Haryana Lok Sabha Election Results 2024

Haryana Lok Sabha Election Results 2024

Today is the 4 June 2024 Election Commission of India has finally declared the result of the Lok Sabha election2024. BJP has emerged victorious with _______ seats. They’ll be forming the government for the third consecutive time. Today in This article we will discuss the Haryana   Lok Sabha elections results 2024. Haryana   has 10  Lok Sabha seats and if we talk about the polity of Haryana   it is dominated by Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janta party.The polling for Lok sabha seats in Haryana took place on 25th May 2024 and as per the data released by the Election Commission of India the total voter turnout was 64.80% however this was 5% low then the last lok sabha elections. Let’s have a look at the Haryana   Lok Sabha elections results 2024. 

Poll event Phase
Notification Date 29 April
Last Date for filing nomination 6 May
Scrutiny of nomination 7 May
Last Date for withdrawal of nomination 9 May
Date of poll 25 May
Date of counting of votes/Result 4 June 2024
No. of constituencies 10


2024 General Elections Results Haryana   



As per the results declared by the Election Commission of India for all the 10 Seats of Haryana. The India  Alliance has won ______   seats. The National Democratic Alliance has won ________   seats  Below are the complete Constituency wise results of the winners.


Constituency  Winner  Number of votes  Party 


Gurgaon  new MP – Gurgaon Lok Sabha elections results 2024



In the Gurgaon  Lok Sabha seat  In Haryana    __________ has become the new member of parliament with ________ votes.  Gurgaon is a growing tech city and thus one of the most important Lok Sabha constituencies in Haryana.


Karnal new MP – Karnal Lok Sabha elections results 2024


From Karnal, previous Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar has won the election by defeating INC candidate Satpal Bhramchari with _______ votes. 



Major Parties in Haryana   

In Haryana even though there are various local parties and other national parties. However the Major competition is between the BJP and INC. so let’s have a look at them. 


Bharatiya Janata party 

BJP is the current ruling party in India and in Haryana. They have great popularity in the state and in the last Lok Sabha elections they have won all the 10 seats in the previous elections. Bharatiya Janata party is contesting elections to continue their government for the third time in the row. 

Party Flag Symbol Leader Contesting Seats
Bharatiya Janata Party Manohar Lal Khattar 10



INDIA alliance 

Indian National Congress along with Aam Aadmi party is fighting elections in Haryana  . Below is the total division of the number of seats that each party is fighting for in this election. This year to defeat the BJP INC has made one of the biggest alliances in the history of Indian politics. They have joined hands with various local and other  national Parties.


Party Flag Symbol Leader Contesting Seats
Indian National Congress Udai Bhan 9
Aam Aadmi Party Sushil Gupta 1
Total 10



Candidates and Constituencies in Haryana Lok Sabha elections 2024 


Haryana   has 10  Lok Sabha seats.  Below is the list of Constituencies and candidates in Haryana. 


1 Ambala BJP Banto Kataria INC Varun Chaudhary
2 Kurukshetra BJP Naveen Jindal AAP Sushil Gupta
3 Sirsa BJP Ashok Tanwar INC Selja Kumari
4 Hisar BJP Ranjit Singh Chautala INC Jai Parkash
5 Karnal BJP Manohar Lal Khattar INC Divyanshu Budhiraja
6 Sonipat BJP Mohan Lal Badoli INC Satpal Brahmachari
7 Rohtak BJP Arvind Kumar Sharma INC Deependra Singh Hooda
8 Bhiwani–Mahendragarh BJP Dharambir Singh Chaudhary INC Rao Dan Singh
9 Gurgaon BJP Rao Inderjit Singh INC Raj Babbar
10 Faridabad BJP Krishan Pal Gurjar INC Mahender Pratap Singh



2019 Lok Sabha elections results in Haryana


In 2019 BJP won all the 10 lok sabha seats in Haryana with 58.02 votes. Whereas Indian National Congress was not able to win a single seat.  BJP will be looking forward to keep these 10 seats with them this year also.



So _____________ has won the general elections of 2024 and soon they’ll be forming the government in the centre. We hope that you have got the result of the Lok Sabha elections in Haryana   and soon the new Member of Parliament will take Oath.

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