Anasuya Sengupta became the first Indian to win Best Actress at Cannes 2024

Anasuya Sengupta became the first Indian to win Best Actress at Cannes 2024


Wow! Anasuya Sengupta just made history by winning the Best Actress award at the famous Cannes Film Festival! She’s the first Indian to achieve this incredible honour. Her breathtaking performance in the movie ‘Shameless,’ directed by Constantin Bojanov, earned her this prestigious award. The film tells a powerful story of a sex worker’s journey to freedom, and Anasuya’s portrayal of the character is simply outstanding.



Anasuya Sengupta: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity in Indian Cinema

Anasuya dedicated her award to the queer community and other marginalized groups worldwide, recognizing their brave fight for rights and respect. In her speech, she emphasized the importance of empathy and support for all human beings, regardless of their background. This award is a huge deal for Indian cinema! It shows the world the incredible talent we have in our country. Anasuya’s win proves that Indian actors can shine on the global stage.


Anasuya Sengupta: Talented Actress and Production Designer Celebrated at Cannes

Besides acting, Anasuya is also known for her work as a production designer in Mumbai. She’s contributed to the set design of the popular Netflix show ‘Masaba Masaba.’ Originally from Kolkata, Anasuya studied at Jadavpur University, where she discovered her love for the arts. The Cannes Film Festival also recognized other amazing works this year. It’s a proud moment for India to see Anasuya’s name among the winners, and it fills our hearts with joy and pride!

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