Live Updates: Bengaluru Weather for RCB vs CSK Match (May 18, 2024)

Live Updates: Bengaluru Weather for RCB vs CSK Match (May 18, 2024)

The Southern derby between Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) on Saturday is a high-stakes clash set to decide the final playoff spot in the IPL 2024. However, the excitement surrounding this crucial match is tempered by an ominous weather forecast. An Orange alert has been issued for Bengaluru, warning of heavy rainfall over the next two days. Weather experts predict significant rainfall from late afternoon to midnight, which could disrupt the game.

As fans eagerly await the outcome of this pivotal encounter, the looming threat of rain adds a layer of anxiety. The Chinnaswamy Stadium, known for its advanced drainage system, may face a stern test if the predicted downpours occur. Both teams are keenly aware that their playoff hopes hang in the balance, with RCB needing a clear win to advance, while CSK requires just a win, a washout, or even a narrow loss to secure their spot.

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This blog will provide live updates on the weather conditions in Bengaluru, tracking the developments as they unfold. Stay tuned for real-time information on how the weather might impact one of the most anticipated matches of the IPL season.

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LIVE UPDATES | Bengaluru City Weather, RCB vs CSK, IPL 2024


May 18, 2024 3:27 PM IST

LIVE UPDATES | Bengaluru Weather, RCB vs CSK: The sun shines brightly, increasing the likelihood of the match proceeding as planned.



May 18, 2024 3:23 PM IST

LIVE UPDATES | Bengaluru Weather, RCB vs CSK: Should the game proceed, it might mark the final appearance of MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli together on the field.

1:32 PM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Rain has started at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, and the toss is delayed. The threat of rain looms large over this crucial IPL 2024 match between Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

1:22 PM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Clouds are gathering around the Chinnaswamy Stadium, which looks threatening for the match. The weather is becoming increasingly ominous.

1:21 PM IST

LIVE UPDATE: There is heavy downpour in Singasandra, in the southeastern part of Bengaluru. Chinnaswamy Stadium remains unaffected for now.


1:05 PM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Rain in some parts of Bengaluru is not affecting Chinnaswamy Stadium yet, which is positive news for the game.

12:53 PM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Rain has started in the southeastern part of Bengaluru. It still has some distance to cover before reaching Chinnaswamy Stadium.

12:49 PM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Drizzling reported in Bommasandra and Electronic City areas. The clouds are getting thicker, signaling potential rain.

12:46 PM IST

LIVE UPDATE: It has become significantly cloudy, raising concerns of a downpour. Fans are anxiously hoping the rain holds off.


11:58 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: The sun is shining brightly, but locals caution that the weather can change rapidly in Bengaluru.

11:51 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: The forecast for the evening remains bleak with a 60% chance of rain around 7:30 PM, the match start time.

11:34 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: According to Dr. Pradeep Kushwaha, after 4 PM, easterlies or southeasterlies will move into Bengaluru, making the weather forecast for the day particularly tricky.

11:28 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: The sun is out, intermittently playing hide and seek with the clouds, adding to the anxiety of fans and teams alike.


11:27 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Yash Dayal is expected to pose a significant threat to RCB’s top order, having dismissed Rachin Ravindra and Ruturaj Gaikwad multiple times this season.

11:22 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Wind speeds in Bengaluru are low, making storm prediction difficult. Spontaneous storm formation could lead to rain without much warning.

11:16 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: The sun is still visible but partially covered by clouds. Conditions remain fairly sunny for now.

10:43 AM IST

MATCH TIME: The match is scheduled to start at 7:30 PM IST (2:00 PM GMT), with the toss at 7:00 PM (1:30 PM GMT).


10:40 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Rain is expected between 4-7 PM, potentially delaying the toss. The possibility of a delay is high.

10:27 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Two matches have already been washed out this season, and fans are hoping this one doesn’t face the same fate.

10:26 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Even if it rains, the Chinnaswamy Stadium’s advanced drainage system can make the ground match-ready within 30-40 minutes.

10:25 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: The drainage system at Chinnaswamy, powered by a 200-horsepower machine, can handle 10,000 liters of water per minute, making it highly effective.


10:01 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: The AccuWeather forecast app indicates a slight reduction in the rain threat, with rain expected to start only in the afternoon.

9:55 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: No rain yet and no immediate signs of it. Weather might start threatening in the second half of the day.

9:46 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Eyes are on the skies as the weather remains sunny and bright for now, but conditions can change quickly.

9:09 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: The weather forecast for the evening is poor, and clouds typically develop in the afternoon, leading to rain.


8:59 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Cloudy weather forecast for Bengaluru during the match time, with a washout favoring CSK. Fans hope for a complete game.

8:42 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: With Will Jacks and Reece Topley returning home, Glenn Maxwell is expected to make a comeback to the RCB side.

8:37 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: CSK leads the head-to-head record against RCB with 21 wins to RCB’s 10. CSK has won the last three encounters.

8:30 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Despite forecasts of rain, it didn’t rain yesterday. Fans hope the IMD’s predictions are wrong again today.


8:19 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: The sun is shining brightly in Bengaluru, which is promising for now, but weather changes rapidly here.

8:14 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: The heat index is rising, which can increase the likelihood of rain later in the day. Models predict widespread rain in the evening.

8:12 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: It’s a virtual knockout match with the winner advancing to the playoffs. Everything is on the line.

7:53 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Improved weather at Chinnaswamy Stadium. The chance of rain during the match time is now 60%, down from 90%.


7:43 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: The sun is out in parts of the city, but rain is still expected later today.

7:42 AM IST

LIVE UPDATE: Good morning from Bengaluru! The day starts with clear skies and bright sunshine, but the weather remains unpredictable.

Stay tuned for more updates as we keep a close watch on the weather and its impact on the much-anticipated RCB vs CSK match!

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