Hisar Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

Hisar Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results:

Hisar Haryana


Hisar is present in the Northern region of the Indian Union. Lok Sabha of Hisar is in the state of Haryana. From 1951 to 2019, the Lok Sabha seat of Hisar was won by the Congress party,seven times. For almost 30 years, Hisar was under the Bhajan Lal and Devi Lal families.


In 2019, the BJP won the seat of Hisar for the first time in the history of elections.


2014 and 2019 elections:



Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Haryana Janhit Congress (HJC BL) in 2014, came together to contest against the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD). Kuldeep Bishnoi represented these two parties. During the 2014 elections, Dushyant Chautala of Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) won the Hisar Lok Sabha seat by getting 494,478 votes from the people. Bishnoi got 462,631 votes in total from the people of Hisar. Thus, INLD won by a margin of 2.8%.


Brijendra Singh from BJP, in 2019 won the seat of Lok Sabha in Hisar region. He defeated Dushyant Chautala of the Jannayak Janta Party by getting 603,289 votes in total. Chautala got 289,221 votes in total and Congress candidate Bhavya Bishnoi got 184,369 votes in total. Thus, Brijendra Singh won by a margin of 26.6% of votes. 



Important candidates:


The Chautala family is the important family that will take part in the 2024 elections. MLA Naina Chautala will represent the Jannayak Janta Party (JJP), Sunaina Chautala will represent the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD)  and Ranjit Singh Chautala will represent the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP).  Ranjit Singh Chautala is the brother of Naina Chautala and Sunaina Chautala’s respective father-in-law. They have a unique relationship with each other. 

Jai Prakash will represent the Congress party. He became the Member of Parliament (MP) three times and has also served as a member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Haryana. 



Who will win the elections will be revealed on 4th June, Tuesday. 


Other candidates:



Sr. No  Candidates Party
1 Advocate Pardeep Sihmar Peoples Party of India (Democratic)
2 Desh Raj BSP
3 Ajit Singh IND
4 Jagat Singh Vikas India Party
5 Master Vijender Jitpura SUCI(C) 
6 Sunaina Chautala Indian National Lok Dal


2024 elections:

Today the results for the Hisar constituency were released and ____ from ___ party won the elections. He/she defeated _____ of ____ party by a margin of ___ votes.



Candidates Party Votes 
Naina Chutala JJP
Sunaina Chautala INLD
Ranjit Singh Chautala BJP
Other Other



This, _____ of ____ party won the elections defeating _____ and _____. Soon there will be an oath ceremony in which ____ will establish his/her government and start their work. We hope that this article has helped you to understand the situation in a better way.


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