List of Top 10 Bollywood Movies for Dumb Charades

List of Top 10 Bollywood Movies for Dumb Charades

Any group gathering is incomplete without the classic party games in which dumb charades always take the baked cake!

They are known for being amazing crowd-pleasers. It attracts people from all age groups. This game is both entertaining and highly competitive. This game is made for everyone, especially movie buffs. The toughest fans even fail to guess the movie sometimes, and this is the main beauty of the game that makes it loved by everyone. To make it even more fun, the person playing the game needs to keep in mind that the difficult Hindi Bollywood Movies for Dumb Charades should be picked smartly. Otherwise, the movies are too easy; they won’t get anyone’s adrenaline up, and there would be no fun without them. To make sure that your next get-together is one to remember, we have taken it upon ourselves to make an amazing list of films that are not just difficult but can also be challenging to act out. Take a look at the following instructions that tell you how to play the dumb charades movie game.


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How do you play the Dumb Charades Movie Game?

The term carried a light heart at the game. There are several rules to play this game just like everything else. If you’re playing it for the first time, I just need to refresh. You can read on!

  • There must be more than two groups.
  • There must be more than one group member in each.
  • The person who is acting needs to be silent, not speak a word, as the word dumb in the name of the game says.
  • The player must use facial expressions and gestures and can also use body language.
  • Things like humming lip-reading tunes are banned.
  • There is a time limit for each team to guess.
  • You must maintain a scoreboard. For every single correct answer, you must add a point.
  • If the opposing team cannot guess difficult movies within the time limit, you can add one point to your scoreboard.


You must not break any rules while you are playing the game; you will be irked for cheating to make your team win, and you must remember that there is no pleasure derived from the game if you do it.


1. I love Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

I love Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana: Bollywood Movies for Dumb Charades

This movie is set in Punjab and was the talk of the towns among romantic movies in Bollywood. It was released back in 2012. The thing that makes this movie for dumb charades unique is not the fact that it is difficult to gas, but that is in the first movie that comes to mind when the opposite team guesses it, the main thing that will be really fun would be towards the performer to do a chicken gesture, and even some of you think to make everyone guess this second word.


2. Nanu ki Janu

Nanu ki Janu: Bollywood Movies for Dumb Charades

This movie is one of the Hindi horror movies that may not have made a mark in the world of drama. Nanu ki Janu is the perfect movie name, and it will be amazing to perform its letter or words. This movie is underrated and not many people have heard of this starter we are sure that it will make people think in their heads and confusion that could establish you as the winner of the game.


3. Psycho Rama

Psycho Raman: Bollywood Movies for Dumb Charades

Psycho Raman is one of those thriller movies in Bollywood that has won a lot of critical acclaim, and this movie is based on real-life serial killer Raman Raghav, also called Raman Raghav 2.0. The psychological thriller has left everyone engaged in the movie with the mindset of a man who kills people for pleasure. This can leave your friends a bit empty without it, taking a while to guess, but if they are into watching prime thrillers, then it may be an easy task for them.


4. Love Per Square Foot

Love Per Square Foot

This movie has an instantly relatable setting with a romantic comedy that is very real. By the way, this is the story of an urban middle-class couple. This is a feel-good film that will also crack up some love when the opposite team or the proforma tries to enter the letter part of the name. It can be an easy guess.


5. Mehndi Ban Gayi Khoon

Mehndi Ban Gayi Khoon

This movie can be a good picture for dumb charades, as the title also holds drama within itself. Juhi Chawla acted in this movie, and it will be a great idea if you watch this movie with your friends or family after long guessing in dumb charades. From red hands to blood, this movie is a mixture of all the emotional drama within it. We have picked this movie because it’s hard to guess this much older movie that you and your gang might not have seen.


6. Badhti Ka Naam Dadhi

This movie, directed by Kishore Kumar, is a comedy movie. In this movie, a millionaire leaves all his property to the person with the longest beard because he has no heir. This movie has a unique name that also makes it hard to guess. And it might be possible that no one can guess it as there is no link between the main words.


7. Amar Akbar Anthony

This is a very famous movie by Amitabh Bachchan. Being a retro-hit Bollywood comedy movie, you might think it’s easy to guess. But guessing doesn’t always get you to the right answer, and this movie is the way to twist your opponent’s mind.


8. Do Ladke Dono Kadke

This tongue-twistering movie name has a similar story to the name’s tone. If you want to exhaust your opponent in between, this movie can be the best choice. Being infamous and twisted words, it makes it even harder to remember the names of the opponents who are guessing each word with 100 matches.


9. Ghar Me Ram Rali Mein Shyam

This drama is a Saas Bahu serial that you might have watched with your elders. This drama will help you take a rest while the other team guesses the name. This is an old drama, and in this reference, this name came up on our list. You can add funny gestures so that others can guess the name and fill the room with laughter.


10. Miss Tanakpur Haazir Hon

This movie is inspired by a true event in politics. This is a Hindi-political-themed movie. This movie is one of the infamous ones with a quirky sound. The movie name must not be mainstreamed, as it can be guessed easily. Hence, this movie can be a good fit for your Damsharas game.

In our list, we took the names of all the movies that sound quirky and cannot be easily identified either because of their famous names or some quickly sounding names.

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