Countries and Capital Cities of UK | History of United Kingdom

Countries and Capital Cities of UK | History of United Kingdom

Today in this article will discuss the states and the capitals of the United Kingdom. If we talk about in the traditional sense the UK doesn’t have any states of its own. The UK is the name given to the group of poor countries which are England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. So today in this article we will discuss the Countries and Capital Cities of UK (United Kingdom). Apart from this we have also included the history of the formation of the United Kingdom and also the various information that you might need on the nation. 


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How was the UK formed?  


The United Kingdom is one of the oldest kingdoms in the west. Earlier it was not a one Kingdom but several different kingdoms spreaded across the land. The United Kingdom includes the various kingdoms such as Wessex,  Mercia  and NorthUmbria. However in 1066 with the conquest of King William the Conqueror the United Kingdom of England was consolidated and the formation of the UK as a Kingdom started. Over the years the various skins expanded their territory by acquiring other kingdoms and merging them in itself. In the 13th century Wales became part of the United Kingdom. And in 1603 Scotland started to become part of the United Kingdom. The Acts of Union in 1707 and 1801 were crucial milestones in the formation of the UK. The first, between England and Scotland, created the Kingdom of Great Britain, merging the two kingdoms’ parliaments into a single entity based in Westminster. The second, incorporating Ireland, formed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, although Ireland later seceded to become the Republic of Ireland, leaving behind Northern Ireland as part of the UK.

Country Capital
England London
Scotland Edinburgh
Wales Cardiff
Northern Ireland Belfast


So this was the complete list of states and the capitals of the United Kingdom. We hope that you have got all the information that you need about the United Kingdom. So mention the information about the formation of the United Kingdom and the kings and the Prime minister of the United Kingdom. 




Who is the King of the United Kingdom? 


The UK is a constitutional monarchy. Which Means that all the real powers are in the hands of elected representatives but there is also a nominal monarch head. The current king of the United Kingdom is King Charles III.


Which is the biggest State of the UK? 



England is the largest constituent country and innocence the largest state of the United Kingdom. However the United Kingdom does not have any states in the traditional sense. If we have to pick one of the biggest areas in the United Kingdom in terms of both population and area then it is definitely England. 


Which is the biggest City of UK?


London is currently the largest city in the United Kingdom by area , population and economic importance. City is also the capital city of the United Kingdom and is the political, financial and cultural hub of the UK. Furthermore London is also a popular tourist destination for people all over the world.



How many States are there in the UK? 


The United Kingdom is not a country but rather a collection of countries. Which means that the United Kingdom does not have its own States but the states of countries that are part of it. England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland together make the United Kingdom. These countries have their own autonomy and government and also have a unit inside the UK parliament.



Who is the President of the UK  ?


The United Kingdom follows the prime ministerial  form of government. This means that the United Kingdom has no president. However the United Kingdom is a monarchy and to be specific it is a constitutional monarchy. In this type of governance there is a king or a queen but they are only nominal heads they don’t have any real power. Currently the Charles Philip Arthur is the king of the UK.


Who is the Prime Minister of the UK?



The United Kingdom follows the parliamentary form of government or also called the prime ministerial from a government where the prime ministers are the supreme executive of the nation. Rishi  Sunak is currently the prime minister of United Kingdom. 


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