Shillong Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results: Winners and Vote Counts!

Today in this article we will discuss the Lok Sabha election results for Shillong constituency of Meghalaya state.

Today the election commission of India has finally declared the result for Lok Sabha elections 2024 dash party has won a dash number of seats and will be now creating a government in the centre .

Meghalaya has two constituencies for Lok Sabha that are Tura and Shillong.This article will be dealing with only one constituency that is Shillong. 

As per the data release by the election commission of India the total voter turnout in Shillong  constituency is 73.78%



Poll event Phase
Notification Date 20 March
Last Date for filing nomination 27 March
Scrutiny of nomination 28 March
Last Date for withdrawal of nomination 30 March
Date of poll 19 April
Date of counting of votes/Result 4 June 2024
No. of constituencies 2


As you know that the state of Meghalaya has only two Lok Sabha constituencies and the result for both Lok Sabha constituencies has been declared. This article will be dealing with only one Lok sabha  constituency, that Is Shilong 



Shillong Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results

Election Result Table

Candidate Name Party Affiliation Total Votes Percentage of Votes (%) Result
Vincent Pala Indian National Congress
Ampareen Lyngdoh NPP
Robertjune Kharjahrin UDP
Ricky AJ Syngkon VPP



Major parties in election of shillong


There were two major parties in the election of shilong that were Indian National Congress and NPP. 


Indian National Congress which was founded by A. O. Hume in 1805 was the leading party in the election of Cuttack. Earlier when India was a British colony Indian National Congress played a vital role in making India independent. 


NPP stands for National Peoples Party it is a widely spread national political party having a major influence in the state of Meghalaya. It was founded by P. A. Sangama who was expelled from NCP. And it is the first party of North East India to get the status of national political party. 



Candidates in Shillong constituency


1 Shillong (ST) INC Vincent Pala NPP Ampareen Lyngdoh UDP Robertjune Kharjahrin
VPP Ricky AJ Syngkon 


Results of Shillong constituency 2024-

This year – party has won the elections of Shillong from  ——- . number of votes. 



2019 General Assembly results-


In 2019 Vincent Pala of Indian National Congress has won the elections from his opponents with a margin of 40379 votes. 

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