myCGHS iOS App launched by Union Health Ministry: Features, Services, and Benefits for CGHS Beneficiaries

myCGHS iOS App launched

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has launched the myCGHS app for iOS devices on Wednesday, 3rd April 2024. The app was long needed for healthcare services. It will aid in enhancing the online health records, medical information and resources for beneficiaries of the Central Government Health Schemes. The Union Health Secretary Shri Apurva Chandra said that my CGHS app is very essential for the healthcare service realm. It allows CGHS beneficiaries to access conveniently to various essential healthcare features at their fingertips. The initiative aligns the government’s vision of use of the technology to improve accessibility and quality of healthcare services. 

My CGHS iOS is developed by the National informatics center Himachal Pradesh (NIC-Himachal Pradesh) technical team and NIC health team. The app will enhance accessibility and information with its very sound and convenient features for CGHS beneficiaries. 

Services Provided by the myCGHS app

The application will provide various range of services such as:

  1. Downloading CGHS card and index card, 
  2. Booking and cancellation of online appointment,
  3. Accessing lab reports from CGHS labs
  4. Checking medical reimbursement claim status, 
  5. Checking medicine history, 
  6. Accessing referral detail, 
  7. Locating nearby hospitals and dental units, 
  8. Locating nearby wellness centers, 
  9. Staying updated with news and highlights 
  10. Accessing contact details of wellness centers and offices. 

The special features of the app such as functionality of mPIN in two factor authentication will ensure the integrity and confidentiality of users’ data. The launch of the Application marked an important milestone in the digital healthcare services in the CGHS department. From now on myCGHS  will be available to download on both IOS and Android devices free of cost. It is a very innovative solution for an impeccable healthcare experience for CGHS beneficiaries. They should appreciate the effort as it makes their life easy by providing more convenient healthcare. 

What is CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) ?

CGHS is a central government scheme which provides medical care to the employees of the Central Government and pensioners who are enrolled under CGHS. CH covers a wide range of beneficiaries including executive, legislature, press and judiciary all four pillars of the democratic setup in India. It caters all the healthcare requirements of beneficiaries with an open-ended approach. The CGHS provides healthcare through the given branches of medicine:

  • Allopathic.
  • Indian system of medicine.
  • Homeopathic.
  • Ayurveda.
  • Siddha.
  • Unani.
  • Yoga.

Medical Facilities Available Under CGHS 

The following listed medical benefits are provided to the CGHS beneficiaries:

  1. Specialist consultation at government hospitals or polyclinic
  2. OPD treatment with medicine supply. 
  3. Indoor treatment at government hospitals and empanelled.
  4. Cashless payments for treatment in empanelled hospitals and diagnosis centers.
  5. Reimbursement of payments for emergencies. 
  6. Reimbursement of payment to purchase artificial limbs, appliances, hearing aids etc. as mentioned. 
  7. Family Welfare, child and maternity Health services.
  8. Medical consultation and issue of medicine in homeopathy, ayurvedic, siddha and Unani (AYUSH) systems. 

CGHS Card 

CGHS card is given physical form which is necessary to avail the benefits of CGHS. On the card beneficiaries’ ID number and photo are printed. The card is valid till the date of retirement of the government employee. For the pensioners they need to make contribution pensioner cards which need to be renewed on yearly basis. The guard is valid in all the cities mentioned under CGHS for treatment, hospitalization and investigation. 

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