10 Best Water Parks in India to visit this Summer | Best Amusement Park

10 Best Water Parks in India to visit this Summer | Best Amusement Park

If you are searching for an adventure place in your city, then you must visit a water park. In India, water parks meet all the thrilling requirements of this intense summer. In this article, we are going to cover the top 10 water parks in India that are spread over the nation, providing various slides and lively pools. You must explore the refreshing environment of the water park in your area. You must know that India has some of the biggest and most spectacular Asian water parks. Day cover facilities from relaxing lazy levers to adrenaline-pumping slides. You can take a look at India’s 10 best water parks, where you can experience relaxation and excitement.


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1. Water Kingdom (Esselworld), Mumbai

Water Kingdom (Esselworld), Mumbai

Water Kingdom is located on the outskirts of Mumbai, and it is one of the largest water parks in Asia. It gives you a perfect retreat after the intense heat of the city. This place will give you a sense of seamlessness and relaxation and offers very special facilities for every visitor.



  • The largest Aqua Play Pool in Asia is equipped with a centre Pi spoon and interactive water features that are suitable for every age.
  • They provide record-breaking rides and slides that show engineering marvels.
  • There are more than 80 rights and attraction centres where you can create your boomerang for social media.


2. Wonderla, Bengaluru

Wonderla, Bengaluru- Best Water Parks

Wonderla is the second-top water park in our lives and is located in Bangalore. This water park is not just a water park; it’s a wonderland of entertainment in a big area that offers a unique attraction with a wet and dry experience. The wet and dry experience makes this place the best destination for all ages.



  • The engineering of Wonderla helps it to separate dry and wet areas so that you can have the best amusement experience of your life.
  • India’s tallest water slide is also available in Wonderland, known as the Monster Drop. These slides will give you a rush of adrenaline, unlike any other slides.
  • Boomerang can be a perfect choice if you are a lover of excitement and gravity-defying movements.
  • They also provide lazy river wave pool facilities for family fun, a rain dance plaza, pirate ship, etc.


3. Adlabs Imagica & Aquamagica, Mumbai-Pune expressway

Adlabs Imagica & Aquamagica, Mumbai-Pune expressway

Ajlab Imagica and Aquamagica, located on the expressway of Mumbai, and Pune, give you a mixture of excitement and excitement. The mixture of fun and excitement of First You is a unique combination of water park and theme park with distinction and attraction places.


  • This is not just a theme park but a place where you can have a lot of entertainment, from roller coasters to kaleidoscopes, which makes this water park a perfect fit for all ages and interests.
  • There are over 14 themed parks, attractions, and slides that make it a paradise for water lovers.
  • This place is a US-suited area for family fun and relaxation.


4. Dreamworld Water Park, Thrissur

Dreamworld Water Park, Thrissur- Best Water Parks

Dream World Water Park is located in the heart of an area that is surrounded by beautiful nature in Thrissur. This water park is covered with lush greenery and waterfalls that offer a unique experience of thrilling rides and natural beauty on the long side. More than 42 thrilling guides cater to all ages.



  • This water park provides a variety of activities so that every visitor can have something to enjoy.
  • They understand the needs of every age, according to which they have set up this waterfall.
  • There are specialised zones for kids’ attractions like Mini Venice and Magic Mushrooms, keeping in mind the safety and fun of children.
  • Rain dance offers a suitable escape for a peaceful retreat.
  • This place is perfect for family outings and events where you can celebrate cultural integration and literary flavour.


5. Oysters Water Park, Gurgaon

Oyster Water Park is located in Gurgaon, which is famous for its thrilling rights and provides an escape from the summer heat.



  • For Adrenaline Junkies, there is a thrill ride at high speed that will make you dizzy.
  • They understand the requirements of all ages. Thanks, they provide a dedicated zone for all ages.
  • Aqua PlayStation and Interactive Waterfall is a multi-level water playground that highlights The Spark, and they also provide dining facilities keeping in mind safety and cleanliness for a secure environment.



6. Fun N Food Village, Delhi

Fun and Food Village is located in Delhi and is one of the most popular water parks there. This water park understands the needs of all ages and provides dedicated spots for every age.



  • A wave pool can be perfect twice if you are speaking for cooling fun.
  • As Aaj mentioned earlier, they understand the requirements and importance of their Jungle guest hands. They provide a dedicated kids’ zone, including the smallest slides and various water games, while ensuring their safety.
  • This water park is located in an Alice Green setting that gives a relaxing experience.
  • Dining facilities are also available, and the safety and well-being of their guests are paramount.


7. Ocean Park, Hyderabad

Ocean Park, located in Hyderabad, is famous among families who love to have relaxation and excitement at the same spot. Ocean Park caters to a wide range of attractions for all ages, which makes it an ideal spot for either a family outing or a friend outing.




  • This place is no less than paradise for families.
  • Ocean Park caters a mini-wave pool for younger guests so that they can have a full, funny experience.
  • One can organise event hosting and group outings as it is easily accessible and convenient.


8. Queensland, Chennai

Queensland is located in Chennai, which gives you an electrifying mix of selling rides and family-friendly attractions. This place also provides a mixture of relaxation and excitement at the same time, which makes it the perfect spot for all age groups.



  • If you are an adrenaline junky, this place will not leave you disappointed with its kamikaze, which is a free-fall ride.
  • This place balances thrill rides with the requirements of families and children, so they offer a pirate ship for fun for all ages.
  • To understand the requirements of children, Saudi Arabia offers a fully equipped child zone with interactive water features and mini slides.
  • With their beautiful and sudden setting, you can have a great dining experience, and you don’t have to worry about your safety and hygiene.
  • One can organise events and celebrations there because this is an easily accessible place for everyone.


9. GRS Fantasy Park, Mysore

GRS Fantasy Park is located in historic Mysore, which is well known for its special destination for entertainment, offering a blend of amusement parks and water parks.



  • This place is a haven for water lovers; they provide a space bowl, lazy river, and wave pool that will give you the best experience of your life.
  • This water park has a specialised kids’ zone with exciting rain dance.
  • This place is safe and hygienic for dining purposes.



10. Splash Water Park, Delhi

Splash Water Park is situated in Delhi, near Rohini. It is a well-equipped place for a combination of family-friendly fines and excitement that makes it suitable for all ages.



  • This place has accelerating rights like free fall and kamikaze.
  • Splash ensures the enjoyment of young visitors; hence, they provide a dedicated kids zone.
  • It is a compact-sized water park that provides you with an experience, including a joining and refreshment option, and it is easily accessible.


In conclusion, we went through the top 10 water parks in India that showcase relaxation, adventure, and excitement for all ages.



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