Surat Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result: BJP wins Surat Lok Sabha Seat

Surat Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results:


Surat is a district and one of the Lok Sabha constituencies in Gujarat. Diamond and textile industries are famous in Surat. One-third of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished in Surat. The main occupation in Surat is trade and commerce. A lot of people are there in the service and manufacturing sector. 

The counting and declaration of the results for the Lok Sabha seat in Surat will be on 4th June, Tuesday. 



Result for Surat Lok Sabha election 2024:

As declared by the Election Commission of India, MUKESH KUMAR CHANDRAKAANT DALAL (Bharatiya Janata Party) won the Jaipur Lok Sabha election by _____ votes with an overall voter turnout of _____%.


Important party:

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the main political party in Surat. Gujarat is the homeland of the BJP as they have maintained the Lok Sabha seat for 30 years. BJP has won every seat in Surat from the year 1991 to 2019. The influence of the Indian National Congress party is still there in Gujarat but is not enough as compared to the BJP. 



2014 and 2019 elections:


DARSHANA VIKRAM JARDOSH from BJP won the elections for Lok Sabha in 2014. He defeated DESAI NAISHADH BHUPAT of INC with a margin of 56.3% votes. Jardosh got 718412 votes from the people while Bhupat got 185222 votes in total. He also defeated MOHANBHAI B. PATEL from AP who got 18877 votes from the people. 



DARSHANA VIKRAM JARDOSH from BJP again won the election of Surat in 2019. He defeated ASHOK PATEL of INC with a margin of 51.3% of votes. Jardosh got 795651 votes from the people while Ashok Patel got 247421 votes in total. People also voted for NOTA as it had 10532 votes in total. 


Important candidate: 


There is only one candidate who will contest in the Lok Sabha elections in Surat. 



Mukeshkumar Chandrakaant Dalal from BJP will represent his party in 2024. He has earlier worked as a BJP secretary in Surat. He is a Member of Parliament (MP) from Surat region. He also owns the clothing industry. He was selected as a corporator for Surat Municipal Corporation from Adajan-Pal-Palanpur district from 2005- 2020 and served as standing committee chairperson in the corporation for five terms. He has been a member of the BJP since 1981.


On 22 April 2024, seven candidates from Surat district resigned from the Lok Sabha elections. Indian National Congress party also resigned from the elections making Dalal (BJP) the first member ever to win the constituency without any opposition. Thus there are no other party members who will contest the elections for Lok Sabha in the Surat region. 



2024 elections:

Today the results for the Lok Sabha were declared and Mukeshkumar Chandrakaant Dalal from BJP won the elections by _____ number of votes. People also selected NOTA which comprises _____ votes. 



Thus, Mukeshkumar Chandrakaant Dalal won the elections in Surat. Soon he will take an oath ceremony in which he will establish his government and start his work. We hope that this article has helped you to understand the situation in a better way. 



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