12 Famous Religious Places in India | Best Holy Destination in 2024

12 Famous and Religious Places in India | Best Holy Destination in 2024

India is the land of spirituality. India is Widely known for its various cultures. The diverse cultures and traditions are the uniqueness of India. Here you can find all the religion’s architectural monuments. Hindu temples, Islamic Mosques, Christian Churches and Buddhist monasteries are there to explore in India. In this article we see the 12 Beautiful and popular religious places in India to explore.

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1. Varanasi


Varanasi is also known as Kashi and Banaras. Varanasi is the spiritual capital of India. It is considered as the holy place of Hindus. Varanasi is situated on the bank of the Ganges. Hindus believe that bathing in the Ganges would give them moksha. Crematorium rituals are also done on the banks of the Ganges River. The main attraction of the city is Kashi Vishwanath temple.


2. Amritsar (Golden temple)

Amritsar (Golden temple)


Amritsar is a sacred place for Sikhism. The golden temple is situated in Amritsar. In the beam of Sun rays the golden temple started to glow, It resembles a glowing dew drop floating on the water. The Sikh people see it as the light of God. There is a place in the temple complex called Harminder Sahib where every day offers food to all people irrespective of their religion. The holy tank that is the Golden Temple is surrounded by water and attracts pilgrims. The Wagah border between India and Pakistan is another notable place to visit in Amritsar.

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3. Jagannath temple

Jagannath temple


Jagannath temple is located in Puri, Odisha. Here there are three deities to worship. Jagannath, His brother Balabhadra and his sister Subhadra are three deities in the temple. During the famous ratha yatra, the three deities are decorated and paraded on the streets. Devotees believe that participating in this parade makes them cleansed from their previous life sins. A chakra is placed on the top of the temple which can be seen anywhere from the city. Another architectural miracle is that the temple casts no shadow at any point in time.

Jagannath temple is one of the most beautiful and popular religious places to explore in India. 


4. Rishikesh



Rishikesh is considered as the yoga capital of India. The beautiful Rishikesh is located on the foothills of the Himalayas. The river Ganges also flows along the city.

Lord Shiva is worshipped as Neelakanth Mahadev. The people visit Neelakanth Mahadev temple to get enlightenment and serenity. Rishikesh is a vegetarian-only and alcohol-free City. The serene and spiritual ambiance makes it an important pilgrimage site.

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5. Mathura



Mathura is believed to be the birthplace of lord Krishna. It is located in Uttar Pradesh.

Mathura is filled with lots of lord Krishna temple who is the center figure of Hinduism. Shri Krishna Janmashtam temple has a special significance. Here Krishna Jayanthi is grandly celebrated with thousands of devotees. Pilgrims flock here to worship lord Krishna and celebrate his birthday. The vibrant celebration culture attracts so many people to explore here.


6. Ayodhya



Ayodhya is located on the bank of river Sarayu. It is in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The main attraction of Ayodhya is the lord Ram temple named Ram JanmaBhoomi temple. Here the lord Ram is in the infant form called Ram Lalla. According to Hindu mythology, Ayodhya is believed to be the birthplace of Ram. The pilgrims and the devotees from all over the world expedite here to get the blessings of Lord Ram.


7. Bodh Gaya


Bodh Gaya, the Buddhist holy place is located in Bihar. It is the place where Buddha gets enlightenment under the bodhi tree. Pilgrims and tourists flock here to meditate under the bodhi tree where Buddha got enlightenment. Mahabodhi temple is a famous World Heritage Site accredited by UNESCO. The peaceful ambiance and spiritual energy make the people want to explore Bodh Gaya.



8. Ajmer


Ajmer is a city in Rajasthan surrounded by the Aravalli mountains. The famous Ajmer Sharif Dargah is a notable pilgrimage site in Ajmer. It is one of the holy places for Muslims. But you can see both Muslims and Hindu pilgrims here. The city is filled with both Hindu and Muslim architectural monuments. The Ajmer Sharif dargah is for Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti which makes Ajmer a popular religious place.



9. Tirupati


Tirupati is the city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Here the famous Sri Venkateswara temple is for the lord Vishnu. Tirupati is one of the richest temples in India. People from all over the world visit to get blessings from lord Venkateswara also known as Balaji. The laddu offered here has a unique taste which is so famous all over India. 


10. Shirdi



Shirdi is located in the state of Maharashtra. This place is famous for the renowned Saint Sai Baba temple. people from all over the world flock here to get the blessing of Sai Baba. The majestic appearance and the architectural elegance of the temple attract lots of pilgrims and devotees across the globe. It is one of the famous religious places in India to explore.


11. Kedarnath


The beautiful Kedarnath temple is situated between the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and the journey to the temple is adventurous. It is located at an altitude of 3583 meters. The natural beauty of the temple attracts devotees and tourists from across the globe. It is one of the most beautiful and popular religious places in India.



12. Tanjore


Tanjore is most famous for the temple called Thanjai Big Temple. The big temple was built by Raja Raja cholan. The temple is 1000 years old. It is one of the architectural monuments in India. The shadows of the temple never fell on the earth at any time, it was built like that. The cultural and architectural intelligence of this temple made Tanjore a popular religious place in India.

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