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In this article we will get to know about the Power yoga it varieties of poses and its benefits.

What is Power Yoga? 

What is Power Yoga?

The name defines itself as “ Power” which means it is mainly focused on building strength and endurance also it is a brilliant form of yoga to burns calories, and increase endurance and stamina as well. Although power yoga is not an official type of yoga. It is said that power yoga is a form of vinyasa that comes from the roots of Ashtanga yoga and began In the 20th century.

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With the help of power yoga, the flow from one pose to the next pose without taking a break, and rather than doing each pose separately. Also, these Poses are interconnected with each other as well. 

It doesn’t matter what you say about it, power yoga is a fast and intense workout and practice in which You move from one pose to another fastly, while deep breathing.

While doing power yoga it requires That you have a good focus on breathing.




Power Yoga Poses

There are lots of different poses and varieties but some basic poses are:

  • Chaturanga (Low Plank)
  • High Plank
  • Crescent Lunge
  • Cobra Pose
  • One-Legged Dog


About Power Yoga Poses

The Power yoga poses are different and powerful postures that build strength, flexibility, and balance. 

Here are some details about basic power yoga poses.

Crescent lunge: Hit the thigh and calf muscles, also and improves balance

One-legged dog: Hit the abdominal muscles, increases leg strength, and improves flexibility

Cobra pose: Hit the lower back, neck, and butt.

Plank pose: Targets every muscle of our body including the abs, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, back, core, glutes, and legs.

Downward facing dog: It works for the whole body, decompresses the spine, tones and strengthens the arms, opens the feet, and lengthens the thighs.

Warrior pose: It helps to build strength, flexibility, and balance, and it can also help build mental focus and concentration.

Chair pose: It is also known as the “seat of power”,  this pose increases strength and perseverance

Corpse and boat pose:  It mainly strengthens the abdominal muscles and can help with weight loss

Mountain pose: It is a  grounding pose that improves posture and can be used as a 

starting position for other poses.

Tree pose: it helps in strengthening muscles and attention and is suitable for all.



According to scientific researchers, power yoga provides a wide range of benefits both mentally and physically.

Cardiovascular health

Because we do Power Yoga at a fast pace and also involve resistance training, some research suggests that increasing heart rate during exercise helps our body to circulate blood and oxygen to our muscles more efficiently. This can also improve our fitness Stamina And overall health.

Cardiovascular benefits of power yoga:-

  1. strengthening your heart and lungs
  2. helping control high blood pressure
  3. improving cholesterol levels
  4. controlling blood sugar levels
  5. building stronger bones and muscles
  6. helping with weight loss
  7. improving sleep
  8. boosting energy levels
  9. improving brain function
  10. lowering your risk for chronic conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes

Increase in Strength

Power yoga classes are fast-paced but it also doesn’t mean that we need to hold on to a pose for a long time, it depends on some poses you can hold for minutes or in some for seconds or longer.When we hold our body in a particular position for more than a few seconds, it increases blood circulation in muscles and makes them work hard to keep you in a pose for a time. Also, this can boost our muscle strength and endurance in many parts of our body.

Helps in diseases 

Many People with Parkinson’s disease who participated in twice-weekly power yoga sessions had exponential improvements in their tremors and muscle stiffness.Also, some studies show That power yoga helps students to increase muscle strength and away from disease.

Weight loss

Power yoga gives us a cardio workout 

And helps in burning calories, improving muscle tone, and increasing strength which helps you in fast weight loss and fast muscle recovery. Yoga can help you feel more connected to your body and soul. And may make you more aware of when to stop eating, if it means it can also help in controlling bad eating and overeating habits.Some studies also show that yoga can help in reducing back and joint pain, which may encourage people with this type of pain to do power yoga consistently.

Stress reduction

Yoga is considered a boon for people with mental health and stress-related problems. It also can reduce stress and anxiety, and promote feelings of relaxation and calmness.Even though power yoga is less meditative and more fast-paced exercise than some types of yoga, it can also help to decrease the level of cortisol which is the stress hormone of the human body. Some studies show that even one session of power yoga can help reduce stress.

Better sleep

When it comes to yoga we can’t forget to sleep. It’s a very major part of the human Life cycle. It helps in managing the sleep cycle.



Power yoga can give us a stronger immune system, and improved posture and balance. It is incredibly good exercise because it’s both aerobic and rigorous. With quick and fast-paced movements and long holds, power yoga is mainly designed to increase your heart rate, strengthen your muscles, and build endurance, also to improve your flexibility and balance.

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