String of Bomb Threats Target Hospitals in Delhi, Prompts Large-Scale Search Operations

String of Bomb Threats Target Hospitals in Delhi, Prompts Large-Scale Search Operations

In a series of alarming incidents, four hospitals in Delhi have been targeted with bomb threat emails, sparking a massive search operation by the Delhi Fire Service and law enforcement agencies. The threat, delivered via email, has put authorities on high alert as they work to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and visitors.


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The targeted hospitals include Deep Chand Bandhu, GTB, Dada Dev, and Hedgewar. This comes just days after a similar wave of threats targeted at least 20 hospitals in Delhi, as well as prominent locations such as the Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal-3 and the northern railways’ CPRO office.

The threatening emails, originating from a Europe-based mailing service company named ‘’, contain ominous warnings of explosive devices planted within the buildings. The message leaves little room for negotiation, stating that the bombs are set to detonate within hours unless disarmed.

Attributed to a group identified as ‘Court’, the emails evoke a sense of urgency and panic, asserting that failure to act will result in the loss of innocent lives. The specificity of the threats, coupled with the mention of multiple locations, has raised concerns about the potential scale of the threat and the sophistication of the perpetrators.

Authorities, including the Delhi Police, are actively investigating the source of the emails. Suspicions have been raised regarding the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) or proxy servers to mask the origin of the emails, making it challenging to trace the perpetrators. Efforts are underway to gather intelligence and coordinate with international counterparts to identify and apprehend those responsible.

The recent spate of bomb threats has rattled communities and strained resources as security measures are intensified. In addition to deploying specialized units to conduct thorough searches of the targeted facilities, authorities are implementing heightened security protocols to mitigate the risk of potential attacks.

These incidents serve as a stark reminder of the persistent threat posed by terrorism and the critical importance of maintaining vigilance and preparedness. While the motives behind the threats remain unclear, the safety and security of the public remain paramount.

In light of these developments, officials are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or communications immediately. Heightened awareness and proactive measures are essential in safeguarding communities and thwarting potential threats.

As investigations continue and security measures are bolstered, authorities are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents. Through collaboration and swift action, they aim to neutralize the threat posed by these malicious actors and uphold the integrity of public safety efforts.

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