Cinema Lover’s Day on 31st May 2024 : Book any Ticket at Rs.99

Cinema Lover's Day on 31st May 2024 : Book any Ticket at Rs.99

As the World’s Cinema Lovers’ Day is approaching, the Multiplex Association of India (MAI) decided to offer a huge discount on movie tickets on 31st May 2024 all around India. It is to celebrate the World’s Cinema Day and highlight the importance of entertainment, especially for movie enthusiasts. The authority has announced to sell every ticket at INR 99 be it Stall seats or premium Theatre seats. The offer will be applicable to all the 4000-plus cinemas across India. It includes both single screens and multiplexes nationwide. 


Cinema Lovers Day 2024: How to get tickets online at Rupees 99.

Here is a step-by-step guide to download any movie ticket for rupees 99 on Cinema Lovers Day 2024. 



  • First visit the PVR, INOX or Other Cinema’s website or third-party websites like Paytm or BookMyShow at or or
  • Now select your movie and set the show time. 
  • Click on the movie you want to watch and click on your preferred showtime you can also select your seats.
  • After that, click on book my tickets with an offer availing rupees 99. 
  • You can also book your ticket on some third-party website like Paytm or BookMyShow. 


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Additional Costs: Convenience Fees & GST:Convenience Fees & GST:

People should notice that this price does not cover other convenience fees and GST and the phrases will be added to your final ticket price. If you don’t want to pay these prices you can go to the cinema counter window and simply purchase tickets there. Also, premium formats like IMAX and recliner prices are not included with the 99 offer. 


Cinema Lovers Day 2024: Why did MAI take the decision?

First of all, of course, it is Cinema Lovers’ Day. Besides, the first quarter of Indian cinema was very slow. Both Bollywood and other language movies failed to lure cinema lovers into the theatre. To boost the growth and increase sales the Multiplex Association of India took this decision. With taking this lead the authority aims to boost and give a surge to the growth of the theatre industry. Many multiple chains like Cinepolis India, Multa A2, Movie Max, PVR INOX, Miraj Cinema etc. are participating in this initiative. It is also being said that the ongoing election scenario made it hard for movies to attract people into their business. 



Cinema lovers day 2024: What do the authorities have to say?

Kamal Gianchandani, the head of the Multiplex Association of India and CEO of PVR INOX pictures announced these offers and said, “It is a widespread initiative with a total of 4000 screens where movie tickets will be available for rupees 99 each. However, premium formats like recliners are included but 92-95% of seats will be available for rupees 99. A lot of single screens will be participating including those in the south many single screens will offer tickets for prices lower than rupees 99 which could go to as low as rupees 70.”

 “It is just for a day and, so, it won’t make a big difference (at the box office) in the overall picture, but it will give an impetus to the box office as we kick start the holiday season. It is a new holiday season for us with films jostling for dates starting June. A lot of clashes are expected as many producers did not release films in April and May (due to elections),” he said. 



Cinema Lovers Day 2024: Movies that will be in cinema

This Friday a long awaited movie Gangs of Godavari is releasing along with Mr and Mrs Mahi Chhota Bheem and Curse of Damyaan. Now cinema lovers can enjoy these movies at highly discounted prices. People in the industry are saying that this initiative will give a hike to the sale of the tickets and growth of the overall film industry in the second quarter. Also, some other movies are in the theatre right now that people can enjoy at low prices like Bhaiya ji, Shrikanth, Savi, Furiosa: a Mad Max Saga. 


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