Top 10 Highest IQ Holders in the World: Mind-Blowing Genius Levels Revealed

10 Highest IQ Holders in the World

The term IQ was first coined in 1912 by William Stern, term for a scoring method for intelligence quotient at the University of Breslau. Historically IQ score was measured by dividing a person’s mental age by a person’s chronological age multiplied by 100. So if an individual of age 10 years had a mental age of 10 their IQ would be 100.
Core for intelligence tests are estimates of Intelligence. for example distance and mass, nutrition, parental social economic, morbidity, parent, social status, and hereditary IQ.
Some people believe that IQ tests are not a measure of Intelligence and others believe that if people can have IQ 250 or higher this is rare. So if you were wondering who were the top 10 highest IQ holders in the world, this list will help you to understand the smartest people in the world according to their mind-blowing IQ mentioned below.


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Top 10 Highest IQ Holders in the World:-

1.YoungHoon Kim: IQ 276

YoungHoon Kim iq

YoungHoon Kim is the highest IQ holder in the world presently. He is certified by the World Genius Directory, Courier Record, Institute Global Genius Registry, GIGA Society and Esoteric Society. Apart from having fame for the first position among the world’s top 50 highest IQ holders, he is engaged in many mind sport fields. Scoring perfectly on many experimental high-range intelligence tests, he is also a permanent member of the Mega Society which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.


2. Marnen Laibow-Koser: IQ 268

Marnen Laibow-Koser

Maren Laibow-Koser, a musical prodigy with an IQ of 268, is a composer, multi-instrument musician, and computer genius from New York. He studied Contemporary Improvisation at New England Conservatory in Boston, living in nearby Somerville. Marnen works professionally in music performance, composition, engraving, and Web development, along with other computer-related tasks. He began studying music at age three and composing soon after. In December 2014, he completed his Master of Music degree and aimed to start doctoral studies in 2017. He also studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music and SUNY Purchase.


3. Ainan Celeste Cawley: IQ 263

Ainan Celeste Cawley

Ainan Celeste Cawley is a Singaporean prodigy born on 23 November 1999. He gave his first public lecture at six. By seven, he had passed GCSE chemistry and studied it at Singapore Polytechnic. He recited pi to 521 decimal places at nine and memorised the periodic table. By twelve, he scored his first film, which premiered at Vilnius International Film Festival and directed his film. After leaving NUS High School in 2007, he moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2010, studying at Taylor’s University. As of 2013, he is pursuing a music career.




John Wolfgang von Goethe was born on 28 August 1749 in the free Imperial city of Frankfurt, Holy Roman Empire his major scientific work like The Metamorphosis of Plant, poetry, botany, anatomy and Colour had a profound and wide-ranging influence on Western literacy, political and philosophical thought from late 18th century till present day, and his is estimate IQ range from 210 to 225, this is very high IQ.





Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian known for his work in painting, draughtsman, engineering, scientific theories, sculpture, architect and his notable works like The Virgin of the Rocks, lady with an Empire, Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man make the most intelligent people in the world with IQ estimated in between 180 to 220.
His ability to work born out of wedlock to a successful notary and a lower-class women.





James Maxwell was the mathematical physicist of Scotland who is considered to be the most influential scientist of the 19th century he worked on four equations that describe the behaviour of electricity, a magnetic field which predicted electromagnetic waves( waves that travel through space at the speed of light)and his work on electromagnetism used in a wide variety of Technology such as radio, television, microwave, radar gives his estimation of an IQ range from 190 to 205.





Nicolaus Close Bogus was often ahead of their time and is considered one of the most important figures in the history of science his work lies in the heliocentric model of the solar system which(placed the sun at the centre rather than the earth and geocentric placed the earth at the centre gets concluded in early years of the earth which must be at the centre of Universe, but over a time Copernicus model gained acceptance and replaced geocentric models.




William James Sidis was an American child Prodigy with an estimated IQ of a range of 200 to 300 making him on the list of most intelligent persons in the world, With his parent’s effort made him a gifted child. His life was marked with Brilliance and tragedy which made him brilliant in mathematics and philosophy but struggled to cope with the pressure of Fame, he died in poverty and obscurity at the age of 46.



He is one of the most brilliant mathematicians of our time and made significant contributions to a wide range of mathematics including number theory, harmonic analysis, and partial differential which ultimately led to an IQ between 201 and 230 which makes him at the top of .0001% of the population.





He was a German mathematician who considered calculating the sum of all positive integers at the age of 11 from 1 to 100 with the commonly known gauge circular method which taught till present with IQ in the range between 250 to 300.



Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in Austria-Hungary, he is considered to be one the most important figures in the history of electricity by holding 250-plus patents inventing (AC) alternative current to Tesla coil which is the standard form of electricity even used today.



Francois Marie Arout(Voltaire) was a figure of enlightenment and a period of social reform in the 18th century. His Satire was a powerful weapon against the French government.
Voltaire’s IQ of 190 to 200 is based on Satirical works of novels and other historical evidence.
He was a writer and philosopher who produced work in a wide range of essays, plays, poems and novels.



Christopher Hirata is an American cosmologist and astrophysicist who was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1982. He made significant contributions in dark energy, and dark matter with an estimated IQ range of 225 which placed him in the top 10 Highest Intelligent people in the world.
He used gravitational lending to study the universe and dark matter.



Historically, English statistician Francis Galton made the first attempt at a standardised test for rating a person’s intelligence and believed that intelligence is highly Inheritance, and set up his first mental testing centre in 1882 and published his general enquiry into human faculties with its development in 1883.
After gathering a variety of data, he was unable to fetch correlation and eventually abandoned it.A successful attempt Was made by France psychologists Alfred Benet, Victor Henry and Jordan Simon in 1905 when they published the Binet-Simon test which focused on verbal ability but had limitations the test only stressed on diversity of Intelligence, not the need to study using qualitative opposing quantitative measures.

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