Odisha Assembly Election 2024: Key Dates, Process, and Importance of Voting l Complete Schedule

The Odisha Assembly Election 2024 is a political and voting process in the Indian state of Odisha. The state citizens elect and choose their representatives as leaders of the Legislative Assembly of Odisha. It is also referred as and known as Vidhan Sabha, which is the main legislative body in charge of creating laws, and rules, and governing the state.

The voting process for the 17th Odisha Legislative Assembly will take place in 4 phases such as 13 May, 20 May, 25 May, and 1 June, 2024. In Odisha, there are 147 Assembly constituencies. And on 4 June 2024, the voting counting will take place, as it is announced by Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar.

The chief election commissioner has said that the election jurisdiction has told enforcement agencies to manage impartiality, transparency, and professionalism to hold reliable and smooth polling and ensure a fair election process for every party that is involved.

Odisha Assembly Election 2024


Odisha Assembly Election 2024 Dates:-

Here is the table summarizing the schedule for the Odisha assembly polls:

Event Dates
Issue of Notification April 18, April 26, April 29, May 7
Last Date of Notification April 25, May 3, May 6, May 14
Scrutiny of Nomination April 26, May 4, May 7, May 15
Last Date of Withdrawal of Candidature April 29, May 6, May 9, May 17
Date of Poll May 13, May 20, May 25, June 1
Results June 4

What is the Odisha Assembly Election?

The Odisha Assembly Election is a huge political event for the people of Odisha, it occurs in every 5 years in Odisha, India. It is like a big political race where state people get to choose their leader and who will speak for them in the state’s Legislative Assembly.



Why is it Important?

As we all know the importance of political leaders and the election process in the state or the country. it helps people choose their representative leader who they want to choose without any force or pressure. People are free to vote for their leader.

Also helps in managing crime, issues of the public, and more in the state. The Odisha Assembly Election is essential because it will decide who will make and take crucial decisions for the state. These decisions are necessary as they will affect and impact the lives of state citizens.

It will tackle day-to-day lives and tasks performed by people every day such as utilizing roads, buildings, and schools to make laws and regulations that protect and secure the rights of citizens.



How Does it Work?

Before the election and voting process, there are a lot of camoagings and preparations going around the state. The Election Commission of India declared the voting dates and then applicants and politicians began campaigning and advertisements. Campaigning includes speeches, rallies, convincing residents, and advertisements to gain people’s attention and votes.

The Day of Voting

on the day or during the day of voting, the Odisha people go to polling stations where citizens are able to vote freely for their representative leader. The place is very safe and secure for voting and you can drop your vote secretly.

It provides you the privilege of choosing your leader freely and without any pressure.

Counting the Votes

Once the voting process and elections are over then the counting day comes, and every single vote is counted. Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar declared the date of votes counting which is 4 June 2024.



Why you should vote for Odisha Assembly Election 2024?

The politicians chosen by popular vote are those chosen to represent the citizens and people.

As a result, when these representatives perform their duties, they act as representatives of all people and residents rather than just a chosen few. A democratic political idea known as majority rule is a process for combining people’s perspectives and coming to conclusions. By designating the one who has the greatest amount of support as the representative, we seek to stabilize politics.

Our representatives are chosen by “elections,” which also serve to express our views in politics. Therefore, if we are all interested in elections, we will all get more familiar with them.

The Indian Constitution is clear that “universal voting by adults is ensured for the election of government leaders and servants,” which is in line with the meaning of the law and the Public Offices Election Law, which establishes election regulations.

The people of India are independent and live in a democratic nation. As sovereign citizens, we have the most significant and essential opportunity to engage in politics and to see our opinions represented in politics through elections.

“Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” This word, which serves as the fundamental basis of democracy, represents how we relate to politics. Through valid elections, citizens choose their representatives, and those legislators represent them in politics.


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