What is IMPS: Immediate Payment Service for Cashless Transactions – Benefits & Usage

IMPS stands for Immediate Payment Service or Instant Payment Service, which is an initiative to transfer funds and money 24*7. During banking hours only RTGS and NEFT were accessible to users to transfer funds.


Using the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), you can use the online banking of the associated financial institution to transfer money from your account to the other securities account. It is accessible anytime, and online payment processes allow easy product purchases.

You can quickly deposit money and conduct payments on associated business websites with this service. The payment shall be sent through the savings account in the customer’s representative account, eliminating the need for hard input work. The transfer display on the website will show up, passing on the payment final destination information and the deposit quantity from the other company’s transaction screen. Transfers and payments are possible. Anyone with an account can access it through the partner firms or other accounts.

The instant payment service could take a while to initiate the transaction for security reasons. Please give yourself enough time to finish the procedures when utilizing the service.

Payment applications and electronic money can be maintained from your bank account. It’s ideal for limited usage and cashless lives because it can be utilized with a single tap at any time. You’ll become wiser every day.

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What is Immediate Payment?

Debit cards are a cashless payment option, and immediate payment is the process of making a payment while making a purchase or utilizing a service.

When a debit card is given out and connected to a financial institution account, the sum is taken out of the linked account simultaneously with the payment.

Benefits of IMPS

Immediate payment has the following primary benefits:

  • Does not require a prior charge
  • You don’t have to be concerned about overusing
  • Benefits and credit refunds can be available to you.

You aren’t required to charge your account previously because the payment is taken out immediately, and you are unable to utilize more than the balance, so you aren’t concerned about going over budget.

While cash payments are also regarded as an instant payment method, using debit cards has the obvious advantage of offering point rewards and bonuses over cash payments.

Points to Remember regarding Immediate Payment Service

When making an instant payment, keep the following points in mind:

  • A payment that is greater than the balance on your account cannot be made.
  • There might not be enough advantages or point redemption available.
  • It may not always be able to be paid with.

You can’t utilize immediate payment for making a payment that is greater than the balance on the account since the total amount in the bank is the maximum amount that may be paid instantly.

Furthermore, comparable with different cashless payment methods, the point incentives and advantages of debit cards might not be as satisfying.

In many situations, debit cards may be utilized to make payments, however, be advised that they might not be accepted for certain regular payments.

Choose a cashless payment option that works for you

In India, there are several cashless payment options, each with unique advantages and considerations. It is critical to know the benefits and safety measures associated with each approach, select the one that works best for you, and then start with it or use it according to your needs.

The ability to make card or smartphone payments without carrying cash is known as cashless payment. Credit cards are a common cashless payment option. Other cashless payment options, such as apps, are currently being introduced.

Long before in distribution, credit cards were only available to a select few due to a screening process that started card issuance. Cashless payments, however, have gained popularity quickly thanks to the development of techniques that enable even those without credit cards to make payments for the sum charged in advance using a QR code shown on an application for their phones.

This is an advanced method for making payments without cash. It helps in transferring funds and money with a single tap through a mobile app which makes it seamless. With this users don’t have to keep several banking apps on their phones.

When you use the immediate payment option, the fee is taken out of your account simultaneously with the payment. Debit cards are the primary payment method that facilitates cashless transactions. Debit cards don’t require verification; they can be issued with just a bank account. For those who are unwilling to use credit cards, it provides a payment option. But be aware that until there is money in your bank account, you won’t be able to utilize it.

Results in Increased Output

Businesses can avoid the hassle of giving out change by implementing cashless payment options, which allow customers to pay for items without exchanging cash. Additionally, it lessens mistakes made when giving out change during payments. Being able to keep clear of these problems would be quite advantageous because handling cash is capable of accidents and problems.

Results in Better Management of Safety

Better safety control will result from the introduction of cashless payments. Coins and bills are handled by an unknown number of persons, thus there will always be hygienic concerns. Because cashless payments do not require the physical handling of cash.

Works as a Barrier to Crime

Another way that cashless payments reduce crime is by preventing it. The idea is that you are unable to carry along extra cash for the business. Cash-related harm like theft, burglary, and fraud can be avoided once cashless payments are accepted and used by everyone. You can handle your finances with confidence as a manager.

Simple Money Management

Since you cannot handle or count cash, immediate payments provide the benefit of simplifying cash management. A further benefit of implementing cashless payments is the ability to make larger, easier-to-manage total contributions as opposed to daily ones.

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