Chhattisgarh Lok Sabha Election Results 2024

Chhattisgarh Lok Sabha Election Results 2024

Finally the wait is over as the Election Commission of India has finally completed the counting of the votes of General election 2024. __________ has won ___________ seats and now will be forming the government in India. Today in This article we will discuss the Chhattisgarh  Lok Sabha elections results 2024. Chhattisgarh  has 11  Lok Sabha seats and if we talk about the polity of Chhattisgarh  Indian National Congress and the Bharatiya Janata party are the main contenders here. Polling of Lok Sabha elections 2024 in Chhattisgarh took place in three phases and the total voter turnout was 72.17%.Let’s have a look at the Chhattisgarh  Lok Sabha elections results 2024. 


Result Updates 

Currently in Chhattisgarh  BJP is leading with 10 seats leaving INDIA Alliance behind
11 seats yet to be declared in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh elects 11 of 543 Lok Sabha seats · Updated at 10:51 am IST
    • Bharatiya Janata Party-10 seats
      0 won · 10 leading
    • Indian National Congress-1 seat
      0 won · 1 leading
  • Others0 seats
    0 won · 0 leading

2024 General elections Results Chattisgarh  


As the counting for all the 11  seats have been completed in Chhattisgarh . The India Alliance has won ______   seats. The National Democratic Alliance has won ________   seats and others have won _____ Seats. Below are the complete Constituency wise results of the winners.


Constituency  Winner  Number of votes  Party 



Raipur new MP – Raipur Lok Sabha Elections Results 2024

In the Raipur  Lok Sabha seat  In Chhattisgarh   __________ has become the new member of parliament with ________ votes.  Raipur is one of the most important cities in  Chhattisgarh as it is the capital and the other executive branch of the state.


Raigarh new MP – Raigarh Lok Sabha elections results 2024

__________ has  become the new member of parliament  of Raigarh constituency with ________ votes.  



Major Parties in Chhattisgarh  



Bharatiya Janata Party is independently contesting elections at all the 11 seats in Chhattisgarh.BJP is the right wing ruling party which is fighting this election to govern India for the third time in a row. 

Party Flag Symbol Leader Contesting Seats
Bharatiya Janata Party Vishnu Deo Sai 11

INDIA alliance 

Indian National Congress will be representing India Alliance this year in Chhattisgarh they will be contesting elections on all 11 Seats. Moreover INC is one of the oldest parties in the country. 


Party Flag Symbol Leader Contesting Seats
Indian National Congress Bhupesh Baghel 11


Candidates and Constituencies in Chhattisgarh  Lok Sabha elections 2024 


Chhattisgarh  has 11 Lok Sabha seats.  Below is the list of Constituencies and candidates in Chattisgarh .


1 Sarguja (ST) BJP Chintamani Maharaj INC Shashi Singh
2 Raigarh (ST) BJP Radheshyam Rathia INC Menka Devi Singh
3 Janjgir–Champa (SC) BJP Kamlesh Jangde INC Shivkumar Dahariya
4 Korba BJP Saroj Pandey INC Jyotsna Mahant
5 Bilaspur BJP Tokhan Sahu INC Devender Singh Yadav
6 Rajnandgaon BJP Santosh Pandey INC Bhupesh Baghel
7 Durg BJP Vijay Baghel INC Rajendra Sahu
8 Raipur BJP Brijmohan Agrawal INC Vikas Upadhyay
9 Mahasamund BJP Roop Kumari Choudhary INC Tamradhwaj Sahu
10 Bastar (SC) BJP Mahesh Kashyap INC Kawasi Lakhma
11 Kanker (SC) BJP Bhojraj Nag INC Biresh Thakur



2019 Lok Sabha elections results in Chhattisgarh  


In 2019  general elections in Chhattisgarh BJP managed to win 9 Seats while INC was able to secure 2 seats. Bharatiya Janata party got 50% of the quotes while Congress got 40% votes. 



So _____________ has won the general elections of 2024 and soon they’ll be forming the government in the centre. We hope that you have got the result of the Lok Sabha elections in Chhattisgarh  and soon the new Member of Parliament will take Oath.

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