IRFCA | List of Frequently Used Indian Railway Abbreviations That You Need to Know

IRFCA | List of Frequently Used Indian Railway Abbreviations That You Need to Know

Indian Railways, is one of the largest railway networks in the world. It uses an array of abbreviations to streamline operations and communications through tickets, online platforms, etc. When you book a ticket, you will notice many abbreviations in it. These abbreviations are essential for railway staff as well as passengers to understand the railway operations, services, and infrastructure. Today, we bring you the list of Abbreviations with categories that are commonly used in the Indian Railways-


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Organisational and Administrative

  • IR: Indian Railways
  • RDSO: Research Designs and Standards Organization
  • CRIS: Centre for Railway Information Systems
  • RB: Railway Board
  • ZRs: Zonal Railways
  • DRM: Divisional Railway Manager
  • GM: General Manager
  • PCOM: Principal Chief Operations Manager
  • CPRO: Chief Public Relations Officer
  • CMD: Chairman and Managing Director
  • ADRM: Additional Divisional Railway Manager
  • AGM: Additional General Manager

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Train Operations

  • EMU: Electric Multiple Unit
  • MEMU: Mainline Electric Multiple Unit
  • DMU: Diesel Multiple Unit
  • LHB: Linke Hofmann Busch
  • MPS: Maximum Permissible Speed
  • WAP: Wide Gauge AC Electric Passenger
  • WAG: Wide Gauge AC Electric Goods
  • WDP: Wide Gauge Diesel Passenger
  • WDM: Wide Gauge Diesel Mixed
  • HOG: Head-On Generation
  • FOIS: Freight Operations Information System
  • ETCS: European Train Control System


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Train Types

  • EXP: Express
  • SUP: Superfast
  • PASS: Passenger
  • MEMU: Mainline Electric Multiple Unit
  • DEMU: Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
  • SHB: Shatabdi
  • RJPB: Rajdhani
  • GR: Garib Rath
  • JSS: Jan Shatabdi
  • SF: Superfast


Ticketing and Reservations

  • PRS: Passenger Reservation System
  • PNR: Passenger Name Record
  • RAC: Reservation Against Cancellation
  • WL: Waitlist
  • TDR: Ticket Deposit Receipt
  • EFT: Excess Fare Ticket
  • UTS: Unreserved Ticketing System
  • RLWL: Remote Location Waitlist
  • GNWL: General Waitlist
  • CKWL: Tatkal Waitlist
  • RQWL: Request Waitlist
  • PQWL: Pooled Quota Waitlist
  • TTE: Travelling Ticket Examiner
  • RC: Reservation Chart




Stations and Routes

  • JNC: Junction
  • JN: Junction
  • TTE: Travelling Ticket Examiner
  • RPF: Railway Protection Force
  • RRI: Route Relay Interlocking
  • CL: Crossing Loop
  • SM: Station Master
  • SPM: Station Planning Manager
  • CAO: Chief Administrative Officer
  • DCS: Divisional Control System
  • ASM: Assistant Station Master
  • CNF: Confirmed



Rolling Stock

  • AC: Air Conditioned
  • 1A – First class Air-conditioned (also Executive Class).
  • 2A – Air-conditioned 2-tier sleeper.
  • FC – First Class.
  • SL: Sleeper Class
  • 2S: Second Sitting
  • EC or ECC – Executive Chair Car
  • 3A – Air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper
  • ACC – Air-conditioned coach/class
  • ACCC – Air-conditioned chair car
  • CC – Chair car
  • Sh. CC – Shatabdi Chair Car
  • SL – Sleeper class
  • 2T – Two-tier (as in AC-2T air-conditioned two-tier coach)
  • 3T – Three-tier (as in AC-3T air-conditioned two-tier coach)
  • LB – Lower Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
  • MB – Middle Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
  • UB – Upper Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
  • SUB – Side Upper Berth (annotation on the ticket for sleeping accommodation)
  • SLB – Side Lower Berth (annotation on the ticket for sleeping accommodation)
  • SFC: Sleeper Cum Freight Carrier
  • ICF: Integral Coach Factory
  • RCF: Rail Coach Factory
  • BEML: Bharat Earth Movers Limited
  • DEMU: Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
  • SLR: Second Class Luggage/Parcel Van
  • SLRD: Second Class Luggage/Parcel Van with Disabled Accommodation
  • VPU: Parcel Van
  • BLC: Bogie Low Container




Safety and Signalling

  • SPAD: Signal Passed At Danger
  • ATC: Automatic Train Control
  • TPWS: Train Protection and Warning System
  • CBTC: Communications-Based Train Control
  • IBS: Intermediate Block Signalling
  • LWR: Long Welded Rail
  • RDS: Rail Drilling System
  • MACLS: Multiple Aspect Color Light Signalling
  • PTC: Positive Train Control
  • ATP: Automatic Train Protection
  • AFTC: Audio Frequency Track Circuit
  • CTC: Centralised Traffic Control
  • ERTMS: European Rail Traffic Management System



Maintenance and Infrastructure

  • PWI: Permanent Way Inspector
  • OCS: Overhead Catenary System
  • S&T: Signalling and Telecommunication
  • TRD: Traction Distribution
  • ROH: Routine Overhaul
  • ART: Accident Relief Train
  • OHE: Overhead Equipment
  • C&W: Carriage and Wagon
  • M&P: Machinery and Plant
  • RDSO: Research Designs and Standards Organization
  • BPC: Brake Power Certificate
  • TXR: Train Examiner
  • SRSF: Special Railway Safety Fund




Financial and Accounting

  • FA&CAO: Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer
  • PAO: Pay and Accounts Office
  • SRPF: Special Railway Protection Force
  • TA: Travelling Allowance
  • PFMS: Public Financial Management System
  • UBI: Union Bank of India
  • IRCTC: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation



Departments and Units

  • ECR: East Central Railway
  • WCR: West Central Railway
  • SECR: South East Central Railway
  • NCR: North Central Railway
  • RITES: Rail India Technical and Economic Service
  • IRCON: Indian Railway Construction Company Limited
  • MRVC: Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation
  • DFCCIL: Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited
  • RCF: Rail Coach Factory
  • ICF: Integral Coach Factory
  • DLW: Diesel Locomotive Works
  • CLW: Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
  • DMW: Diesel Modernization Works





  • HQ: Headquarters
  • LAR: Leave Against Reserve
  • MAR: Maintenance Allowance Reserve
  • FOB: Foot Over Bridge
  • LC: Level Crossing
  • LHS: Left-Hand Side
  • RHS: Right-Hand Side
  • MOU: Memorandum of Understanding
  • NR: Northern Railway
  • SR: Southern Railway
  • WR: Western Railway
  • ER: Eastern Railway
  • CR: Central Railway
  • NER: North Eastern Railway
  • NFR: Northeast Frontier Railway
  • SCR: South Central Railway
  • SWR: South Western Railway
  • WCR: West Central Railway
  • NCR: North Central Railway
  • SECR: South East Central Railway
  • ECoR: East Coast Railway
  • SER: South Eastern Railway
  • KRCL: Konkan Railway Corporation Limited
  • COFMOW: Central Organization for Modernization of Workshops
  • IRTS: Indian Railway Traffic Service
  • IRAS: Indian Railway Accounts Service
  • IRPS: Indian Railway Personnel Service
  • IRSE: Indian Railway Service of Engineers
  • BG: Broad Gauge
  • MG: Meter Gauge
  • NG: Narrow Gauge
  • FOC: Free of Cost
  • MRO: Material Receipt Order
  • SD: Station Diary
  • TD: Train Diary
  • FO: Freight Office
  • GE: General Expenses
  • FS: Fixed Schedule
  • RVNL: Rail Vikas Nigam Limited

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