Rumy Alqahtani: Making History as Saudi Arabia’s First Miss Universe Contestant 2024

Rumy Alqahtani: Making History as Saudi Arabia’s First Miss Universe Contestant 2024

Rumy Alqahtani: Making History as the First Miss Universe Saudi Arabia 2024 Contestant

As per the British newspaper, Saudi model and influencer Rumy Al-Qahtani has declared her participation and interest in the Miss Universe competition. This is the first time a Saudi woman and citizen has entered the competition.

Nearly one million individuals follow Al-Qahtani’s (27 years old) Instagram page, where she wrote: “I am delighted to be competing in the Miss Universe International 2024 competition.” The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is taking part for the first time.

Shinice Palacios of Nicaragua presented Miss Bahrain 2023, Loujain Yaqoub, the first female competitor from her nation to compete in the Miss Universe 2023 pageant, which took place in El Salvador.

Al-Qahtani has earlier competed internationally as a representative of the Kingdom in many pageants, including Miss Asia Malaysia, Miss Arab Peace, Miss Arab Unity, Miss Europe, and Miss Middle East.

Her qualification is a bachelor’s in dentistry, and she speaks Arabic, French, and English with ease.

Rumy has said in the past that she wants to encourage tourism to Saudi Arabia and its unique sites, as well as the country’s rich cultural legacy, by competing in Arab and international beauty pageants.

After she was chosen as her nation’s Miss Queen, she has been successful in achieving so since she made a significant contribution by bringing attention to a variety of topics and introducing many people to Saudi Arabia.


Early Life of Miss Saudi Arabia- Rumy Al-Qahtani

Rumy Al-Qahtani enrolled in the university’s Faculty of Medicine after completing her years of education, earning a degree in dentistry but choosing not to pursue the profession. Instead, her numerous goals drove her to start her journey by realizing them, and she was successful in accomplishing so in a short amount of time because she had accomplished a great deal both before and after. She was chosen as Miss Saudi Arabia.

Rumy Al-Qahtani is a Business Owner 

Rumy was employed in the advertising industry and grew to fame before being nominated to compete in the Miss Saudi Arabia pageant, where she won the title. Her great cultural background and exotic facial features drew the attention of people, helping her develop her career in this field. Rumy made a lot of friends and gained expertise in a variety of fields during that time, which helped her launch a party planning business and add a fresh chapter to her impressive future—one that she is eager to continue creating.

Who is Rumy Al-Qahtani?

Rumy Al-Qahtani, Miss Saudi Arabia, was born and raised in Riyadh in 1995. She communicates in French, English, and Arabic. Since her name has been associated with numerous environmental awareness initiatives and she has taken part in some of them, including planting trees, it is clear that one of the topics she is most passionate about is environmental protection.

Using her involvement in an event hosted by the International Organization for Human Rights, she further demonstrated her dedication to humanitarian concerns. At the time, she expressed her gratitude for the hiring, writing, “I appreciate the International Human Rights Committee in its role as IGO in selecting me as a Goodwill Ambassador for Women’s Empowerment for the women’s freedom, voice for crime and violence against women and girls.”

Also, she stated, “I received an invitation to give the opening speech at the 7th World Summit on Human Rights in Geneva in 2024.” Rumy Al-Qahtani is also interested in football; she has earlier stated that she follows the Saudi Al-Nasr Club. As far as she is concerned, Abdul Majeed Abdullah is her favorite musician.

The Arab citizens as a whole, and Saudi Arabia specifically, are very supportive of Rumy as she is competing in the Miss Universe pageant. Her win is a significant milestone for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as she is the first Saudi woman to wear the title.

Rumy Alqahtani Announced her Participation

Rumy Alqahtani declared her participation on her Instagram account to her fans. She shares a picture of her wearing a silver sequin gown with the sash of “Miss Universe Saudi Arabia” and holding the Saudi flag. This was a moment of pride, gratitude, and appreciation for her. She made whole Saudis and Arabs proud, as shown by the greetings and wishes from her Saudi fans.

She has a large fan following on her Instagram as people are excited to see her journey. And there are also hate comments too as hate and love are a part of the journey.

The first Saudi woman participant is all ready to compete in the competition by grace or faith. She belongs to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and the model represents the whole country on a global platform or stage.

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