Unlocking the Benefits of Credit Cards: Convenience, Security, and More

Benefits of Credit Cards
There may be some people who have never had a credit card before, but credit cards have many benefits and are extremely convenient. However, while it is convenient, there are some points to be aware of. In this article, we will explain the benefits of credit cards for those who want to get a credit card from now on.

Benefits Of Credit Cards

1. Shop Anytime Without Money:

A well-known advantage of having a credit card is that you can make purchases even if you don’t have any money on hand. We’ve all had the experience of wanting something, but not having the cash on hand. If you have a credit card, you can ask your credit card company to pay the amount in advance and pay the amount later to solve your cash shortage.

2. Payment Is So Easy:

When paying with cash, it is a hassle to take out coins from your wallet and receive change at the time of checkout. If you pay by credit card, you can make your payment smartly. In addition, touch payment (contactless payment), which allows you to pay by simply holding your contactless card or smartphone over a dedicated terminal, is even more convenient as there is no need to sign or enter a PIN. Just hold your card over the dedicated terminal and your payment will be completed quickly.

3. Attractive Ancillary services:

Many credit cards offer additional services. There are various ancillary services, such as being able to use restaurants affiliated with your credit card company at a low price, and being able to use airport lounges when traveling. For example, some credit cards come with benefits that allow members to use restaurants, movie theaters, accommodations in Japan and abroad, etc. at special member prices.


4. Various Types Of Insurance:

One of the big benefits is that you can use various types of insurance. For example, a credit card that offers shopping insurance may be attractive. You can insure items purchased using your credit card. Let’s consider what would happen if the bag you purchased was stolen. Unless you have taken out insurance that covers theft in advance, such as personal effects insurance or property insurance that includes theft insurance, if you pay in cash, there is a low chance that you will get the bag or the purchase price back.

5. Money management made easy:

Credit cards are also useful for managing household finances. By consolidating your daily payments onto your credit card, you can centrally manage your spending. For many credit cards, you can now view your statement on the web or on your credit card company’s smartphone app. So you can easily check your spending. By checking your statement every month and always keeping track of your expenses, you will be able to see if there is any waste in your household finances. Also, by using a family card, you can combine your statements into one. Some credit card companies issue family cards for free. It would be attractive to be able to centrally manage not only your own expenses, but also the expenses of your family.

6. Save On ATM Fees:

By using a credit card, you can make purchases without using cash. Credit cards allow you to pay in arrears, so you don’t have to carry around large amounts of cash. If you go to an ATM less often, you’ll save money on ATM fees. You can also reduce fees when shopping online. Fees will be incurred when paying by bank transfer or cash on delivery, but you can save on fees by paying with a credit card. Furthermore, when exchanging cash into local currency when traveling abroad, you can save money on foreign exchange fees and exchange fees. If you have a credit card, you will only need to carry at least the local currency with you, which will reduce the amount of cash you need to exchange, which will help you save money on exchange fees.

7. Convenient when traveling abroad, on business trips, or studying abroad:

When traveling, business, or studying abroad, various problems may occur, such as exchanging local currency and paying in places that do not accept credit cards. If you have a credit card, you can receive services such as overseas travel insurance and overseas travel compensation depending on the additional services. Additionally, some credit cards offer free access to airport lounges and luggage storage when traveling abroad. By utilizing these services, your travels, business trips, and study abroad will be more comfortable. Some credit cards come with a local help desk that can be connected overseas, so you can expect support in case of an emergency.



  1. Are credit cards convenient for shopping?
    • Yes, credit cards offer the convenience of shopping without carrying cash.
  2. How do credit cards simplify payments?
    • Credit cards allow smart payments with touch payment technology, eliminating the need for coins and change.
  3. Do credit cards offer additional services?
    • Many credit cards provide ancillary benefits like discounts at affiliated restaurants and access to airport lounges.
  4. What types of insurance can be availed with credit cards?
    • Credit cards offer various insurances such as shopping insurance, providing coverage for stolen or damaged purchases.
  5. How do credit cards aid in money management?
    • Credit cards facilitate easy money management by consolidating expenses and providing online statement tracking.
  6. Can credit cards help save on ATM fees?
    • Yes, by using credit cards for purchases, you can reduce ATM fees and fees associated with online transactions.
  7. Are credit cards beneficial for international travel?
    • Absolutely, credit cards offer perks like overseas travel insurance, airport lounge access, and emergency support.
  8. Do credit cards offer assistance during emergencies?
    • Some credit cards provide access to local help desks abroad, offering assistance during unforeseen situations.
  9. How can credit cards enhance travel experiences?
    • Credit cards offer benefits like free access to airport lounges and luggage storage, making travel more comfortable.
  10. Can credit cards be used for business trips?
    • Yes, credit cards are convenient for business trips, offering various benefits and insurance coverage for travelers.

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