500+ Animal Names in English | Animals Vocabulary in English

150+ Animal Names in English | Animals Vocabulary in English

Animals constitute a great part of our life. While we learn English in our journey we must read and learn the names of different animals all around the world. Today in this article will learn different animal names that you can remember and use. It is a good habit to learn and remember different animal names as it would help you to enhance your vocabulary. Furthermore learning names of animals will also help you in identifying them whenever you see one. In this article below you will find the list of animal names and their classification.

Names of Animals in English

If you are someone who has just started learning English to beat your toddlers and kids with basic English then the animal names would be a great start. As an animal or something that you interact or see on a daily basis, learning their name in English will provide you a huge edge in your vocabulary during a journey to learning English. Below we have provided an extensive list of animal names that you can find around yourself on a daily basis and you can learn their name.

List of 500 Names of Animals

Below we have provided 500 animal names that you should learn to enhance your English vocabulary.

Dog Cow Cat Horse Donkey
Tiger Lion Panther Leopard Cheetah
Bear Elephant Polar bear Turtle Tortoise
Crocodile Rabbit Porcupine Hare Hen
Pigeon Albatross Crow Fish Dolphin
Frog Whale Alligator Eagle Flying squirrel
Ostrich Fox Goat Jackal Emu
Armadillo Eel Goose Arctic fox Wolf
Beagle Gorilla Chimpanzee Monkey Beaver
Orangutan Antelope Bat Badger Giraffe
Hermit crab Giant panda Hamster Cobra Hammerhead shark
Camel Hawk Deer Chameleon Hippopotamus
Jaguar Chihuahua King cobra Ibex Lizard
Koala Kangaroo Iguana Llama Chinchillas
Dodo Jellyfish Rhinoceros Hedgehog Zebra
Possum Wombat Bison Bull Buffalo
Sheep Meerkat Mouse Otter Sloth
Owl Vulture Flamingo Racoon Mole
Duck Swan Lynx Monitor lizard Elk
Boar Lemur Mule Baboon Mammoth
Blue whale Rat Snake Peacock Bison
Sparrow Blackbird Magpie Robin Wren
Parrot Cockatoo Toucan Macaw Budgerigar
Cormorant Pelican Gull Crane Pheasant
Woodpecker Kingfisher Swift Hummingbird Heron
Stork Egret Ibis Finch Starling
Pheasant Quail Grouse Turkey Peafowl
Lark Nightingale Lapwing Curlew Stilt
Oystercatcher Avocet Turnstone Sandpiper Snipe
Plover Rail Coot Moorhen Bittern
Shoebill Secretary bird Caracara Harrier Kestrel
Merlin Falcon Goshawk Buzzard Condor
Vulture Raven Jay Nutcracker Magpie
Rook Jackdaw Chough Wagtail Pipit
Finch Bunting Sparrowhawk Osprey Oystercatcher
Lapwing Coot Heron Bittern Shelduck
Teal Mallard Wigeon Pochard Shoveler
Pintail Gadwall Shearwater Albatross Frigatebird
Tropicbird Booby Gannet Cormorant Anhinga
Pelican Heron Egret Ibis Spoonbill
Flamingo Swan Goose Duck Merganser
Grebe Gannet Petrel Storm petrel Shearwater
Tern Auk Puffin Guillemot Razorbill
Murrelet Dove Pigeon Quail Pheasant
Grouse Ptarmigan Turkey Chukar Francolin
Bulbul Sunbird Starling Oriole Blackbird
Sparrow Weaver Finch Lark Pipit
Wagtail Bunting Warbler Swallow Swift
Sand martin Nightingale Cuckoo Kingfisher Woodpecker
Roller Bee-eater Hoopoe Hornbill Swiftlet
Babblers Mynah Magpie-robin Bushchat Shrike
Drongo Laughingthrush Crow-pheasant Barbet Toucan
Horned lizard Geico Chameleon Basilisk Anole
Skink Gecko Iguana Monitor lizard Gharial
Spectacled caiman American alligator Nile crocodile Saltwater crocodile Gavial
Sea turtle Tortoise Box turtle Map turtle Snapping turtle
Softshell turtle Painted turtle Red-eared slider Musk turtle Diamondback terrapin
Angelfish Damselfish Triggerfish Pufferfish Lionfish
Clownfish Surgeonfish Parrotfish Barracuda Moray eel
Goby Wrasse Surgeonfish Mackerel Barramundi
Sailfish Marlin Swordfish Grouper Tuna
Cod Haddock Salmon Trout Carp
Catfish Perch Bass Pike Muskellunge
Sturgeon Paddlefish Beluga Burbot Pollock
Flounder Halibut Sole Plaice Turbot
Monkfish Shark Hammerhead Mako Thresher
Great white Bull shark Tiger shark Nurse shark Whale shark
Whale Orca Beluga whale Narwhal Sperm whale
Baleen whale Blue whale Gray whale Humpback whale Pilot whale
Dolphin Porpoise Bottlenose dolphin Spinner dolphin Striped dolphin
Pacific white-sided dolphin Commerson’s dolphin Risso’s dolphin Peale’s dolphin Hector’s dolphin
Beaked whale Beluga Minke whale Fin whale Right whale
Sei whale Bryde’s whale Amazon river dolphin Irrawaddy dolphin Baiji
Manatee Dugong Giant clam Blue crab Hermit crab
King crab Spider crab Horseshoe crab Fiddler crab Ghost crab
Snail Conch Whelk Abalone Limpet
Slug Earthworm Leech Millipede Centipede
Scorpion Tarantula Black widow Jumping spider Orb-weaver
Wolf spider Trapdoor spider Fishing spider Huntsman spider Ant
Termite Wasp Hornet Honeybee Bumblebee
Cicada Grasshopper Cricket Praying mantis Stick insect
Katydid Locust Cockroach Beetle Stag beetle
Weevil Ladybug Firefly Dragonfly Damselfly
Mayfly Caddisfly Mosquito Gnat Fly
Housefly Fruit fly Horsefly Deer fly Goliath beetle
Hercules beetle Rhinoceros beetle Stink bug Leaf-footed bug Assassin bug
Lacewing Antlion Mantidfly Snakefly Dobsonfly
Fishfly Water beetle Diving beetle Water strider Backswimmer
Water boatman Stonefly Lacebug Silverfish Earwig
Booklouse Termite Thrip Whitefly Aphid
Leafhopper Planthopper Froghopper Spittlebug Stink bug
Shield bug Lace bug Planthopper Leafhopper Assassin bug
Coromandel eel Conger eel Garden eel Wolf eel Moray eel
Sand tiger shark Whale shark Basking shark Zebra shark Wobbegong
Epaulette shark Bonnethead Sperm whale Bowhead whale Cuvier’s beaked whale
Dall’s porpoise Commerson’s dolphin Risso’s dolphin Ganges river dolphin Irrawaddy dolphin
Vaquita Dugong Manatee Stellar’s sea cow Sea otter


Categories of Animals

When we talk about the animal kingdom the two main classifications that we have read and learned are vertebrates and invertebrates.  Furthermore the vertebrates are further classified into various categories such as mammals,amphibians, reptiles,fish and  birds. Apart from this scientific classification the animals can also be categorised based on their eating habits such as herbivores, carnivores ,and omnivores. Last but not the least the animals can also be classified as domestic animals and wild animals based on their behaviour and how they live.

List of Amphibian Names

The animals who live on both land and in water are known as amphibians. These animals have bodily features of structure that allow them to live in both water and land. Below we have given the list of amphibian animal names that you should learn.

Amphibian Names
  • Frog
  • Crocodile
  • Alligator
  • Monitor lizard
  • Salamander
  • Toad
  • Newt
  • Iguana
  • Snake
  • Green dragon lizard
  • Snake

List of Mammals Names

Mammals are the group of animals who give birth to their kids. They do not follow the usual process of laying eggs. Below is the list of some mammal names that you should remember.

Mammal Names
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Goat
  • Horse
  • Donkey
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Pig
  • Panther
  • Leopard
  • Cheetah
  • Cow
  • Walrus
  • Otter
  • Giraffe
  • Sheep
  • Rabbit
  • Monkey

List of Reptile Names

The animals who have scary bodies and have no legs or rather short legs are called reptiles. They usually move through gliding on the surface. Below is the list of reptile names that you should remember.

Reptile Names
  • Snake
  • Crocodile
  • Alligator
  • Tortoise
  • Turtle
  • Lizard
  • Chameleon
  • Basilisk
  • Water moccasin
  • Gecko

List of Fish Names

Vertebrates that are cold-blooded and live in an aquatic habitat are called fish. Here are a few examples of fish for you.

Fishes are vertebrate animals who are usually cold blooded and live in aquatic habitats. Below we have prepared the list of different fishes that you can find.

Fish Names
  • Herring
  • Crab
  • Brill
  • Haddock
  • Eel
  • Whale
  • Blue whale
  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Pike
  • Carp
  • Shark
  • Tuna
  • Pufferfish
  • Blue tang

List of Bird Names

Birds are vertebrates that have feathers, wings and beaks. Take a look at the list of birds given below.  Next segment is of bird names also called avians. These animals have feathers and  they have the ability to fly. Below is this some bird names that you should number.

Bird Names
  • Flamingo
  • Crow
  • Hen
  • Vulture
  • Eagle
  • Peacock
  • Pigeon
  • Emu
  • Ostrich
  • Dove
  • Stork

Invertebratea Animals

Now as we have discussed the classification of vertebrates animals will move on to invertebrates animals. Invertebrate animals are those who don’t have a backbone or vertebral column. The majority of species of animal on earth are from invertebrates and they are highly divers in habitat and behaviour. We won’t be discussing invertebrate categories hair as based on the different classification system there might be 30 to 35 families or classification of invertebrates animals. Below are some examples of invertebrate animals.

1. Insects (e.g., ants, bees, butterflies)

2. Spiders

3. Snails

4. Squid

5. Jellyfish

6. Crabs

7. Worms (e.g., earthworms, tapeworms)

8. Octopuses

9. Starfish

10. Coral

Classification for Animals based on eating habits

Based on the eating habits and diet animals can be mainly classified into three categories: herbivores ,carnivores and omnivores. Below we have discussed each of these categories briefly so that you can get an idea of animal names in all of these categories

Herbivores Animal Names: the animals who have a diet based on plant matter or simply who are vegetarian in nature and known as herbivores. View animals do not eat flesh or meat based diets. Blue aur some of the examples of herbivores animals.

1. Cow

2. Horse

3. Rabbit

4. Elephant

5. Deer

6. Giraffe

7. Sheep

8. Koala

9. Panda

10. Gorilla

11. Kangaroo

12. Tortoise

13. Goat

14. Hippopotamus

15. Sloth

Carnivores Names:
carnivores are those who eat only flash or meat based diets. They do not indulge in vegetarian or plant matter based food.

1. Lion

2. Tiger

3. Wolf

4. Cheetah

5. Polar Bear

6. Jaguar

7. Leopard

8. Hyena

9. Eagle

10. Shark

11. Crocodile

12. Falcon

13. Bobcat

14. Lynx

15. Tasmanian Devil

Omnivores Names:
the omnivorous animals are those animals who live on both plant based and meat based diets. Their digestive system is able to handle both vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

1. Human

2. Bear

3. Raccoon

4. Pig

5. Chimpanzee

6. Crow

7. Dog

8. Cat

9. Rat

10. Fox

11. Hedgehog

12. Opossum

13. Chicken

14. Squirrel

15. Skunk

Domestic animal Names

In the course of human evolution and civilization the humans have learnt to domesticate animals. Blue BF in the list of domestic animals that you can pet and have at your home. Domestic animals are those who are not violent and can easily accommodate living with humans

1. Dog

2. Cat

3. Cow

4. Horse

5. Chicken

6. Pig

7. Sheep

8. Goat

9. Rabbit

10. Duck

11. Turkey

12. Guinea pig

13. Llama

14. Donkey

15. Canary

Wild Animal Names

Wild animals are those animals who can’t be tamed and love to live in the openness of nature. They are generally violent in nature and can’t accommodate themselves around humans. Below we have given the list of wild animal names

1. Lion

2. Tiger

3. Elephant

4. Giraffe

5. Zebra

6. Wolf

7. Bear

8. Gorilla

9. Rhino

10. Leopard

11. Cheetah

12. Panda

13. Kangaroo

14. Crocodile

15. Koala.

Extinct Animal Names

There are also animals who are well-extended even before we were born. There are various reasons why they are extinct. Block we have prepared the list of extinct animal names that you should remember along with the reason and time period when they existed.

Animal Name Time Period Existed Reason for Extinction
Dodo 17th century Overhunting and introduced species
Woolly Mammoth Pleistocene era Climate change and human hunting
Passenger Pigeon 19th-20th century Overhunting and habitat destruction
Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) 20th century Overhunting and habitat loss
Great Auk 19th century Overhunting
Quagga 19th century Overhunting
Steller’s Sea Cow 18th century Overhunting
Carolina Parakeet 20th century Habitat loss and hunting
Pyrenean Ibex 21st century Hunting and habitat loss
Irish Elk Holocene epoch Climate change and human hunting

Endangered animal names

Apart from being extant there are also animals who are on the worlds of extinction or rather endangered. Below is a complete list of endangered species names that you should definitely check out.

Animal Name Reason for Endangerment Conservation Status
Amur Leopard Habitat loss and poaching Critically Endangered
Javan Rhino Habitat loss and poaching Critically Endangered
Vaquita Bycatch in fishing nets Critically Endangered
Black Rhino Poaching and habitat loss Critically Endangered
Sumatran Orangutan Deforestation and hunting Critically Endangered
Hawksbill Turtle Illegal trade and habitat destruction Critically Endangered
Mountain Gorilla Habitat loss and poaching Endangered
Saola Habitat loss and hunting Critically Endangered
Bengal Tiger Poaching and habitat loss Endangered
Blue Whale Ship strikes and entanglement Endangered

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