Top 10 Bodybuilders in India Who Prove India’s Mettle in Bodybuilding

Top 10 Indian Bodybuilders: Inspiring Stories of Strength and Success

India is the land of brave and strong men. Today in this article will discuss the top 10 Indian bodybuilders who have made a name for themselves and their country all over the world. These bodybuilders have put themselves under the hard and intense training to achieve physics that is worth computing in the big competition such as Mr Olympia.  So let’s see Top 10 Indian Bodybuilders who have made a name for themselves around the world.

1. Prashant Salunke 

Prashant Salunke 

 Prashant is a famous bodybuilder of India. Prashant was born in Mumbai, India. He is a well-known bodybuilder of India. He has many awards in his name. Prashant Sulunkhe is a member of the famous bodybuilder list. He won the title of Mr. India held in Satara, Maharashtra in 2015. He won the latest editions of the prestigious competitions, Mumbai Shree 2016 and Jerai Classic 2016.



2. Sangram Chaugle 

Sangram Chaugle

Sangram Chaugle is one of India’s Top 10 Bodybuilders. He was born on 28 December 1979 in Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra. He is an Indian bodybuilder. He won the Mister Universe title at the WBPF World Championship in 2012 and 2014 in the 85 kg category. Sangram won the title of Mr. India six times. Mister Maharashtra won five times. He worked as an actor in the Marathi film ‘DAMBH’.



3. Rajendran Mani 

Rajendran Mani 

Rajendran Mani is a famous Indian bodybuilder who is a former Indian Air Force soldier, he was born in 1974 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He won his first national championship in 2009 and was honored as Mister Asia 2009. He also won first place in the World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships held in Hungary in the men’s 90 kg category on 17 November 2013.



4. Suhas Kumar 

Suhas Kumar 

Suhas Kumar is known as India’s best bodybuilder. He comes from a family of fitness experts and bodybuilders. He is inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and aspires to become a world champion bodybuilder. He was born on 9 August 1980 in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.  Mister Olympia (2018) Champion of Champions. First Indian bodybuilder to receive a Pro Card. Ten-time Mr. India Body Building title (2004, 2006 to 2015). Mr. World Bodybuilding First Runner-up (2010–11)



5. Amit Chhetri 

Amit Chhetri 

Amit Chhetri is one of the famous bodybuilders of India. His nickname is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Amit Chhetri’s age is 29 years, Amit Chhetri’s height is 5 feet 10 inches. He was born in Haridwar. He is currently working in Uttarakhand Police. Gold Medal in Mister India Federation Cup in Tamil Nadu 2007. Silver Medal in Open Senior Mr. India in 2012 Champion of Federation Cup 2013 Gold at Fairfax World Police and Fire Games.



6. Varinder Singh Ghuman 

Varinder Singh Ghuman who is a professional Indian bodybuilder. He is a very famous bodybuilder. He also acts as an actor in Bollywood. He was born on 28 December 1982 in Gurdaspur, Punjab. He is also known as Arnold of Punjab, Indian Hulk, Moon and He-Man. He is the first Asian to be ranked as ProSuper in the bodybuilding show that spans the world. He won the title of Mr. India in 2009.  First Indian bodybuilder to receive Pro Card by International Federation of BodyBuilding .



7. Ankur Sharma 

Ankur Sharma who is an Indian bodybuilder. He is famous in India. He was born in Chandigarh, India. Who currently lives in Delhi. He is a very energetic bodybuilder.  In 2009, Mister Universe won the title also he  won the title of Mr. South Asia. In 2012, won the title of Mr. India and in 2013, she won gold at the WBPF World Championship and  won the title of Mister Asia. Became Mr. All India Inter University four times. Has won the title of Mr. India seven consecutive times.



8. Hari Lal 

Hari Lal  is an Indian professional bodybuilder in bodybuilding. He was born in 1997 in Kapurthala, Punjab, India. He has won Mister Asia Gold Medal 2010 in Bahrain and Sri Vishwa Gold Medal 2011 in Mumbai. Moreover he has also won Silver medal in Mr. Olympia 2012 and Silver Medal at Arnold Classic Amateur 2012–2013.

9. Neeraj Kumar 

Neeraj Kumar who is an Indian bodybuilder. He is a very famous bodybuilder of India. He has qualified for Mister World and Mister Universe twice. He was the winner of Mister India 2013 Gold Medal and in  WBPF Mr. WORLD 2013  he won  Bronze Medal. He was also Senior Mister Universe Bronze Medal 2013 (Hungary).



10. Bobby Singh

Bobby Singh is an Indian bodybuilder from Manipur, India. He was born on 1 February 1975 in Manipur, a small state in the north-east of India. He served in the Indian Navy.  He won his first Mr. World title in 2010 in the 75 kg category for bodybuilding championship in Varanasi, India. Won 3 Mr. South Asia titles,  5 Mr. Asia titles,  8 Mr. World titles and 12 Mr. India titles.



So these are top 10 successful Indian Bodybuilders that will surely inspire you to start your fitness journey.


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