Sambalpur Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

 Today, the Election Commission of India finally declared the Sambalpur Lok Sabha election result for 2024. The election took place on 25th May 2024. As per the outcomes, the (……) party has won by (……) seats.  BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), BJD (Biju Janata Dal), and INC (Indian National Congress)are the major parties that are contesting against one another. According to the data released by the Election Commission of India, the total voter turnout in the Lok Sabha election was (…..). Let’s explore the results of the General elections of Sambalpur in 2024 below.


Poll event Phase
Notification Date 18 April 26 April 29 April 7 May
The last Date for filing a nomination 25 April 3 May 6 May 14 May
Scrutiny of nomination 26 April 4 May 7 May 15 May
Last Date for withdrawal of nomination 29 April 6 May 9 May 17 May
Date of poll 13 May 20 May 25 May 1 June
Date of counting of votes/Result 4 June 2024
No. of constituencies 4 5 6 6


Result for  Sambalpur Lok Sabha election 2024:

Dharmendra Pradhan was representing the Bharatiya Janata Party. On the other side Nagendra Kumar Pradhan was giving a contest on behalf of the Indian National Congress. Simultaneously, Pranab Prakash Das was contesting from Biju Janata Dal. According to the results of the Election Commission of India, (……) won the Sambalpur MP seat with (…..) votes.


Major parties in Sambalpur:

Essentially, three major parties contest against one another in Sambalpur, namely BJP, INC, and BJD.


The most prominent among them is the BJP, which is one of the two major political parties in India. Since 2014, BJP has been the ruling political party in India under Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. However, in 1982 late Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee and other leaders started visiting Odisha time and again. And finally in 1985, BJP contested for 64 seats and won one seat.



The 2nd most popular party in India is  INC. It was founded on 28th December 1885. From the 19th century, under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi, it became the principal leader of the independence movement. Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee is the unit of the Indian National Congress for Odisha.


Biju janata dal (BJD) is an Indian political party specifically spread in Odisha. It was founded by the former minister of mines and minerals of the Republic of India and the current chief minister of Odisha, Mr. Naveen Patnaik, on 26th December 1997.

Sambalpur Lok Sabha constituencies and candidates:

Among the candidates for the 2024 Lok Sabha election in Sambalpur, Dharmendra Pradhan was representing BJP. He is an Indian politician, currently serving as the Minister of Education and Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship for the Government of India. Previously, he served as the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Minister of Steel.



Nagendra Kumar Pradhan was the representative of the Indian National Congress for the Lok Sabha election 2024 in Sambalpur. He was elected to the 16th Lok Sabha in 2014 from Sambalpur constituency. Formerly, he was a member of Biju Janata Dal, but in 2024, he shifted himself to Indian National Congress.


From Biju Janata Dal, Pranab Prakash Das was the contestant. He has already been a member of the Odisha Legislative Assembly since 2009.



2019 Sambalpur Lok Sabha election results:

In the 2019 lok Sabha election of Sambalpur, Nitesh Ganga Deb from Bharatiya Janata Party won the election by 42.13% votes. Whereas Nalini Kanta Pradhan, who was contesting on behalf of BJD left behind by 41.32% of votes. On the other side Sarat Patnaik from Indian National Congress also lost by 12.09% of votes. The overall voter turnout was 76.72%.


The general elections of 2024 have come to an end now. The wait is finally going to be over. The (….) party is ready to create a government in India. It has secured (….)seats in the Lok Sabha. Soon we are going to witness the oath ceremony of this new government and experience some new changes going to take place in future India.

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