Jailed Gangster-Politician Mukhtar Ansari Dies of Heart Attack at Banda Medical College

Jailed Gangster-Politician Mukhtar Ansari Dies of Heart Attack at Banda Medical College

Jailed Gangster-Politician Mukhtar Ansari Dies of Heart Attack at Banda Medical College

The passing away of Mukhtar Ansari, a well-known figure in Indian politics and the criminal world, marks the end of a challenging journey that mixed crime with politics in Uttar Pradesh. Ansari, who died from a heart attack while in Banda jail, leaves behind a history filled with accusations of crime, legal troubles, and political games. His death makes us think about how power, fairness, and responsibility come together in India’s social and political scene.

On Tuesday, Afzal Ansari said, “Mukhtar told me he got poisoned in jail food. This happened twice. About 40 days ago and recently on March 19 or 22. It made him very sick.”

Mukhtar Ansari, aged 60, served as an MLA from Mau Sadar five times but spent time in jail since 2005 in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. He faced over 60 pending criminal cases and received convictions in eight cases from September 2022 by various UP courts, being confined to Banda jail. His name featured on a list of 66 gangsters by Uttar Pradesh Police. His family feared he might face a fake encounter. This history sheds light on his tumultuous journey, blending politics with a shadowy underworld, ultimately culminating in his demise.

Mukhtar Ansari was born into a family with political influence, so it was no surprise that he entered politics himself. But his rise to power was marred by claims of criminal behavior, like extortion, murder, and involvement in gangs. Despite this reputation, Ansari became a strong political figure, winning elections and serving as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Mau Sadar seat in Uttar Pradesh.

The connection between crime and politics was clear in Ansari’s story. He used his political influence to avoid punishment for years, despite facing over 60 criminal cases, including serious charges like murder and extortion. Ansari’s legal battles showed how difficult it can be to get justice in India’s legal system, especially when powerful people are involved.

However, Ansari’s luck ran out when law enforcement agencies started paying more attention to him. In recent years, he faced several legal defeats, with courts in Uttar Pradesh giving him multiple convictions. From being sentenced to life in prison for using fake documents to get a gun license to facing charges of being involved in conspiracies and organized crime, Ansari’s legal troubles piled up quickly.

While Ansari fought his legal battles, his health became a big concern, especially for his family. They claimed that he was poisoned while in jail, raising worries about his safety. These claims made people wonder if something suspicious was behind Ansari’s death.

The authorities’ decision to impose Section 144 in Banda and increase security in nearby areas showed how tense the situation was after Ansari’s death. People were worried that there might be unrest or revenge attacks, highlighting the deep divides and political rivalries in Uttar Pradesh.

But beyond just Ansari’s death, there’s a bigger story about how crime, politics, and justice intersect in India. His passing reminds us of the challenges caused by mixing politics with crime and how powerful people often escape punishment. It also makes us question how effective our legal and law enforcement systems are at holding people accountable for their actions.

As Uttar Pradesh deals with the aftermath of Mukhtar Ansari’s death, it’s a chance to think about how to fix these problems. We need to address the issues that let people like Ansari thrive while making sure that justice is served for his victims. Only by making comprehensive changes and working together can India uphold the values of democracy, rule of law, and accountability that are so important to our society.

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