US State and Capitals – Complete list of States and Capitals of United States of America

US State Capitals - Complete list of States and Capitals of United States of America

Today in this article we will be discussing the states and capitals of The United States of America. America is the most powerful and strongest nation in the world. Once a colony of the British , The USA have made themselves strong and powerful in the international world. They are currently a super power in international politics. The United States of America has a total of 50 states. Today we will learn the names of all of the states along with the capitals of those States. Let’s have a look at the states and capital of all states in the United States of America (US State Capitals).


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How was the USA formed?


America was once a colony of Britishers. However they gain Independence through a journey filled with blood and lots of struggle. The USA emerged from the colonies of Britishers by overthrowing their colonial overlords during the American war of independence. The Britishers tried to woo and give Americans nationhood multiple times in the history but all of them were false promises. However after the American war of independence the Britishers lost America and they had to sign the  declaration of independence in 1776 making them their own independent nation. As the United States of America was a colony for 100 of years they strongly focused on the ideas of Liberty , equality and justice when they became independent.  The Bill of Rights, added in 1791, safeguarded individual freedoms and laid the foundation for a more perfect union. The formation of the United States is a testament to the resilience, courage, and enduring commitment to democratic ideals that continue to shape the nation’s identity and inspire people worldwide.



List of States and Capitals for USA
State Capital
Alabama Montgomery
Alaska Juneau
Arizona Phoenix
Arkansas Little Rock
California Sacramento
Colorado Denver
Connecticut Hartford
Delaware Dover
Florida Tallahassee
Georgia Atlanta
Hawaii Honolulu
Idaho Boise
Illinois Springfield
Indiana Indianapolis
Iowa Des Moines
Kansas Topeka
Kentucky Frankfort
Louisiana Baton Rouge
Maine Augusta
Maryland Annapolis
Massachusetts Boston
Michigan Lansing
Minnesota St. Paul
Mississippi Jackson
Missouri Jefferson City
Montana Helena
Nebraska Lincoln
Nevada Carson City
New Hampshire Concord
New Jersey Trenton
New Mexico Santa Fe
New York Albany
North Carolina Raleigh
North Dakota Bismarck
Ohio Columbus
Oklahoma Oklahoma City
Oregon Salem
Pennsylvania Harrisburg
Rhode Island Providence
South Carolina Columbia
South Dakota Pierre
Tennessee Nashville
Texas Austin
Utah Salt Lake City
Vermont Montpelier
Virginia Richmond
Washington Olympia
West Virginia Charleston
Wisconsin Madison
Wyoming Cheyenne



So this was the complete list of the states and capital of the United States of America. USA being one of the top super powers in the world is also the biggest federation in the world. We hope that you have understood how the USA was formed and what are the different states and their capitals in the United States of America. The United States is also called the indestructible Union of indestructible states. Which makes it one of the strongest federations in the world. 



Which is the biggest State of USA? 


Alaska is the biggest state of the United States of America and its capital is Juneau.



Which is the biggest City  of USA? 


New York is currently the biggest City of the United States of America.


How many States are there in the USA? 

The United States of America has a total of 50 states in it..



Who is the President of the USA ?

Job Biden is the current president of the USA and the first citizen of the country. He is the supreme executive and the top most governor of the country. 


Who is the Prime Minister of the USA ?

The United States of America has no Prime ministers as it follows the presidential form of government. This type of government president is the head of the state.



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