Longest and Shortest Bones in the Human Body: Femur and Stapes

Longest and Shortest Bones in the Human Body: Femur and Stapes

Bones are the main structural support for our body; they are made up of hard and strong tissues thus enabling our body to move. These bones connect tissues to other parts of our body. You might not notice, but your bones are constantly growing, changing, or reviving themselves throughout life. There are between 206 and 213 bones in an adult’s body, but in case of babies, they usually have 270 bones because the bones fuse into each other when the body grows up.

However, these bones have been classified according to their shape and size. There are long bones, short bones, flat bones, and sesamoid bones. In this article, we are going to study the longest and shortest bones in the human body.


The longest bone-Femur

The femur is the longest and strongest bone in our body; it is also known as the thigh bone. Femur is the longest and strongest part of the body that helps us stand and move. This bone supports many muscles ,tendons, ligaments and helps our body stand straight and maintain blood flow all over the body. It is capable of taking trauma like a car accident to break your femur.  You might experience a fracture, and you will likely have surgery to repair the femur or physical therapy to regain the ability to move and the strength of the bone. Like any other bone, femur can also be affected by osteoporosis.




Being the strongest and longest bone over the body,it has a very vital role in our body. It  helps the body hold its weight and enables us to move and stand. The stability we get while moving our body is one of the functions of the femur. This bone connects muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the hips and knees to all the body parts.




It is the only one that starts from the hip to me. The bone is located in your thighs.



The femur is a long and strong bone with two rounded ends and a long shock in the middle. It looks like a cylinder with two round bumps at its ends. Being a long bone, it is not only made up of a piece of bone; instead, it consists of several parts inside it. Female proximal aspect, Femur shaft, famous distal aspect.



The femur proximal aspect 

It is the proximal upper end of the femur that connects to his joints, and this proximal aspect part is further divided into the head, neck, greater trochanter, lesser trochanter, intertrochanteric line, and crest.


The femur shaft 

It is the longest portion of the femur. It supports human body weight and structures the thighs. The female is angled slightly towards the body’s center, and this shaft further has passed during Linea Aspera gluteal tuberosity, bacterial line, and popliteal fossa.


Femur distal aspect

The femur’s distal aspect is one part of this bone. It is located at the lower end of this bone, which forms the top of the knee joint. This bone meets your shin and knee cap, and it further has parts including medial and lateral condyles, medial and lateral epicondyles, and the intercondylar fossa.

The names of these parts can also be used in the healthcare system to describe where one has pain issues or injuries.




The longest bone of your body is 18 inches long in adults. Being the strongest bone in your body, it supports 30 times the weight of a body.


The shortest bone in the human body

Stapes are the smallest bones in the human body and are located in the middle of the year. When this bone gets damaged, it may cause partial or complete hearing loss.

This part recognises the sound wave that must enter the auditory canal, and then it goes through the tympanic membrane called the eardrum, and then it enters the middle-ear compartment. Once the sound wave vibrates, three bones are known as ossicles. Hospitals are made up of the inches, malleus, and stapes.




The function of this part is to transmit sound vibrations to the inner ear. States are also known as stitch-ups. The three bones work together and send sound vibration into the inner ear, and its shape is connected to an oval window through an annular ligament that allows food to transmit vibration into the inner ear.




It is located in the middle year and is known as a small bone in the human body if damsels may cause partial or complete loss of a person.



These step steps, as compared to our tuning, look like a horseshoe, and the word stirrup in Latin.


If these states get damaged, you may have severe hydroma, in which a person can lose their ability to hear either partially or completely. Because the ossicles are a chain of bones that hold the incus and malleus together.




If you want to keep your bones healthy, you must follow a planned diet and exercise plan that is healthy for you and your overall health. You can get a health care provider so that you can get a regular check on your health issues and symptoms that might affect your bones. If your age is more than 65 or if you have someone with osteoporosis in your family history, then you must follow these safety tips to reduce your bone injury risk.


One must always wear a seat belt to avoid bone injuries.

If you are playing any sports activity, wear the right protective equipment to prevent accidents.

Use specified equipment for any special reasons.


Preventing Bone Fractures and Osteoporosis: Safety Tips and Health Checkups

If you are following the safety tips, you can save yourself from bone fractures, and having a regular health checkup can help you know about your bone condition and will help you find out if you are having one.

The major disease that people get after a particular age of 65 is osteoporosis, which weakens bones. Many people don’t know that they are suffering from osteoporosis and tell them they get bone fractures because the symptoms are not visible. According to AFAB, adults older than 65 years of age are seen as having an increasing risk of osteoporosis. To prevent the stay, health care must be provided to check the bone density test.

You can treat yourself as you are asked to with regular exercise, proper intake of vitamins and mineral supplements, and taking prescribed medication.

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