Providence Stadium: Guyana’s Iconic Cricket Venue in the West Indies – History, Records, and Memorable Moments

Providence Stadium: Guyana's Iconic Cricket Venue in the West Indies - History, Records, and Memorable Moments

Guyana National Stadium, also known as Providence Stadium. It is a famous stadium in the West Indies. Providence Stadium is a multi-purpose venue located in Providence, East Bank Demerara, Guyana, West Indies. This stadium was built for the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup and is now an iconic landmark and popular stadium for the match. It symbolises the nation’s passion for cricket and its capability to host international sporting events. Beyond cricket, the Guyana National Stadium has a broader cultural and economic impact on the city. It is a well-maintained stadium, but further development and upgrades are being considered to enhance facilities and spectator experience. In addition, this stadium does not only organise cricket matches. It is also popular to host concerts, cultural festivals, and national celebrations. It has become a gathering place for Guyanese people at a huge level.

  • Another name: Providence Stadium
  • Established: 2006
  • Capacity: 15,000
  • End Names: Media Centre End, Pavillion End
  • Flood Lights: Yes
  • Pitch: Grass


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Ground Overview

The Guyana National Stadium is located about 9 kilometres south of Georgetown, Guyana’s capital, making it accessible for local and international visitors. Let’s look at the characteristics of the ground-

  • Seating Capacity: Guyana National Stadium has a capacity of 15000 spectators at once. In addition, for large crowds, temporary seating was added to the stadium.
  • Architecture and Design: Guyana National Stadium was recently built in 2006 and has modern amenities and facilities. It has all the facilities which are required to match international standards. It contains VIP boxes, media centres, and press conference rooms as well as a better flood lighting system. Its floodlighting system is state-of-the-art which makes it ideal for day and night matches. Moreover, Practice nets and dressing rooms are also available for the teams and players.
  • Pitch Condition: The pitch of Guyana National Stadium is known for its balanced nature for batsmen as well as bowlers. In addition, the outfield is well-maintained to make it a quality stadium. 




Guyana National Stadium Record Stats

Since its inauguration, the stadium hosted several matches of ODI, Test and many more. Here are the record stats of the several match formats-


  • Total Matches: 2
  • Matches won batting first: 2
  • Matches won bowling first: 0
  • Average 1st innings Score: 351
  • Average 2nd innings Score: 220
  • Average 3rd innings Score: 196
  • Average 4th innings Score: 246
  • Highest total recorded: 476/8 (162 Ovs) By SL vs WI
  • Lowest total recorded: 152/10 (61.5 Ovs) By WI vs PAK
  • Lowest score defended: 178/10 (73 Ovs) By PAK vs WI


  • Total Matches: 25
  • Matches won batting first: 13
  • Matches won bowling first: 11
  • Average 1st innings Score: 215
  • Average 2nd innings Score: 192
  • Highest total recorded: 309/6 (49 Ovs) By WI vs PAK
  • Lowest total recorded: 98/10 (41 Ovs) By WI vs PAK
  • Highest score chased: 309/6 (49 Ovs) By WI vs PAK
  • Lowest score defended: 189/9 (50 Ovs) By RSA vs AUS


  • Total Matches: 29
  • Matches won batting first: 13
  • Matches won bowling first: 12
  • Average 1st innings Score: 124
  • Average 2nd innings Score: 98
  • Highest total recorded: 194/5 (20 OVs) By INDW vs NZW
  • Lowest total recorded: 46/10 (14.4 Ovs) By BANW vs WIW
  • Highest score chased: 169/5 (18.2 Ovs) By WI vs BAN
  • Lowest score defended: 50/7 (9 Ovs) By INDW vs WIW



Guyana National Stadium Iconic Moments

The Guyana National Stadium has been the backdrop for several iconic moments in cricket history: 

  • 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup: As said, Guyana National Stadium was built to host the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup. It hosted six Super 8 stage matches. This is the first time Guyana hosted an international event. The matches featured top cricketing nations like Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, etc.
  • First ODI Century by a Guyanese Player at the Stadium: In the first ODI match held at the stadium, Shivnarine Chanderpaul hit an unbeaten century. His 149 runs remain one of the highest individual scores at the venue. He is a hero for the local people.
  • Historic T20 Matches: For the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Guyana National Stadium hosted T20 matches. One of the standout moments was in 2014 when the Guyana Amazon Warriors, the home team, reached the finals of the CPL.
  • West Indies vs. Pakistan ODI Series in 2011: During the 2011 ODI series, West Indies and Pakistan featured a memorable match on April 21, 2011. Pakistan chased down a target of 222.
  • Darren Bravo’s Match-Winning Inning: In March 2013, Darren Bravo made a historic moment by scoring 72. His match-winning performance is important in the West Indies victory over Zimbabwe in an ODI match at the Guyana National Stadium.
  • Hosting Women’s Cricket: The Guyana National Stadium also hosted Women’s cricket. It hosted the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 in 2018, which increased the popularity and importance of women’s cricket in the Caribbean. In addition, this match brings international attention to the stadium.
  • Record-Breaking Performances: Over the years, the stadium has witnessed several record-breaking performances. In 2016, Chris Gayle hit a stunning shot during the CPL match. He is one of the most explosive batsmen in T20 cricket with his match.



The Guyana National Stadium is the centre of attraction in Guyana City. Since its inauguration, it has hosted several national and international matches as well as witnessed many iconic moments in history. Its modern amenities, modern facilities, strategic location, and significant impact on local and international cricket make it a premier cricket venue. As it continues to evolve, the stadium will undoubtedly remain at the heart of Guyana’s sports.

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