Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds: Beware of These Potentially Fatal Canines


 Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds: Beware of These Potentially Fatal Canines

Dogs have been living with humans for ages now and they have become our best friends. Many dogs are very friendly and smart. They don’t harm humans and kids who don’t irritate them or make them angry. People think of dogs as their friends, companions and loyal animals. But some dog breeds are famous for vicious attacks on kids and humans and even are killers. These dog breeds are famous for giving brutal bites and severe injuries to humans. In this article, we have presented the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds that are famous for fatalities. 


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1. American Pitbull

American Pitbull

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog breed native to the USA however its ancestors came from the United Kingdom. It is a medium-sized dog with short hairs on the body and toned muscles. Its hair is smooth, glossy and stiff to the touch. Pitbulls are genetically aggressive and strong. For a long time, they were bred for illegal dog fights. However many Pitbull proved themselves to be nice pets but data shows an extremely aggressive nature leads to several human deaths. People who have experience should keep them as pets. 



2. Rottweilers


The Rottweiler is a German pet dog. It is called Rottweil’s Butcher’s dog, it is dangerous as the name suggests. These are very intelligent dogs and are used as guard dogs, police dogs and search and rescue dogs. Apart from being intelligent, it is also very loyal and devoted to its owner. With adorable brown eyes, it is very dangerous. Their protective nature towards their owners makes them very dangerous for strangers. They only attack people if they sense any threat. Also, they need a very large area to live and if they have to live in a confined place they get irritated and become aggressive. 



3. German Shepherds

German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is also known as Alsatian in Britain. It is a German dog breed whose ancestors are Old German Herding Dogs. It is a medium to large size dog. This is a brilliant dog breed and it works as a guard and police dog. It is a perfect companion but also famous for its short temper. German Shepherds are responsible for many lethal bites and death attacks on humans. However many people rere it as per and it remains cool when it has its private space and freedom to render. If you train them well they’re the person’s pet and can even mix with guests and other pets such as cows and cats. 



4. American Bulldog

American Bulldog

American Bulldogs are large and muscular dogs. Their ancestors used to work on farms and ranches. They are responsible for 3.5 per cent of fatal bites and deaths. This species is known for its aggression and low temper. It has a strong jaw that can apply a 305-pound force giving a deadly bite. People who have experience with other aggressive dogs should pet them. These dogs require good training so you should have a good amount of time to train them. Here you should be ready to train a highly energetic dog so you should keep your motivation and energy high. You should properly socialize them if you want them to be friendly with your other small pets and kids. 



5. Bullmastiff


Bull Mastiff is a British dog breed. It is a large size dog with a solid muscular body. It is used as a guard dog and herding dog by cross-breeding the extinct old English Bulldog and English Mastiff. They are famous for their size and strength. Their paws are very strong and they can give you a bad injury using their paws. They are protective and possessive. They can attack strangers if they sense anything fishy. The main quality of these dogs is they are not mean, they can do anything to protect their owners. People who are experienced should train them and keep them as pets. They need a big space to grow fully and stay happy. 


6. Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies are so adorable and you get an aww feeling around them and an urge to cuddle them. They have beautiful bluish-grey eyes and soft and medium size coats with wolf-like features. They are very stubborn in nature. However, they look cute and fluffy but their owner should be aware that they are stronger than they look. They can attack with 320-pound force with their bite. Huskies usually get along with humans easily and they can be around kids too. They just need to be trained well and need their space. If they get a calm and soothing environment with a lot of things to play and a spacious living area they are your best friends. 


7.  Chow Chows

Chow Chow is a cute-looking teddy bear-type dog breed that everyone wants to hug. However, you cannot trust them if you’re a stranger to them. It has certain characteristics that make it dangerous like a dominating personality and a very protective nature towards owners. They don’t trust strangers. They need to be trained strictly otherwise they won’t obey you. If they sense any threat they attract without a second thought. Their large body and strong jaws give them an advantage over their enemies. 


8. Boxer

The Boxer is a medium to large size dog breed and it looks like a Mastiff. It is native to Germany. It is a very strong muscular dog. This dog is a mixture of extinct Bullenbeisser and Old English Bulldog. It is a very smart and careful dog. Their lovable personality and strong senses make them a perfect pet dog. However, they are responsible for many severe bites and even deaths. 


9. Doberman Pinscher

The Dobermann is a German dog. It is a medium to large size domestic dog breed. Its nature is very intimidating and extremely compassionate towards its people. They are very strong and can give a bite with a good 600-pound force per square inch. They do not get mixed easily with other dogs due to their protective and possessive nature. They need good training to be calm and to obey you. They’re very energetic so you should be careful when you train them and be ready to give them a good amount of time. 


10. Alaskan Malamutes

The Alaskan Malamutes is a strong and patient dog breed. Their looks are so adorable. They were reared as sledge dogs and hounds. They look like Huskies and should be kept in colder climates like Huskies. They have a very playful nature if they trust you completely. They’re very sharp and very energetic. They need a large space to grow up and play. They stay very calm in a peaceful and playful environment. They only attack if they sense something fishy. They have independent personalities so you should give them their own space too. You should train them nicely and shouldn’t keep them if you don’t have enough time for them. 

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