Best Domestic Airlines in India: Top 8 Carriers for Affordable and Comfortable Travel

top domestic airlines in india

In this era, domestic air travel has reached new heights because of the low cost of airline flights and the simplified booking system. Now the system has been changed to flexible airline schedules, and with the help of technology, it’s even easier to book airline tickets, which ultimately led our country to increase domestic travel with airline flights.


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List of Best Domestic Airlines in India:-


1. Air India

 Air India - domestic airlines

Air India was formally known as Tata Airlines for over 90 years. The headquarters of this airline are situated in New Delhi. This airline is famous for its extensive network that provides national and international flights. The price of the ticket depends on the class that you are opting to take, as there are three classes within the aircraft: first class, executive class, and economy class. There is the facility of complementary food when the flight lasts more than 90 minutes. The extensive network of the airline helps it generate more profit than any other airline in India. Apart from the complimentary food, the aircraft also provides the facility of television shows, music, and English and Hindi movies. From Air India, you can travel within India or you can have a flight ticket to travel abroad too.


2. Air India Express

Air India Express- domestic airport

Air India Express is an Indian airline based in Kochi, Kerala, that provides low-cost flight tickets and operates 649 weekly flights to 33 destinations covering Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Air India Express is a limited company that is fully owned by Air India. The facilities Air India Express provides include complimentary refreshments with mineral water and a free baggage allowance policy that sometimes takes a certain amount. You can buy reading material, snaps, or any other kind of entertainment thing when you are on board. They do not have such facilities as complimentary food and beverages but provide a low-cost ticket to travel within the country or domestically.


3. AIX Connect

AIX Connect - air asia

AIX Connect came into operation in 2014 and is popularly known for its punctuality. It is India’s largest carrier in terms of carrying passengers, and it also provides a lot of services to the customers, for example, full refund porter service and Aviskar rental service. AIX is formally known as Air Asia, and it’s headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. This airline is a collaborative effort of Tata Sons, Air Asia, and Western Limited, where the majority of the states are held by Tata Sons. Later, Air Asia Investment sold its shares to Tata Sons, which made Tata Sons the major shareholder. This year, Craft provides low-cost accommodation, whereas they don’t provide any food services or beverages.


4. Akasa Air

Akasa Air

Akasa Air was launched in 2021, and its headquarters are located in Bangalore. Vinay Dubey and Aditya Ghosh launched the Akasa Air Show so that people could have a low-cost airline. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has invested in 46% of the shares of the company. The airline has 14 aircraft running to 12 locations in India, and according to the news, they have placed orders for 56 more aircraft. Akasha Air Limited operates Boeing 737 Max 200 and Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. Being different from other aircraft, Ava Air provides a catering facility from which the passengers can purchase food materials, all while being on board. Apart from this, the special feature this airline provides is flexi premium services, in which they provide the facility of low-cost date changes of light or when the flight gets cancelled either by the person or by the airline.


5. Go First

Go First- domestic airlines

Go First was founded in 2005, and its headquarters are in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Go First also falls in the category of being one of the low-cost carriers and has been operating for more than 15 years. In 2005, Go inaugural Airlines operated its inaugural route from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. This airline is owned by the Wadia Group. The first flight travels to 36 locations. Go First is a low-cost airline, thus there are no complimentary meals or beverages, but you can purchase food on board. In business class, they provide complimentary services and privileges like priority boarding, sumptuous rooms, and luggage allowances.


6. Indigo

In 2005, Indigo was established. Its main offices are in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi. Indigo Airlines falls into the category of one of the most low-cost airlines that are flying in India. Very fast network all over the nation and outside too. Indigo provide airbus crafts named 320 Neo 321 Neo and according to the news Indigo Airlines has ordered a 321 XLR. A single airline only provides the facility for economic class there is no premium class or business class available in the airlines.



7. SpiceJet Airlines

This airline was first established in 1994 to offer air tax services to a supplier. Mr. Ajay Singh, an Indian businessman, eventually bought the airline and renamed it SpiceJet. It is an economical airline launched in 2005. SpiceJet is located in Gurugram and has 306 flights flying every day to 64 destinations, including 54 in India and 15 abroad. It has a broad network that extends all over the world. SpiceJet gives an offer to defence personnel and 429 tickets at once. You can avail of a discount at the family fair.



8. Vistara

Vistara Airlines was started in 2015. It is the first airline in India to offer premium economy seats. It Is the first data to offer economy premium seats. According to the news, it is shortly going to combine with India. Sara Airlines has branches in 21 well-known Indian towns including Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Delhi Kolkata Noida Gurgaon etc.

The difference between Vistara Airlines from all of the above is that they provide different cable glasses for economy class premium economy and business class. Apart from these Tara Airlines also offers a wide range of food and beverages.

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