7 Exciting Activities for People of All Ages: Fun-Filled Celebrations on Eid Day

7 Exciting Activities for People of All Ages: Fun-Filled Celebrations on Eid Day

Eid al-fitr is around the corner and enthusiasm for the festival is starting to begin around the world. This year Eid or Meethi-Eid will fall on Thursday 11th April 2024 according to the sight of the Crescent Moon. Eid is celebrated on the first date of 10th Shawwal in the Islamic Calendar. Eid marks the ending of the holy month Ramadan which is the most sacred month for spiritual growth and purity in Islam.  Now the month of rigorous fasting, Ramadan is going to end, marking the festival with full of enthusiasm and spirit. Now is the time to fill your life with laughter, fun and your mouth with delicious food. 

On Eid you love to decorate your houses, and workplaces, you purchase beautiful clothes and things, markets are decorated and filled with Eid themed things. Everyone celebrates this festival of brotherhood and togetherness with friends and family members with great pomp. You must be doing the same, but what is the fun of togetherness without some amusement and entertainment? Any celebration is tasteless without the full engagement and full involvement of everyone with their full energy. But you need not to work because we have created a list of fun games you can play with your peps on this Eid 2024.


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1.Pass the Eid Hadiya

Number of Persons: 5-10 or more

Things Required: Wrapping Paper or reusable fabric bags, Gifts or cash as Eidi, Music player. 

On Eid giving Eidi is the most fun and lovely tradition. Why not convert it into a game? It is an Eid version of classic British party game Pass the parcel in which a parcel is passed from one person to another sitting in a Circle. Each layer of parcel is distinguishable from another in which small gifts or Cash as Eidi can be placed. 

Now everyone will sit making a Circle. Music is played and people start to pass the parcel around. Now when music is stopped and whoever is holding the parcel unwrap one layer from it and takes the hidden gift or cash prize. The music is played until no layer is left to unwrap and everyone gets Eidi. In this way you can distribute Eidi with fun and laughter. 


2.Eid special Pinata

Number of persons: 5-15

Things required: A Pinata, sticks, wrapped sweets, small toys, chocolate coins, mini bubbles, confetti, toffees. 


How do you know your guests on Eid are having fun? Try out an old school Pinata game on Eid. Pinata is very popular among people of all ages from youngsters to elders, everyone wants to smash the pinata and get some treats. Other than enhancing the fun pinata aids to decoration of your living area. On Eid various Eid themed Pinata like stars, crescent moons, lanterns, minar or some animal pinata can be purchased. You can make and fill Pinata in your home too. Fill all the items into the pinata and hang it on the stand, or ceiling or in case you’re celebrating outdoors, on a tree. Make sure you don’t hang it too high or too low. To start, everyone needs to gather around the Pinata and start to beat it with their sticks until it breaks open. Now everyone races to collect the goodies and the main prize. Whoever collects the main prize wins the Pinata. 

3.Eid themed Cookie Decorating

Number of persons: as many as you want

Things Required: freshly prepared cookies, eid themed cookie cutters, couplers to switch icing tips, reusable piping bags, gel food coloring, round and different shapes and sizes piping tips. 


This game is very engaging and everyone is going to enjoy it. Who doesn’t want a beautiful and delicious treat? In this way everyone gets a great time to celebrate the festival with friends and family and even with the little ones. To start, everyone needs to make or cut out cookies out of dough and then bake it. After it they need to decorate it on an Eid theme. You can set a time limit to make the game more thrilling. The person who decorates the maximum number of beautiful cookies will win.  


4.Make a Mosque Out of Sweet Treats

Number of Persons: As many as you want

Things Required: cookie dough, baking items, icing piping bags and nozzles, 


On the Eid festival sweets are essential. A sweet treat makes every one heart full of happiness during the festival. To play this game everyone needs to make mosques out of dough. You can be as creative as you want. You can make mosques cake too. Do the icing decorate it with chocolate or Eid themed edible treats and things. You can make artistic patterns on the mosque with piping. The one who will make the most beautiful mosque wins the competition. You can set a time limit also to make the game more exciting.

5.Balloon Waddle Race

Number of Persons: As many as you want

Things Required: Balloons 


If you want your Eid party games to be more physical you can play a balloon waddle race. In this game everyone needs to hold a balloon between their knees and try to run. There should be an ending and starting point with specific marks. Ending line should be marked with ribbon to make it all extra dramatic. Now everyone needs to cover the whole track with balloons between the legs without popping or dropping it. Whoever reaches the finish line first will win the race. Everyone can participate in this game from every age group. 


6.Twenty questions on Eid

Number of Persons: As many as you want

Things Required: list of eid related questions from old stories and books.


This game will increase the religious knowledge along with the Festive fun. In this game 20 rapid fire questions will be asked related to Ramadan and Eid. Everyone needs to answer the question one by one as their turn comes. The person who will give the maximum correct answer will win the game. You can set a time limit to answer each question. In the end the winner gets a special Eid prize. 

7.Camera Hot Potato


Number of Persons: As many as you want

Things Required: A phone 


This game is not a competition, but it’s just for fun. To play this game everyone needs to gather in a circle. Now the rules of this game are similar to passing the parcel but the only difference is instead of the parcel you are gonna move the phone with a self timer mode set on it to take a picture. Now pass the phone and after Every 10 seconds the phone will click a picture. In the end look at all the photos and have fun. 


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