart from it IPS officers are also involved in investigating lots of cases that are already going on by working in different agencies.  Becoming an IPS officer is a dream of millions of students who every year fight in a competitive exam called UPSC civil services. Only the best of the best students are accepted in the training academy of IPS and later Commissioned as the officer.


Full form of IPS:-

The full form of IPS is Indian Police Services.  It is one of the three All India services and is tasked with maintaining law and order in the nation.


History for IPS

Indian police services have been operational since British rule in India. Before Independence IPS was known as imperial police services. Before independence no Indians were allowed to have officer level positions in IPS however this was changed after independence when it was renamed as Indian police services in 1948.

Eligibility Criteria to get recruited as IPS Officer

The Union Public Service Commission has laid  out some eligibility criteria that a candidate needs to fulfill in order to become an IPS officer. Below we have listed all those eligibility criteria

  • The candidate should be an Indian national
  • They should have a minimum age of 21 years
  • The candidate must be a graduate of a well-recognized university
  • They should meet the physical fitness standards for this exam
  • For the Unreserved and EWS categories, there are not more than 6 attempts for this exam

Recruitment & Training  of an IPS

The recruitment of IPS officers is conducted through one of the hardest and most competitive exams in the world, UPSC civil services. It is a yearly exam that is conducted to fill the vacancies in one of the highest ranks of officers in the Government of India.  By taking this exam one can easily become an IPS officer. Candidates who clear the cut off of IPS officers are then sent to  training academy in Hyderabad.

Initially selected candidates go for a joint training of 3 months in Lal Bahadur Shastri National academy of administration in Mussoorie. Once the initial training is completed the IPS officers have to report.

At first, the selected candidates will undergo joint training for 3 months of duration. This general training will take place at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Police Training Academy, Hyderabad. Here their training is conducted for a year and includes physical fitness and law enforcement.


Functions and Responsibilities of IPS

Below we have listed functions and responsibilities of an IPS officer.

  • While working as an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), he is accountable to his senior officers – Superintendent of Police (SP), Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG).
  • IPS is posted as Superintendent of Police (SP) who is responsible for public safety, law and order, crime control and prevention, traffic control etc.
  • They also provide their services in other central police organisations like CBI, BSF, CRPF etc.
  • In day-to-day operations these generally involve public peace and order, crime prevention, investigation and detection, VIP security, smuggling, drug trafficking, economic crimes, corruption cases, public life, disaster management, socio-economic law, Special attention has to be paid to protection of biodiversity and environmental laws etc.
  • IPS officers also work to inculcate values ​​and norms in the police forces.
  • IPS officers play an important role in protecting law and justice, integrity, sensitivity, human rights etc. in accordance with the aspirations of the people in the rapidly changing social and economic environment and in increasing the confidence of the public in the police.


Salary of an IPS Officer

As per the seventh pay commission the basic salary of an initial IPS officer starts at 56,100 per month. Apart from this an IPS officer is also entitled for DA, HRA and TA. Below is the complete salary as per the rank of the officer.


IPS ranks in State Police/Central Police force Equivalent position in Delhi Police IPS Salary – 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale
Director General of Police/ Director of IB or CBI Commissioner of Police 2,25,000.00 INR
Director General of Police Special Commissioner of Police 2,05,400.00 INR
Inspector General of Police Joint Commissioner of Police 1,44,200.00 INR
Deputy Inspector General of Police Additional Commissioner of Police 1,31,100.00 INR
Senior Superintendent of Police Deputy Commissioner of Police 78,800.00 INR
Additional Superintendent of Police Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police 67,700.00 INR
Deputy Superintendent of Police Assistant Commissioner of Police 56,100.00 INR


So this was all about the roles and responsibility of an IPS officer. Being an IPS officer is the most noble profession that you can opt for  in India. The job comes with a good salary and lots of respect in society. You also get a chance to make change in society. For all those students who want to become an IPS officer they should definitely start preparing for the next years UPSC civil services examination.


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