UPSC Exam Calendar 2025 Released: Check CSE Prelims, Mains, and IES Dates Here

UPSC Calendar 2025

The UPSC calendar 2025 was released on 25 April 2024 by the government of India on the official website UPSC calendar 2025 consists of several services for applicants and candidates such as registration dates, notification release dates, exam dates, etc related to several national-level competitive exams that take place annually by UPSC across the year.


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UPSC Calendar 2025 Out:-

UPSC calendar 2025 for all the examinations directed by UPSC is going to be released in the coming 2025 it was announced on 25 April 2024 by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

The complete exam schedule or timetable for the examinations has been provided to applicants via the exam calendar. Applicants and candidates must be familiar and updated with the exam calendar so they dont miss any info and to all posts under civil services such as Indian Forest Service (IFS), ISS, IES, NDA- NA I & II, engineering services, and combined geo-scientist, CDS I & II, and CAPF and additional examinations for enrolling qualified and eligible applicants.



UPSC Exam Calendar 2025:-

Those preparing for the UPSC exam must check the table provided below to know UPSC exam 2025 dates:

Name of Examination Date of Notification Application Last Date Exam Date
Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination January 11, 2025
UPSC Geo-Scientist Prelims Exam 2024 September 4, 2024 September 24, 2025 February 9, 2025


UPSC ESE Prelims Examination 2025 September 18, 2024 October 8, 2024 February 9, 2025 (Sunday)
CBI (DSP) LDCE November 27, 2024 December 17,  2024 March 8, 2025


CISF AC(EXE) LDCE-2025 December 4, 2024 December 24, 2024 March 9, 2025


UPSC NDA NA 1 Exam 2025 December 11, 2024 December 31 , 2024 April 13, 2025


UPSC CDS 1 Exam 2025
UPSC CSE Notification 2025 January 22, 2025 February 11, 2025 May 25, 2025


UPSC IFS  Prelims Exam 2025
Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination June 14, 2025


UPSC IES ISS Exam 2025 February 12, 2025 March 4, 2025 June 20, 2025


UPSC Geo-Scientist Mains Exam 2025 June 21, 2025


UPSC ESE Mains Exam 2025 June 22, 2025


Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination July 5, 2025


UPSC CMS Exam 2025 February 19, 2025 March 11, 2025 July 20, 2025


UPSC CAPF Exam 2025 March 5, 2025 March 25, 2025 August 3, 2025


Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination August 9, 2025


Civil Services (Main)  Examination, 2025 August 22, 2025


UPSC NDA 2 Exam 2025 May 28, 2025 June 17, 2025 September 14, 2025


UPSC CDS 2 Exam 2025
Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination October 4, 2025


Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination November 1, 2025


UPSC IFS Mains Exam 2024 November 16, 2025


S.O./Steno (GD-B/GD-I)  LDCE September 17, 2025 October 7, 2025 December 13, 2025


Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination December 20, 2025





Impact of UPSC Calendar 2025:-

As we all are aware applicants are currently waiting to know the dates of the coming examinations of UPSC. As many applicants are already ready it is also necessary for them to make a schedule and timetable for their IAS preparation.

Based on the official calendar, the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2025 notification will going to be announced on 21st January 2025 and the final date is 2nd February 2025 for the receipt of applications. The date for The UPSC Civil Service Prelims examination will be released on 25th May 2025.

As the examination calendar has announced, finalize your arrangements and preparations by getting the required study and preparation ready, and planning your test day schedule. This will enable you to sit for the exam on test day with calmness and no anxiety.

An organized approach to exam scheduling minimizes the workload for students and encourages productive study. You should take advantage of this chance to sharpen your self-management abilities, as it will help you both in your future academic and professional efforts.

As many of us are aware UPSC is in charge of organizing several exams for direct recruitment of applicants and officers to the Central Civil Services, the All India Services, and hires officers in several services under the Indian government. Aspirants and applicants need to be updated and analyze the UPSC calendar 2025 and should start studying and preparing for the examinations from now on. So This will assist them in formulating a reliable strategy and cracking the exam with pride.



UPSC Preparation Tips:-


Facilitates effective and efficient schedule adjustment

There is a mechanism for modifying the timetable if new features or modifications to the specifications become necessary according to UPSC, the changes can be held till the release of the UPSC calendar 2025.


Simpler resource management for participants

It makes it simpler to view each member’s preparation management and utilization rate, reducing the possibility of risks and issues resulting from uneven or missed tasks, ineffective task allocation, etc. This facilitates understanding of what assignments will be impacted in the case of an absence and where individuals who have finished all of their tasks might be assigned to do better in the future.


Making a schedule for your study preparations

Plan your studies with the time coming up to the test in mind. It’s critical to figure out every weakness regarding preparations and set aside study time appropriately. You may also avoid stress and keep up your productive studies by scheduling regular breaks and refreshments.


Taking care of your mental well-being

Exam season is a physically and psychologically difficult time. You can maintain your mental health and function at your best by scheduling time for relaxation and stress management along with studies. Some students and applicants get panicked and very stressed during the time of announcement for the UPSC calendar, but you have to keep calm.

Maintaining contact with relatives and close friends is also crucial. They serve as your support system and occasionally offer a nice chance to unwind and take a break from stress and studying. Don’t forget to schedule time too for socializing with loved ones.


Establishing priorities

Divide tasks into priority lists according to details announced already like expected studies, examination strategy, and test requirements. Establishing priorities makes it easy to modify the timeline when a new task or info is added. It also makes it clear what and how preparations need to be done immediately. It is possible to manage properly and efficiently.


Establish goals and objectives

Establish a goal point before you create a study strategy. Without a specific goal in mind, a methodical study material can’t be created. Establish a high goal for yourself to clear UPSC.

Set smaller targets along the way to help you achieve that next goal. Establish more precise objectives, like “finishing doubts and weaknesses of you as an aspirant” and “studying a particular course a day.” You must make an understandable and efficient study plan by establishing clear objectives and targets.


Seek guidance

Creating a study plan may seem overwhelming to individuals who are unsure of how to approach UPSC in a manner that works for them.

Seeking guidance from a successful aspirant or maybe IAS if you know any, also the coach or tutor may be an option if you are unable to solve the problem on your own. You’ll be able to locate an effective study schedule that works for you and get guidance based on an honest analysis from the viewpoint of an educational specialist.

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