High-Paying Career Options After 12th: Science, Commerce, and Arts Streams Explored


 High-Paying Career Options After 12th: Science, Commerce, and Arts Streams Explored

In this article we are going to cover all the underrated courses with high salary packages that you can pursue in your 12th. There are many professional fields for the students of arts, science and commerce . However, each stream has a variety of courses that are going to be demanding in future. In this article, we are going to discuss the demanding jobs and their average salary with responsibilities and job Outlook so that you can have the best career path of yours.


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High-Paying Career Options After 12th in Science:-

Demanding a science career and its field is based upon its growth rate percentage and the availability of new jobs in that field. In our list, we are going to discuss courses that are growing the most. Hence Below are some of the highly demanding science field



 1. Clinical Technician

Clinical Technician

Average salary: ₹7.2 Lakhs per year,

These technicians are the science professionals who analyze abnormal signs of disease by using specialized equipment with organic samples. They identify the science of this as, infection or any other kind of medical condition. Clinical technicians can be a part of the patient care team as they also collect the results of the physicians and review them with patients.


2. Forensic Science Technician

Forensic Science Technician

Average salary: ₹25,433 (INR)/yr

These technicians help the police to solve crime cases and collect evidence and specimens found at a crime scene. They check all the evidence and take photos of the crime scene for the effective management of the crime profile. After collecting all the samples they sent them to laboratories, where they identified DNA’s samples of the evidence they found. according to the results, they made connections in cases to solve the problem.



3. Microbiologist

Average salary: ₹ 3.0 Lakhs

These biologists are kind of research scientists who report on microorganisms like parasites, fungi, and other microorganisms. These biologists are specialised in research equipment from which the specimens are observed tested and published in the research paper.



 4. R&D engineer

Average salary :₹9,79,000 per year

The primary duty of these professionals is to design new products and improve the previous ones, also referred to as research and development engineers. These engineers develop plans, conduct research and test them to create software or manufacture goods and technology. One can also pursue robotic engineering, psychology, physician assistants, software development, clinical research scientists, infectious disease physicians, dentists, orthodontists, test oncologists, etc. These are also some of the high-paying jobs that one can pursue.



Demanding a career in the commerce field

If you are a commerce student, you have a wide variety of courses available to pursue. These courses are high-paying, and you will see an instant need in the coming years. as industrialization is at its peak in our country and the number of  companies is increasing day by day. Below is a list of the top careers that you can explore in your commerce journey.

1. Chartered Accountant(CA)

Chartered Accountant(CA)

Average salary: 115,000 rupees per year

Chartered accountants are the financial experts who manage budget ,taxes and make business strategies. They work with businessmen, government agencies, and companies. A chartered accountant is one of the most respectable jobs in the commerce field. They give financial advice to their clients and assess their ability to manage their money effectively.

2. Investment banker

Investment banker

Average salary: Rs 17 lakh per year.

Investment bankers help their clients manage their finances and give them strategies for investment banking. They advise clients to invest money so that their capital can grow in the market. They help clients to secure funds from the capital market and also works as a financial advisor, who would casually help companies manage their acquisitions and hold them to navigate mergers.


3. CFA

Entry-level salary: 7 to 12

Mid-level salary: 13 to 25 lakh per year

Senior-level salary: 26 to 50 lakh per year

CFA means chartered financial analyst who provides financial advice to their clients, usually related to banks and insurance companies. These analyses help their clients in the management of their investment portfolio, help them in their financial planning, collect data and analyse it for budget preparation, and also provide investment analysis to the client.



4. Company secretary (CS)

CS refers to a company secretary, not a computer scientist.

Average salary: 25.4 lakh per year, with an additional cash compensation of 53379.

The company secretary is responsible for the compliance of the company, facilitates communication between the board of directors and other takers, and manages senior managers. The company secretary is responsible for good flow of communication within the board and its committees; they help to maintain shareholder relations and advise the board of directors on corporate governance. A company secretary plays an important role in planning a company’s future, coordinating with the management functions, and complying with the policies of the company while keeping an eye on company law, ethics, and mutual trust. Apart from these professions, one can pursue a career as a personal financial advisor, research analyst, marketer, entrepreneur, HRM, or CPA. detailed management, product management, sales management, hotel management, and much more.



Demanding a career in art

Many people look down on humanity or arts-stream students. If you have understood the potential in the art sector, you will never be like this season. Professionals or fresh graduates explore a lot of options in this stream, and you can have new creative opportunities. In this part, we are going to discuss the booming industry in the art sector with the highest salaries.

1. Fashion designer

Fashion designer

Average salary: 4.3 lakh per annum

The design industry has seen significant growth in the textile industry. Designers create clothing ,accessories and footwear that are aesthetically pleasing. Fashion designers develop new styles, and they are the ones who manage the fashion trends around the world.



2. Corporate lawyer

Corporate lawyer

Average salary: INR 9 lakh per year

The responsibility of corporate lawyers is to advise companies according to their rights mentioned in company law, guide them about their responsibilities, and make sure that their decisions do not violate the laws and regulations mentioned in the Companies Act 2013 or any other relevant act.



3. Graphic designer

Average salary: INR 6.2 lakh for the for the period

These designers use various software programmes to create their designs and artwork. One can become a graphic designer in various fields according to their specialisation and interest; they can create company logos or develop websites and web pages.



4. Insurance manager

Average salary: INR 3.9 lakh per annum

Insurance management is one of the highest-paying jobs for art students, as their salaries and commissions vary from city to city and according to their work experience and industry. Uninsurance managers give the plan of their companies generating sales of insurance, and if you want to succeed in this field, you should have skilled people in sales and company products. One can also pursue trending courses like digital marketing, journalism, product management, etc.

In our article, we have tried to conclude all the best courses that provide a higher opportunity rate with a good salary.

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