Barmer Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result: INC’s Ummeda Ram Beniwal Takes Lead, Ravindra Singh Bhati Follows Second

This article will shed light upon the 2024 Lok Sabha election result of Barmer. Today, the Election Commission of India finally presented the Lok Sabha election result of Barmer for 2024. The election took place on 19 April 2024. As per the results, the (……) party has won by (……) seats. Barmer witnessed the political contest among two major parties of India, that are Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress (INC), along with an independent party this year. Let’s go deeper into the results of the Barmer General Elections,2024.


Barmer Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result Live Update:-

As per the new update by the election commission of India from Barmer Lok sabha seat Ummeda Ram Beniwal is ahead with the 31,000 votes , currently defeating Ravindra Singh Bhati.

INC party seems to be winning over Others at Barmer Lok Sabha constituency


Kailash Choudhary is leading in Barmer

Updated at 10:16 am IST

Candidate Party/Status Votes Percentage
Kailash Choudhary Bharatiya Janata Party 65,690 36%
Ummeda Ram Beniwal Indian National Congress 58,947 32.3%
Ravindra Singh Bhati Independent 40,336 22.1%
Leela Ram Bahujan Samaj Party 6,379 3.5%
Tararam Mehna Independent 5,370 2.9%
Pratapa Ram Independent 660 0.4%
Haniph Independent 532 0.3%
Prabhu Ram Aazad Samaj Party 486 0.3%
Rama Ram Independent 410 0.2%
Popat Lal Independent 244 0.1%
Devilal Jain Independent 232 0.1%
None of the above 3,439 1.9%





Poll event Phase
Notification Date 20 March 28 March
Last Date for filing nomination 27 March 4 April
Scrutiny of nomination 28 March 5 April
Last Date for withdrawal of nomination 30 March 8 April
Date of poll 19 April 26 April
Date of counting of votes/Result 4 June 2024
No. of constituencies 12 13


Result for  Barmer Lok Sabha election 2024:

In the 2024 Lok Sabha election of Barmer, Kailash Choudhry was fighting on behalf of the BJP. On the other side Ummeda Ram Beniwal was representing INC. Contrastingly, two candidates, Ravindra Singh Bhatti and Popat Lal, from 2 independent parties, were also participating in this political contest for the Lok Sabha seats. As revealed by the Election Commission of India,(…..) won the MP seat in Bikaner with (……) votes. The total voter turnout for this year is 75.93%.

Major parties in Barmer:

In the 2024 general election, the Barmer constituency went through a political contest where the two most powerful parties and two independent contestants fought for seats.



One of the four major parties of the Barmer general election is the Bharatiya Janata Party, which has been the current governing party of the nation since 2014. The party shares an organizational link with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which is based on Hindu nationalist ideology and follows right-wing politics


The second major party in the election was the Indian National Congress, which was founded in 1885 and was the first modern nationalist movement during the British Empire in Asia and Africa. 



An independent or non-affiliated politician is not connected with any political party or bureaucratic association. Some independents may be associated with a party for any reason but choose not to use its name or formally represent it. Officeholders may become independent after losing their connection with a political party.

Barmer Lok Sabha constituencies and candidates:

In this 2024 Barmer general election, two candidates represented two essential parties of the nation, whereas the other two candidates contested independently.


Kailash Choudhary, who contested on behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party, is the current minister of state for agriculture and farmers’ welfare in the second Modi ministry. 



From INC Ummeda Ram Beniwal was the contestant. He is a director and is also into business and agriculture.


Ravindra Singh Bhati was an independent contestant. He is a member of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from the Sheo assembly constituency. Another independent candidate was Popat Lal, who was a laborer.



Party Candidate Votes % ±%
BJP Kailash Choudhary
Independent Ravindra Singh Bhati
INC Ummeda Ram Beniwal
Independent Popat Lal
Turnout 16,75,276 75.93 2.63
gain from Swing


2019 Barmer Lok Sabha election results:

In the 2019 Barmer general election, along with three major parties, namely, BJP INC, two independent candidates also joined. Kailash Choudhry from BJP won the seat by 59.52% of votes. At the same time, INC lost with 36.75% of votes. The overall voter turnout was 73.30%. A complete data of the same is given below.


Party Candidate Votes % ±%
BJP Kailash Choudhary 846,526 59.52 +19.62
INC Manvendra Singh 5,22,718 36.75 +3.35
Independent Popal Lal 18,996 1.34
BMP Ramesh Kumar 16,699 1.17
Majority 3,23,808 22.77
Turnout 14,22,875 73.30 +0.74
BJP hold Swing


The  2024 Lok Sabha elections have come to an end now. The wait is finally over. The (….) party is ready to create a government in India. It has secured (….)seats in the Lok Sabha. India is getting ready to welcome the rising sun of a new political era and new opportunities. 

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