Shah Rukh Khan’s Net Worth 2024: Cars, Private Jets, Properties & More

Shah Rukh Khan's Net Worth 2024: Cars, Private Jets, Properties & More

Today in this article will discuss the net worth of Shahrukh Khan.  Shahrukh Khan the Badshah Of Bollywood is one of the richest actors in India and around the world. Shahrukh Khan has a popularity that has no global boundaries, people from all over the world know him and is regarded as the greatest actors of all time. Apart from movies Shahrukh Khan also has businesses that have contributed to his overall wealth greatly. 


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Shahrukh Khan is currently married to the famous interior designer Gauri Khan. Also he has three kids with names Suhana Khan, Aryan Khan and Abram Khan. Today in this article will be the complete details about his assets, his cars, how much he charges for one movie and what are the luxury vehicles that he owns.  Recently in the year 2023 Shahrukh Khan gave three blockbusters back to back. Movies such as Pathan , Jawan and Dunki  you are a great hit among audiences and did a  huge business. There is a 100% guarantee that a movie of Shahrukh Khan is never going to be a flop. However he likes to take on challenges with trying new concepts and technology in his movies that often signals him as the Pioneer in the Indian cinema revolution. Let’s get to know about the net worth of Shahrukh Khan.


Shah Rukh Khan’s Net Worth 2024

When it comes to the richest actors in the world Shah Rukh Khan is on number 3 closely following Dwayne Johnson. According to various sources, the estimated network of Shahrukh Khan is around $ 760 Million.  When you convert this amount into Indian rupees it comes out as  ₹6,300 crore rupees. However you must understand that this well is not accupulated just by doing movies or the fees received by the movies. Apart from acting Shahrukh Khan is also involved in various other businesses through which he earns a substantial amount of money. You also own a production house named red chilli and attainments who usually produces his movie then various other movies in the Bollywood. The earnings from the red chilli and arrangement also make up a great part in the Sharukh Khan’s wealth.




Shah Rukh Khan’s Fee Per Film

Shahrukh Khan started his acting career way back in the 1990’s  with a hit TV show named for  which was telecasted on DD National. From there he rose  to a great height and became the king of Bollywood. Recent reports for the movie Jawan SRK charged a whopping Rs 100 crores for his role. Charging 100 Crores is not normal in  Bollywood as many other actors also do it. What makes it unique is the profit sharing agreement along with the salary. For all the money that Jawan makes, Sharukh Khan also has a share in it. So you must have understood how wealthy Sharukh Khan is when he receives such a great amount of money for his work. 




Luxury Cars Owned By Shah Rukh Khan

Being the king of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan once upleate of luxurious vehicles which definitely suits his class. Now we’ll discuss what are the cars that Sharukh Khan is currently owner of. The cars constitute a great deal to his overall net worth which makes him one of the richest persons in Bollywood. 

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge:

This is a very limited edition car whose on road price in India is nothing less than 9 Crores. Rolls Royce is the height of luxury when it comes to cars and Shahrukh Khan is proud to be the owner of that.

Bugatti Veyron:

Bugatti Veyron is one of fastest cars on earth and Shah Rukh Khan is a proud owner of that Beast. The on road price of this car is 12 crores in India.


Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe:

Another limited edition Rolls Royce of which Shah Rukh Khan is a proud owner. The price of this car is INR 8 crores.

Audi A6:

Audi A6 is another subtle car from the car collection of Sharukh Khan.

Other Cars owned by Shah Rukh Khan:

Bentley Continental GT, Land Rover Range Rover Vogue, BMW i8, and BMW 7-Series.

So these were the list of cars that is owned by Shah Rukh Khan currently.




Private Jets Owned By Shah Rukh Khan

Being the King of Bollywood it is totally understandable that Shah Rukh Khan owns a huge private jet to roam around the world. As per the reports by various media houses King Khan owns a Boeing 737-700 BBJ. This aircraft is the luxury Version of Boeing’s commercial plane. Moreover the jet is capable of doing a cross Atlantic trip and is capable of seating the full family. Apart from this there’s always a crew and a pilot on standby for this plane and he can board it whenever he wants. Having a private jet is the height of the success that one can achieve. The price of Luxury jet owned by Shah Rukh Khan is ₹260 crores.




Properties & Houses Owned By Shah Rukh Khan

Now when we are talking about Shah Rukh Khan’s net worth, how can we miss the mention of Mannat. It is the iconic house where Shah Rukh Khan lives with his family. The mansion was bought by Shah Rukh Khan in 2001 and currently it costs around INR 200 crores. The mansion is the iconic place of Mumbai and millions of people every year come to see it. Apart from that Shah Rukh Khan also has significant properties in other parts of the world as well. In London he owns a big house located in the luxurious park lane. He also has a house in Dubai on Palm Jumeirah. 




Shah Rukh Khan’s Vanity

For every actor his or her vanity is an important part. As this is the place where he or she rests or gets ready for the shoot. Shah Rukh Khan also owns a luxury Vanity van that is his own personal. He owns Volvo BR9 which is designed by Dilip Chhabria. The vanity is just out of the dream. Moreover he also owns few supporting vanity where his food is cooked and other supporting staff rests.



Production House Owned By Shah Rukh Khan

Moreover Shah Rukh Khan is also a skilled business man. He owns multiple businesses and one  of the most famous ones he owns is the Red Chillies Entertainment production house. His wife Gauri Khan is the Co owner of the production house and the annual turnover of the business is approximately INR 500 Crores which adds significantly to his total net worth.


So this was all about the net worth of Shah Rukh Khan. 


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