Chandigarh Lok Sabha Election Results 2024

Chandigarh Lok Sabha Election Results 2024

Today the election commission of India has announced the result for Lok sabha election 2024. The _______________ party has won the election with _______________ seats. Today in this article we will discuss the Lok Sabha election results of Chandigarh  Islands. There is only one Lok Sabha seat in Chandigarh  Islands. The Lok Sabha elections hold important significance in the Indian subcontinent as it decides the government that is going to run in India for the next 5 years till 2029. In Chandigarh  only the competition was between BJP and INC for the single seat. Elections were held on 1 June 2024. So let’s have a look at the candidates of the Chandigarh  Lok Sabha constituency and who is the winner of this election in 2024.


Poll event Phase
Notification Date 7 May
Last Date for filing nomination 14 May
Scrutiny of nomination 15 May
Last Date for withdrawal of nomination 17 May
Date of poll 1 June
Date of counting of votes/Result 4 June 2024
No. of constituencies 1



Result for Chandigarh lok sabha election in 2024 


For the Chandigarh  Lok Sabha constituency both BJP and INC were Prime contenders. From the Indian National Congress or the India alliance Manish Tewari was contesting elections in Chandigarh . From BJP or the NDA alliance Sanjay Tandon is contesting election on the Chandigarh  Lok Sabha seat. He is the current MP from Chandigarh  and has already won election in 2019.As the election commission of India has finally declared the result _______________ from __________party has won the election with a _______________ number of votes.  Below we have provided the voting percentage and the other information about both of the candidates. 


Constituency 1

Sr no  Candidate Party  Votes  Result 



Major parties in Chandigarh  


There are no regional parties in Chandigarh  . Only BJP and INC or the India Alliance are the prime competitors of each other. This year the _______________ party has won the Chandigarh  Lok Sabha seat. 


Constituencies and Candidates in Chandigarh  



There is only one Lok Sabha constituency in Chandigarh . In this constituency both BJP and INC have cut throat competition with each other. Even in the 2019 general elections the INC lost . This year from BJP like every year Sanjay Tandon has contested  the election against Manish Tewari from INC.


1 Chandigarh BJP Sanjay Tandon INC Manish Tewari


2019 Lok Sabha Election Results in Chandigarh



In 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Chandigarh  Manish Tewari from Indian National Congress was not able to secure the win BJP won the election with Sanjay Tandon.




The _______________ party is going to form a government in India as they have secured _______________ number of seats in the Lok Sabha. The general elections of 2024 are  now at an end and soon we’ll see the path ceremony of the new government. These were the results of the Lok Sabha elections in Chandigarh. We hope that you have got all the information that you need.



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