Top 10 Best Beer Brands in India: From Kingfisher to Haywards 5000, Explore India’s Favorite Brews

Discover the Top 10 Best Beer Brands in India: From Kingfisher to Haywards 5000, Explore India's Favorite Brews

Today in This article we’ll discuss the Top 10 beer brands in India. In India the craze and love of fine alcoholic drinks is increasing and beers are a top contenders amongst the youngsters and elders alike. In this article today you’ll find the best beers in India. You should experiment with these beers , taste them and then find the taste that suits you best. So let’s look at some of the best beers in India.


1.  Kingfisher 


Topping our list of Top 10 beer brands in India is Kingfisher. KingFisher is one of the most well available and recognized beer brands. This brand is manufactured by United Breweries Group. When you taste this beer, it will seem a little bitter initially but the pleasure of drinking it is something different. The sour sweetness of KingFisher is most special and due to its fresh taste, Kingfisher is most liked among beer lovers. 


2. Tuborg


If you don’t like strong beer then you will definitely like Tuborg which is second in our list of best beer brands in India . It contains only 4.8% alcohol. You can have this beer on any occasion. With this you can eat any light food like salad and spicy dishes. Tuborg’s name comes second among Indian brands. But if we talk about international brands, its name comes at number one.


3. Carlsberg


One of the best beer brands in India is Carlsberg Beer. It is the mildest tasting beer ever, with very little bitterness. We can call this beer the best beer in the world. Its light yellow lager leaves a slight bitterness on your tongue. You get a unique experience after drinking this beer. All those who have tasted this beer never tire of praising its unique taste and the diversity of premium beers. 



4. Budweiser


I mean who doesn’t know Budweiser  in India. Budweiser beer is one of the largest selling beer brands in India. This beer has a sweet rice flavour and a touch of bitter hops. The taste of Budweiser beer is so mild that you can easily gulp it down your throat. The most special thing about Budweiser beer is that it never fails to satisfy you.



5. Heineken


Originating from Holland  is one of the most famous beer brands in India.  Heineken is a beer with a more distinctive taste, quite different from other beers. Heineken, the world’s most international beer brand, comes to you straight from Holland. It is a little stronger than other mass-produced lager drinks and is quite tasty compared to other beers.



6. Corona

If you are one of those people who cannot tolerate the bitter taste of beer then Corona Beer is great for you. It gives you a fruity-honey aroma and a touch of malt with a fresh taste. Well, let us tell you that this brand is not a favourite of serious drinkers but it is great for those who are troubled by the bitter taste of beer. You might have seen this beer in the Fast and Furious movies as it is the favourite beer of Dominic Torreto played by Vin Diesel.



7. Bira 91

India is a growing market for beer and Bira has absolutely nailed its entry. Designed with Indians in mind, Bira  has a mild flavour with spicy citrus and bitterness. If you are fond of beer then you can taste this brand. Bira is a relatively new brand however the carze for the Bira products have increased over the time amongst youngsters. They come in various different flavours and tastes.



8. Foster’s

Foster’s is a favourite drink among Australians and is also liked in India. Hops are added to beer after the brewing process to maintain its freshness. This makes the foster a little crispier and stronger. It is available in only two variants. Foster’s Lager which has a strong malty aroma and Foster’s Premium which is a golden coloured beer. If you like to drink beer with a strong and bitter taste, then there can be no better beer than Foster’s for you.



9. Hoegaarden

Hoegaarden, particularly known as the Belgian white beer, is known for its brewing. You won’t find this beer in many parts of the world. This famous wheat beer was first brewed in 1445 making it one of the oldest beers in Belgium. It has an alcoholic content of 4.9%. which is why this brand deserves a  name in this list of Top 10 beer brands in India.



10. Haywards 5000 

Headwards 5000 is the largest selling beer brand in India. Let us tell you that more than 10 million units are sold annually which makes it one of the  best beers in India. The company started selling it in 1983. The beer is brewed with high quality malt and is known for its smoothness and strong taste. It has an alcohol percentage of more than 7% and this beer quenches the thirst of Indian customers incredibly well.



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