Top 10 Places to Visit in Shangarh (Himachal Pradesh): Explore Shangarh’s Hidden Gem

Top 10 Places to Visit in Shangarh

India consists of many places famous for different reasons. However, there are still some less-explored places that are unique in their way. One of them is Shangarh, a small village nestled in Himachal Pradesh. Shangarh is a place with incredible natural views and tranquillity.  Many places to visit in Shangarh can give visitors some unique experiences. One must be aware of those places before visiting the destination. Here, let’s go through the top 10 places to visit in Shangarh.


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1. Shangarh Meadow:

Shangarh Meadow-

Topping the list of the places to visit in Shangarh is Shangarh Meadow which is the biggest attraction of the village. It captivates the eyes of the visitors with the snowy peaks surrounding it. The most prominent place in Shangarh that drags the visitors towards this village is Shanchul Mahadev temple, which is made up of traditional Himachali kath kuni style. It also bears a story that the Pandavas themselves had come to worship at local temples here. According to some sources, they had spent 13 years of their exile here and cultivated the land to grow rice.



2. Barshangarh Falls:

Barshangarh Falls

Next in the list of places to visit Shangarh is Barshangarh Falls. It is a gorgeous waterfall placed 3 km away from the village. The path to this waterfall is filled with dense trees and water streams that mesmerize all the visitors passing by the way. It just takes you to a world of imagination and urges you to forget all the messes of life. The view of the gushing water calms the soul and bestows a feeling of absolute serenity.



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3. Twin Towers of Raila:

Twin Towers of Raila


It is the best of the places to visit in Shangarh, which is 30 km away from the area. It gives a panoramic view of the entire village from this place. While driving back, the marvelous views of Raila Valley and Raila Waterfall are a treat to the eyes of visitors. It creates a pleasant memory in the mind of the tourist forever. Also it allows you to explore some hidden waterfalls while going through this path.


4. Western Tragopan:

Western Tragopan

It is one of the unique places to visit in Shangarh. It contains the onset of the great Himalayan National Park. Also, it is the home to a variety of birds. Almost 35 different bird species visit this place, captivating the eyes of the visitors. Also, it creates a captivating view that provides another level of delight and satisfaction.



5. Goshati and Darari:

Among all these incredible places to visit in Shamgarh, Goshati, and Darari contribute to the tourist attractions in Shangarh. It contains pleasing apple orchards. And one can come across the fields of wheat and vegetables. An archaic agricultural technique is applied here in the fields. This place is also well known for its colorful Kullu topis. If one wants a break from the hectic daily routine and to live a simple mountain life, this is the go-to place. Apart from this, the wooden Himachali homes over here Steal the heart of every visitor who comes to roam around.

6. Pundarik rishi lake and temple:

Among all the places to visit Shangarh, this sacred lake must be visited by visitors. As the name shows, this lake is named after Rishi Pundrik. A wire fence protects it. Trekking to the upper Neahi village through this Pundrik lake is one of the most outstanding experiences one can have. It also carries a story behind the name which is very interesting to know while visiting the place.



7. Manyashi:

Another village among the places to visit Shamgarh that one can track is Manyashi. Apart from its scenic look the place is famous for the tower temple. This place is also dedicated to pundrik rishi and Janjar. The village enhances the beauty of this small destination. 


8. Ropa:

8 km away from Sainj village, Ropa is another beautiful destination among the places to visit in Shangarh. It serves as the entry gate of the great Himalayan park and treks leading to the National Park. The shortest trek that one can take is a one-night trek to Jangaon Thatch. The trek allows you to go through the thick forest experiencing the views of stunning flowers and therapeutic grasslands. Along with this the chirping of birds drives you differently to explore the place. One can also get accommodation in a forest rest house near the gate. It allows someone to experience the village as well as the forest life to the fullest.



9. Manu Rishi temple:

Manu Rishi temple is one of the most sacred places to visit in Shangarh. It is a famous ancient 5-tiered pagoda temple. It is dedicated to Manu Rishi and consists of intricate woodwork. The pagoda architecture literally catches the eye of the observers and makes them curious to know more about the temple. The name of the temple triggers the religious side and creates an urge inside the visitor to explore more about the temple.


10. Upper Neahi:

It is a tiny village among all the places to visit in Shangarh. The village is placed at a great height.  However, it gives a profound and relaxed feeling to its visitors. It can be reached on foot. At the higher altitude of this place, one can have a picturesque experience with mesmerizing views. It is also a place of relaxation, silence and solitude. A couple of homestays are also available for the tourists. This place makes the tourists lose themselves in these tranquil surroundings.




Being a small village also Shangarh is a place that can make a permanent place in people’s minds, specifically for those who enjoy mythology and solitude. The speciality of each place over here is that it speaks some stories for itself. It also holds religious importance among the himachalis. It is a place that is waiting to shower some ancient knowledge about the significance of different areas here. A Place for those who not only want to hike but also know where to pause and enjoy the seclusion.


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